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Follicle Oracle,
How happy am I that I found someone who can answer my questions. My hair has not grown in probably a year, it lifeless and has no real volume or movement and hangs just beneath my shoulders . It’s pretty thin (my hairdressers and friends call it chicken fluff). I haven’t really cut it, or had it trimmed in probably six months.
Is there something I can do to work towards healthy, longer hair?
Thank you!!
Hey A
Great question.
Using treatment shampoos can help and there are two different ways to go about it.
Most haircare ranges have a range for fine hair to promote body and volume. The shampoos tend to have less moisturisers and are more clarifying (to better remove natural oils which flatten the hair), while the conditioner is usually light so as not to weigh the hair down. They do usually leave the hair feeling a bit dry, which some people don’t like.
Otherwise some ranges have specific treatment ranges. I know that one which I heard great things about when I used to sell it in the salon was a Lakme product, which is a Spanish brand. The product was designed to help prevent thinning and clients felt their hair was a bit thicker and stronger. It was called LAKME K. Therapy Active Prevention Lotion.

I have seen successful new hair growth with Rogaine but it requires continual usage, so at least till the hair is of a decent length. I saw it on a male client after 3 months of use and there was definite new growth in the thinning areas but do not know what eventuated, whether he continued with Rogaine and whether the new growth held. Here’s a link to a site with info on thinning hair products but one should really get a referral to a trichologist (hair specialist) before taking some of the products on the site.
Also this is a link to an Australian site: National Trichology Services which has articles and an online consultation service which might provide better answers than a hairdresser.


There is also the alternative of clip in hair extensions, which can clip in to give thickness, volume and length for the day or evening. The benefit being that they are removed at night and not slept in or worn in the shower so they don’t damage the hair, but give the effect and feeling of thick hair. They are a bit more work but I know people who use them every day. They can be bought online from a number of different sites. They are real hair and can be styled and curled to suit hair types.
Good luck A and let us know if you have success with any of these products.
Do you have the same problem? Do you have any other advice for A?
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  1. Francesca says

    Great advice. I'm fortunate to have quite thick hair so I can style it in many ways. keep up the amazing work.

    F. ( x

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