My Hair Idols – Gwen Stefani

This is surely an obvious choice for my hair idol. Gwen is a complete style icon.

Back to the hair – how does she keep her platinum locks in such good condition and never have any regrowth??? It’s a modern miracle.

I look for wigs or extensions but she’s committed to showing her hairline so it must be her real hair. How often do you think she has it coloured? I have never seen a photograph of her regrowth. If you look far too closely on the pic with the braids there is the slightest hint of regrowth but that hardly counts. I once had platinum blonde hair and it completely changed the condition of my hair. Her hair always looks soft and full of body.

It is a miracle and I think she should bottle it and sell it.

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  1. Jessie says

    I read in a tabloid that she gets her hair retouched every 10 days. But she has the kind of money that can pay for amazing stylists.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Jessie, she must have a live-in hairdresser! I would love to know what treatments she has as bleaching for years must wreck your hair.

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