Five fabulous hairstyles to take you from gym to glam

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and/or get fit. So that means either diet or exercise. Preferably both. If you’re struggling to keep your New Year’s resolution these hair tips will have you glad to go to the gym.

I have a love hate with exercising. I always feel better for doing it and get that real endorphin rush but unless I really plan my time I will find any excuse not to go. Such as “I just washed my hair” or “I have to go out/go to work and won’t have time to wash my hair afterwards”.

Inspired by my revelation of my new favourite hairstyle and how well it worked on my post-exercise (read sweaty) hair, I decided to put together a list of my top five hairstyles to save you from hair disasters after the gym.

1. The Reverse Ponytail of course! Brilliant hairstyle and my latest fave. Check out my original post to get the full how to and for more love about this hairstyle.

2. The Twist and Pin – Perfect for curly or straight hair of any length. Hairstyle how to can be found here but it is infinitely versatile. Follow the links if you want to hear me rave on about this hairstyle and for more hair advice.

3. The sleek high pony – use that grease to your advantage and go for a high slick ponytail. Don’t go for a middle of a road pony, go high and wrap a section of hair around to hide your hairband. It’s the easiest finishing touch that elevates this look. A word of warning – don’t do this with a fuzzy or curly pony. Try a high plait instead. Hair must be straight to pull off the high pony.

4.  The chignon – really just a posh bun, but doesn’t chignon sound so much more glam? Tie all your sweaty locks into a low pony and then pin into a bun. Can be loose or structured, depending on your hair and how you are feeling.

5. The braid – love this look to get rid of a frizzy fringe especially if you don’t have your Parlux handy to blast it into submission. Haven’t yet got the dexterity to do this on your own hair looking at it backwards in the mirror? Well keep working on it (and you’ll end up with Michelle Obama arms) and an easy fix is just to twist it away like this hair idol.

Alas, no more excuses as to why you can’t fit a workout into your schedule and still have fabulous hair.  Bikini season is well underway in Australia and after a very busy party season I need to get moving so less bits of me are moving if you know what I mean…

Do you have a special routine for after the gym? What are your post exercise beauty or hair tips?

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  1. Bree @ The Blog Stylist says

    Ahhh… post gym hair tips! I would love to say I have a bunch of 'em, but that, er, would involve actually going to the gym! I do, however, recommend Klorane Dry Hairshampoo for making hair look fresh again when you're in a hurry and lacking time for a full wash and blowdry. Hope that helps! L(

  2. Grace says

    great / useful post! I usually just pull mine into a low bun post workout – boring, but it works. think I'll have to try one of these!

    xx grace

    ps – just subscribed!

  3. Joni Llanora says

    Hi, I so enjoy your blog. I am a tad lazy to change hairstyles but this list is just so encouraging. (You may want to pop over my blog for my latest giveaway).

  4. sarah says

    I love braids (everyday) and post exercising, actually the best braids I kind of modified off Hair Romance here. I plan my exercise mid week to suit my hair washing days, though I dont tell my male running partners that!! I use dry shampoo to take away the oiliness, and some leave in conditioner and spray wax, which I find is much easier to hold in braids. Occasionally the braid comes out at the end of the day so nice in my oily hair that I feel like wearing it, but alas its time for a wash!
    I forced myself into a regime and now I really love running, just for the pure enjoyment. If any one is trying to stick to it, I recommend making time in your schedule and make sure you meet someone! It will make you go.
    Thanks for the sleek pony Idea, thats a great one!

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