Hair Expo – the inspiration begins

Amanda, model for Sassoon Academy Tribes collection – ‘Home’

This morning I went to the press conference to meet some of the international guests at Hair Expo. It only made me more excited about the weekend.

One of the key looks for Redken, ‘Wilted waves’

It’s that feeling of being in a room with creative people who are living their lives with passion. They love hair and they love what they do and I get such a buzz from meeting such motivated people. I start to get ideas as their energy rubs off on me.

There are so many things to look forward to at Hair Expo. This year there are over 2000 models and 500 educators and there are some huge shows in production. I can’t wait to see the show designed by Antoinette Beender, Aveda Vice President of Creative, at the gala event tomorrow night. This is more the ‘hair couture’ and completely unwearable but totally inspiring to me. Her Monday show will be more about translating these ideas into commercial wearable hair and I will be bringing you all the details.

Mark Hayes, Sassoon International Creative Director, is in Australia to launch part two of the Tribes collection. This is a part of a trilogy for Sassoon Academy that is inspired by street tribes to create new hybrid styles. Sassoon is all about technique and this collection is inspirational but uses salon techniques that you will be asking your hairdresser to try in your hair.

Paul Serville, founder and owner of Servilles, was inducted into the Hair Expo Hall of Fame last year and his passion for hairdressing is infectious. He says about hairdressing that each day “ you give someone a gift and they pay you for it”. I love people who love what they do. It’s so inspiring.

Sam Villa

And for more inspiration meet Sam Villa, Education Artistic Director for Redken. I just watched this video on his ‘about’ page where he talks with his mum and dad. So lovely, go check it out. He’ll be presenting on Redken’s new trend of Eco Luxury. Luxury and quality that is affordable and simple to do. Maximum impact for minimum effort. I like the sound of that. I don’t think Sam puts minimum effort into anything he does.

Sam’s amazing shears bracelet. He said he makes them but I have to find out where to get one!

Cannot wait for the seminars and looking forward to bringing you some amazing hairspiration from the experts. Remember to leave me any questions in the comments that you would like me to ask the experts for you.

All images by Hair Romance


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  1. Lianne says

    That bangle is amazing! So unique! Does Amandas hair have like a turquoise hint to it? Or is that my screen? If so I loooooove that colour. I've wanted to go dark for a while (since everyone's red now) but haven't been able to find something that is edgy but not too 'Goth' and I think that colour just cuts the mustard.

  2. Hair Romance says

    @Me, my best and I – oh my sooo much to report back on! I think it may take over a month to cover it

    @Lianne yes Amanda's hair has the most amazing green through it. They took section through the fringe and sides, lightened it and coloured it that sea green colour. And the geometric cut was amazing, so much movement.

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