Salon vs Supermarket Hair Products – What’s the difference?

I was chatting with a very good friend of mine during the week and she asked me what the difference is between shampoo from the hairdresser and buying a regular brand.

I thought the difference could be described in a similar comparison to skincare brands and how Dermalogica and other salon brands are usually better supermarket brands but that it depends on the product and on your skin. You need to find the right product that suits you.

Then I consulted the Follicle Oracle Rohan Strachan and he cleared things up. He said “Salon products use a higher percentage of cosmetic grade ingredients. Higher quality ingredients = higher quality product but it still comes down to the individual. You need to find the right product that suits your hair.”

We are so in tune.

So, should you buy the shampoo your hairdresser recommends or are you ok with the supermarket brand? Well, how’s your hair looking? Are you happy with it? This is the question you should be asking.

Personally, I use salon shampoos and love them but I also keep a cheapie product in my gym bag just in case I need to wash my hair. It’s salon most of the time and a cheap one for the occasional wash. I like Redken, Matrix and Evo.

What do you use? Do you have a favourite brand? Why?

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  1. Danielle Combs says

    My Dad is a barber, so he could always get us salon products at a discount. But nothing ever made my FRIZZY CURLY hair as gorgeous as Clairol's Daily Defenses. I didn't even have to use any product afterwards! Sadly, it's a discontinued line, but I find that SUAVE (!) makes a shampoo and conditioner that work pretty well on my crazy mess of hair…Rosemary Mint. Plus it smells lovely.

    Anyway, I am loving your blog…growing my hair out and I am having fun doing some different things with it and your posts are such inspiration! 😀

  2. Hair Romance says

    @Danielle – It's definitely a process to find what works for your hair, and then they discontinue it!

    Thanks for your lovely comments xxx

  3. Melody says

    Since I've moved to Northern Indiana I've found that salon brands work worse in my hair than the cheapies! When I visit my parent's in Ohio the salon brands are fine, so I'm pretty sure it's the water.

  4. Hair Romance says

    @Melody – it's interesting you say that. Hard water contains minerals which deposit in your hair, usually I recommend using a clarifying shampoo to shift these. Glad to hear you've found a shampoo that works for your hair.

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