Cloud Nine Straightening Irons – It’s a miracle

This is the straightening iron of my dreams.


This is my hair before and after using the Cloud Nine straightening irons.


Do I really need to say which is before and which is after?

The photos speak for themselves but let me tell you a little part of my hair journey and my quest for straight hair.

It’s been five years since I last owned a hair straightener.

I developed an addiction to my ghds, much to the detriment of my hair. It’s a long story, and if anyone is interested maybe I’ll tell it one day but suffice to say I lost a LOT of hair.

So I went cold turkey and gave my irons to my sister. The Oracle helped my hair back to its former glory and I have since embraced big volume blow-dries and my curly hair.

However I still longed for the smoothness that only comes from irons. Over the last five years I have had my hair straightened by the Oracle on occasion, and straightened my hair at my sister’s, and at friends’ places before we go out…OK, OK, so maybe not completely cold turkey, but my home has been straightener free.

Then I heard about the Cloud Nine straightener. I heard it was from the people who started ghd and I started to get curious. I was lucky to get my hands on one and couldn’t wait to try it out. The straightener looks similar to the straightener I knew but with some pretty important differences:

  • Patented Korean rock mineral plates that are super smooth to create more shine. That’s their blurb but the plates look pretty and not a snag anywhere so they might be right.
  • Adjustable heat settings. Yes – seven heat settings from 70 degrees to 220 degrees Celcius. I did my hair on 200 for this shot. Fine-haired girls should be cheering as these lower heats will allow you to straighten your hair without flattening it. Thick hair will still need high heat but the lower temps are great for touch-ups and styling.
  • Universal voltage. So it can travel with you and never has to leave your side. This could be an issue for me.
  • Swivel cord. For me, this is the best thing. So much easier to handle and no tangling yourself up in the cord. Genius.

My straight hair is back! However, with the adjustable heat it doesn’t have to be so flat anymore, I can still keep some volume and shape in the style.

My best tip for irons is to use heat-protectant products. Heat-protectant sprays and treatments will help prevent damage from (over)straightening your hair.

Have you had a straightening addiction? Do you use heat-protectant products? What’s your favourite?

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  1. Lisa Tait says

    A GHD addict here but I have found Morrocan oil helps a lot. It takes the frizz out and repairs some of the damage.

  2. Kat says

    I tweeted you, but should post this question here, too. Is it worth replacing my ghd with this?
    I use my straightener pretty much every day, but on days I don't wash my hair, not on all my hair, just on the kinky bits. I also use the Extinguish heat protector when I blow-dry and straighten.

  3. Hair Romance says

    @Kat – I totally rate this straightener. At the moment it's only available from salons so go in and check them out. I think it's brilliant but decide for yourself if it's time to upgrade.

  4. Leah says

    Can you get this product in the US? How does it compare to Chi straighteners? Love all the hair tutorials you do! Check out my blog if you have a sec. Xoxo

  5. Hair Romance says

    @Leah I looked online and can only see it in Uk/Europe & Austrlia/NZ – boo. Maybe contact UK to see if they ship internationally? I've not tried the Chi straighteners so can't compare.

    Cute blog xx

  6. Ange says

    Just popped over to your blog from Fun and VJ's -what a great blog you have created. I laughed when I read this post as I definitely have a hair straightening additction. My hair is thick and frizzy and drives me insane. I'm madly in love with my GHD and can't imagine life without it!!! Fingers crossed my hair will last the distance. Ange

  7. Hair Romance says

    @Ange – thank you! I can't remember life before straightening irons. I did need the break and have managed without them but I am so glad to have one again.

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