Twist and pin for short hair

Enough already!! I can hear you say about the Twist and Pin.

I do have a tendency to go on and on about something when I love it. It’s true. I cannot stop telling everybody I know about something when I love it. I am a word of mouth marketer’s dream.

Anyway, back to things I love – the Twist and Pin!

This post is inspired by my new work colleague who just discovered Hair Romance yesterday (because I told her about it).

She has great hair but may be suffering from hair dysmorphia. She used to have long thick hair and last year chopped it all off into a sharp short style. She confesses she never did anything with her long hair and wasted it in ponytails and now she loves the convenience of her cropped do.

I love her hair and think it really suits her and her face shape. But I would love to see her try this style and think this is the perfect twist and pin for short hair.


How to get Hayden’s look

It really is as easy as twist and pin with this look. Use hair pins that match your hair colour for a more polished finish.

To create a bit more height in your hair you can either give the roots a blast up with your hairdryer then gently comb hair back into place. Or you could lightly backcomb the hair to tease a bit more height into it, especially on the crown.

Product tips:

A little bit of serum to add shine and smooth your hair and a little hairspray and you’re all set!

Do you have any tips for styling short hair?

Images: WireImages, Getty Images via Glamour

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  1. thesydneygirl says

    I just cut *my* hair! Was quite long and now it's short like haydens. Will definitely try the 'twist&pin' – sounds perfect!


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