My real hair

I have curly hair.

People with straight hair will not understand what a realisation this statement is for frizzy haired women.


It took me years to accept my real hair. Only with the undertanding of hair products and my diffuser do I understand my real hair. Now it can curl free.


I often feel like a different person with big curly hair.
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  1. marissa from the boot says

    i used to hate my frizzy curls! when i got a diffuser and figured out what products worked best i started to appreciate them!

  2. Hair Romance says

    @Kim – so true xxx

    @Marissa – A diffuser is a MUST!! It's a life changer for curly-haired girls

  3. RachelTX says

    I *love* your real hair! It's beautiful, real and big! Being from Texas, I'm all about the big hair! Keep on rockin it girl!

  4. Hair Romance says

    @heidycindy once you love your curls it is so much easier to manage them, they stop trying to fight against you and you can work together. A real hair romance xx

    @RachelTX Thanks lovely! I adore big hair so I must visit Texas one day xx

  5. Anonymous says

    i love your hair and you should too!! what i do is just i brush my hair before i get in the shower, then when i get out i put moose in part my hair and go. you should really try and let your hair dry naturally with a bit of moose and see what happens. my friend thinks that her hair is frizzy when i make her dry it naturally but keep telling her it look amazing and she always gets way more complements then when she straightens it.

  6. Crystal says

    Haha your comments are very true! :) I have learned to love my curly hair.. Only when I put mousse and a bit of hairspray in it does it look tamed though :( I need to find other products!

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