How to shoot a hair tutorial – Go behind the scenes with Hair Romance

Hello and welcome behind the scenes of my hairstyles tutorials! 


How to shoot a hair tutorial – Go behind the scenes with Hair Romance
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25 things you didn’t know about me
New braid tutorial – the high braided crown hairstyle

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New braid tutorial – the high braided crown hairstyle
The 30 Buns in 30 Days Hairstyle ebook is here!

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The 30 Buns in 30 Days Hairstyle ebook is here!
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Hair Romance - 5 hats to add to your hair-drobe now

This year I made a goal to wear more hats. So far I’m doing very well.

I have been wearing some classics from my wardrobe and now I’m on the lookout for more.

The thing I love about wearing hats is that hats makes everything else you’re wearing look more stylish. When you add a panama to a white t-shirt and jeans then BAM! Suddenly you’ve got an outfit.

These five hats are classics and are the perfect building blocks to your hair-drobe. Did I make up hair-drobe? I’m talking about stylish ways to dress your head.

  • A short-brimmed fedora (and love the coloured band)
  • A floppy wide-brimmed sun hat (for perfect 70s chic)
  • A statement sun hat (perfect with a white or black jumpsuit)
  • A raffia hat (easy to keep in your bag)
  • A panama (timeless in black and white)

All five are on my wishlist – can you help me decide which to buy?

FedoraSun hatStatementRaffiaPanama

PS. Shopbop are having a massive Friends & Family sale with 25% off everything with the code INTHEFAMILY14 til 17 April. That includes sale prices too.

PPS. Sorry, I’m a shopping enabler, I have to share these things.

PPPS. So what’s on your wishlist right now? I’m also getting another pair of my fave jeans.


Spring Flower Hairstyle Tutorial

by Hair Romance on April 15, 2014 · 2 comments

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Hair Romance - Spring Flower Hair Tutorial by Design Everyday

This Spring Flower hairstyle tutorial is all about accessorising with your own hair. I’m so excited to have the gorgeous Kassandra of Design Everyday as my special guest with this super sweet tutorial.

Kassandra is originally from Australia, now living in Vancouver. She blogs about design inspiration and her life as well as posting some incredible hairstyles.

You might remember these crazy flowers made of hair, but this tutorial makes it so much more wearable. Kassandra’s step-by-step tutorial is below.

Spring Flower Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair Romance - Spring Flower Hairstyle Tutorial by Design Everyday


  1. I curled my hair first for this style but it will look just as pretty with straight hair, so take your pick. Section the front of your hair from just behind your ear.
  2. Start braiding the section of hair. Keep the braid tight and keep in mind that wherever the base of the braid is that’s where the finished flower will sit.
  3. Once you are about a quarter of the way down your hair stop. Whilst holding the braid end with one hand, use your other hand to pull the hair loose down one side of the braid.
  4. Continue braiding another quarter down your hair.
  5. Pause again to stretch out the braid on the same side as before.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have braided to the very end of your hair. Use a small elastic to secure the ends.
  7. Tuck the ends of your hair under and start rolling the braid upwards with the pulled edge facing outwards.
  8. Continue rolling upwards, adjusting it as needed so the hair forms petals.
  9. Pin in place with as many pins as needed, I used one in the centre and two on the outside. You can also finish it off the a cute clip of accessory in the centre.

Thanks Kassandra for sharing this simple and beautiful tutorial! Don’t forget to check out Kassandra’s blog Design Everyday.

I love that this style is easy enough to wear every day, but would also be a beautiful prom hairstyle.

Where would you wear this hairstyle?



Vintage style – Classic French Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

Vintage French Roll hairstyle tutorial - @HairRomance

Channel your inner Audrey with this simple and classic French Roll hairstyle. I’m inspired by vintage hairstyles, but sometimes they can feel too costume-y to wear every day. The French Roll is a timeless hairstyle that works from day to night. It’s chic enough for work or play, and you can master this style in minutes. [...]

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The Style Loop

Hair Romance - gold runway at Alex Perry MBFWA

What a crazy week it has been! I’ve had an amazing time attending MBFWA in Sydney and attending the Kidspot Blog Masterclass and Voices of 2014 launch last night. I met so many gorgeous bloggers and had a ball. Today is cold and rainy and after getting through some chores I’m looking forward to curling [...]

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Big Hair Friday – French Roll

BIg hair - The classic French roll

Huzzah for Big Hair Friday! After all the crazy of fashion week, I thought I’d slow it down with a classic B&W big hair shot today. These gorgeous looks are from the latest Cloud Nine‘s latest campaign by the the very talented Lauren McCowan. There are so many stunning images from this shoot that I’ll [...]

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Scenes from MBFWA – Day 4

Hair Romance - Scenes from MBFWA 2014 Day 4 - Glitter hair at Alice McCall

I made it to the last day of Fashion Week! Though only just. I think “Fashion Week Flu” has caught up with me as I had to pass on the last shows but click through for more scenes from MBFWA through my lens.

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Scenes from MBFWA – Day 3

Hair Romance - Scenes from MBFWA 2014 Day 3 - 90s mullets at Emma Mullholland

It’s Day 3 of Fashion Week and I’m on the home stretch. You can catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 of MBFWA. I started the day at Haryono Setiadi and loved the collection. The mix of structure and fluidity in the collection was reflected in the hair. The makeup look for this was [...]

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Scenes from MBFWA – Day 2

Hair Romance - Scenes from MBFWA 2014 Day 2 - Backstage at Talulah swim

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) as seen through my lens. Click through for more photos and highlights & lowlights of the day.

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Rolled chignon hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - Rolled chignon hair tutorial

So simple and so chic! Roll your hair up in this elegant chignon that only takes a minute to do. Thanks Rosalie for being my hair model for this tutorial. You might remember we gave Rosalie Radiant Orchid hair and I had to do some hair tutorials while she had such fun coloured hair. I [...]

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Scenes from MBFWA – Day 1

Hair Romance - Scenes from MBFWA 2014 Day 1 - the gorgeous Sam Harris at Desert Designs

It’s Fashion Week in Sydney! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) is on! Australia only has one fashion week a year and so it’s a big one. You have to be prepared. Highlights from today included: Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio opening and closing the show for Alex Perry Sitting across from Gerard Butler at the [...]

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