Inspired Hair Romance

Photograph by Henry Sun

I thought I was using this site as a procrastination tool. A way of avoiding other things I really needed to be doing. So I took an enforced hiatus to try and regain my focus and get some “real” work done.
But then while discussing it with a couple of my lovely girlfriends on Friday night, one told me a great story. She said she had been to a hen’s party the week before and had worn her hair in a side bun as she had been inspired by my blog. Another mutual friend was there and she had used the twist and pin to do a new style in her hair. Then they all started talking about Hair Romance!
I was so excited because that’s why I started writing Hair Romance – to help you to love your hair and to make the most of your hair. To try something new once in a while and make hair easy and fun.
Embrace your own hair romance and never have a bad hair day again.

Photograph by Henry Sun

I’m so happy to be back and can’t wait to tell you about my new favourite hairstyle!
PS. Did you notice my new address? Maybe some design changes coming soon too…watch this space!
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