How to wear a headscarf like Blake Lively – extra tip

When I added Blake Lively to my list of Hair Idols my friend loved the headscarf and asked how to do it. So I posted a how-to on this Gossip Girl hairstyle here.

Then Eliza asked a question in the comments about how I hide the pin at the back.

My best tip for pinning hair is to try and weave the pin through you hair, catching the section you want to pin and the hair underneath. If you try for too much hair it always falls out, but weaving the pin through smaller sections twice makes for a secure bobby pin.

Looking at these photos now I’m not sure if they really explain how I put the pin in (as it’s hidden underneath) but think about weaving the pin through and I hope it works in your hair.

I have a blogging challenge in mind that I hope will have you all Twisting & Pinning. Stay tuned…

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  1. Hair Romance says

    @Katelin – Thank you! I'm checking out your blog now xx

    @Eliza – that's great to hear! Thanks lovely xxx

  2. pandora birthstone beads says

    I love your blog. I found it through me, myself and I. will be taking notes:)

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