Less stress for your hair – Original & Mineral

Last week I saw on Twitter that Original & Mineral were looking for hair models to test their brand new range of colour. I retweeted it but I wasn’t thinking of going along myself. But I changed my mind as it seemed to good an opportunity to pass up.

Original & Mineral is not your usual hair brand. They say

The root cause of bad hair days is stress so we’re calling time on the chemical overload.

I know we shouldn’t be using so many chemicals, but I don’t often seek out more ecological products. I tend to pick products that work best for me. Original & Mineral claim their ammonia free colour and low chemical products work just as well, if not better than conventional products. I wanted to find out for myself.

Original and Mineral will soon launch a new range of peroxide and ammonia free hair colour, and this is one of the final stages of product testing. They were looking to test on scalp and natural hair, and unfortunately all my natural hair is hidden under the blonde (shock, I know) so I wasn’t able to be in the test group for their new colours.

Since I was already in the chair, the lovely Alan at Atlantis Hair in Paddington  suggested I try the Clear Gloss colour treatment. It’s a clear colour, and works to lock in colour and moisture, treating your hair and protecting your colour at the same time. Plus is it leaves your hair super shiny and so it’s a great treatment even if you don’t colour your hair.

Here’s my hair before & after. Seriously a bad before but I’m very impressed with the after – very shiny and felt so soft.

Clear Gloss is a great for when you’re just getting a root touch up and it will give your hair a shiny lift. You could also book it in before getting a blowdry mid-colour as it really made my hair colour feel like new.

The Clear Gloss is painted onto the hair and left to process for 20 minutes. After washing my hair (best bit – the head massage – thanks Amy!) Jacqueline applied Atonic thickening spritz (also a heat protectant) and Frizzy Logic Shine Serum. The Frizzy Logic is made from cold pressed Argan Oil and smoothed my hair without an oily finish or weighing it down.

I was excited to see Atlantis Hair are also a Cloud Nine Salon so Jacqueline used the wide straightener to smooth my hair and add some gentle flicks. Yes, I feel my straightening addiction is coming back…

Original & Mineral is currently only available in selected salons in Australia and New Zealand but is planning to move into the US market. I’m really interested in their ‘Clean colour technology’ and would like to try their hair colours to see how they compare.

Do you use ammonia free colour? Are low chemical products important to you? What brands and products do you use?

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  1. Kat says

    When I've used organic or low chemical brands in the past to dye my hair the colour is never as vibrant as I want it.
    Although I might be a bit of an outlier, as I like my hair to be really bright red.

  2. Hair Romance says

    @Becca Thank you! xx

    @Kat I always had the same feeling, though I've not tried the bright colours personally. Original & Mineral are salon only so I'll find out what they have to say.

    • Marissa says

      I have used a brand called dna before, it is great.. i have never heard of o&m before last year, but i’ve used dna colour longer than that, they have had no ammonia colour for quite a while, it doesn’t irriate my scalp :) you should look into it!

  3. AKB says

    This is exactly what I'm looking for! I'm done with hightlighting for now, but I'm miss the shine that you get after fresh color. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Natarsha says

    Alan and Wayne at Atlantis used to do my hair and I can attest that their coloring and lightening products pack just as much punch, if not more, than conventional colours.

  5. Michelle Lee says

    i hadn't cared much about my hair before now im very conscious thanks to your posts :)
    thanks for following me back!

  6. Hair Romance says

    @AKB I had never heard of this either, it's quite hydrating for your hair too

    @Natarsha great to hear Natarsha, I really liked their approacha t Atlantis too. I heard lots of great client consultations while I was in the chair

    @Michelle Lee thanks Michelle! Hair Romance is all about loving your hair. Thanks for the follow xx

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