How to – the Twist & Pin

This one technique can create an infinite number of styles. It’s my favourite styling trick and it’s so easy to do but creates far more complicated result that will make people stop you and ask “how did you do your hair?” wherever you go.

I’ve shown the twist & pin in curly hair here and here is a straight hair example.

First step, decide if you want a part or if you want some height at the front. Then take small sections of your hair and twist it round your finger like so.

Then grab a bobby pin and pin through both sides of the twist like so and try and anchor the pin the either the hair below or another twist.

Keep going until all your hair is twisted and pinned. It really is as simple as that.

Go on and have a practice yourself. Two simple tips –

  • Buy some good quality hair pins, the stronger the pin the more hair it will hold.
  • Try and hide all the ends for a smart finish or leave them out for a more relaxed look.

Short hair – I adopted this technique when I was growing out a short haircut so it’s perfect for shorter styles and bobs. You won’t get really round twists but you can really create a dynamic style.

Long hair – if your hair is too thick or too long to manage in individual twist & pins, section your hair into a ponytail and then take sections from within the ponytail and twist and pin all around the ponytail to hide the elastic. Once you have worked out a few styles this way, experiment with two or more ponytails – one above the other – so you can created different shapes with the twist and pin.

Leave me a comment to let me know what you think. I’m happy to answer any questions and would love to see your twist and pin styles. Send me a pic via email, or facebook or twitter.

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  1. Francesca says

    I just made a post about my new hair style! I am hopeless with hair so I will definitely be coming back 😀
    Follow for follow? :)


  2. Hair Romance says

    Thanks Francesca!
    Your hair is gorgeous so you don't have to do anything to look fab, but with your long hair you can do some amazing styles. Post some pics on your blog!

  3. Hair Romance says

    Thanks Char, definitely give it a go! I'll be posting some variations on the twist & pin next week and would love to pics of your style!

  4. Kris says

    My hair is unbelievably thin. I tried doing this today, and it has virtually no depth. The twists stick out like a sore thumb! Any advice?!

  5. Hair Romance says

    Hi Kris

    Not quite sure what you mean. Is it because your hair is long that the twists are too big? Try smaller sections and try weaving the pin through
    so you can pin the twists closer to your head.

    Or use it to your advantage and make a feature of the style. Put all the twists to one side, almost like a side bun.

    Send me a picture to [email protected] if you want more specific advice.

    Christina @ Hair Romance

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi! I'm new to your blog and am absolutely in LOVE with every style you are able to do! I'm just wondering, what kind of bobby pins do you use?? I've tried a few different kinds, but none really give me a good hold on my hair. Any advice??


  7. Hair Romance says

    Thanks Kate!

    I use Goriki pins. They are Japanese brand from hairdressing supply stores but google them and I'm sure you can buy them online. They are the BEST and make all the difference.

    Christina @ Hair Romance xx

  8. Anonymous says

    I will definitely be looking those up! I'll need them when the 30 Day Challenge E-book comes out 😉


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