Big Hair Friday

Amazing anti-gravity hair created by the UK F.A.M.E. team for GHD.

Chicken wire hair accessories? I’m off to the country for the weekend but don’t think I’ll be sporting this fascinator.

Have a lovely weekend! I’m visiting friends out in the country and I think it’s going to be cold. What are you doing this weekend? How will you be wearing your hair?

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  1. Me, my best and I says

    OOh shes a little like a troll doll that got caught in a paperclip!! Not fully ready for this yet!! Will definitely try to do textured ends ala January Jones if my GHD plays along tomorrow night. Enjoy your country jaunt, will the turban be travelling with you? xx

  2. Hair Romance says

    @Me, my best & I – classic! She is troll doll like isn't she? Yes, I am taking a selection of turbans to keep my head warm xx

    @Lianne – apparently they used chicken wire inside to create the shape so you couldn't brush this out!

  3. Chelsea says

    Woah. I'm not sure how I feel about that one. Ha ha.

    The waves from yesterday rocked, though.

    My hair is doing well. It's in a waterfall braid right now. It appreciates you asking.


  4. Christopher Box says

    I love big hair! This kind of work is called session hair. It is usually done for a variety of reason.. 1. Flexing the hairdressing muscle 2. Create a piece or art 3. To get attention. Sometimes it is fun just to create something that no one would really wear in the real world. Very much like runway looks. Nice Blog btw!

  5. Hair Romance says

    @Chelsea – ooh I love a waterfall braid

    @Christopher Box – Thanks! Session hair is my fave – I find it so inspiring. I never take pic of a celebrity and say I want that hair, but I feel inspired by catwalk and editorial hair.

  6. Janessa says

    Wow, I’m so glad I found your blog. As an artist, I especially love creative, bold art like this! Not until discovering Hair Romance was I aware of such beautiful hairstyles. They’re perfect but messy. Every strand is ‘precisely’ there to create this look. Soo beautiful even though its not wearable :p.

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