Hot Holiday Hair

Today I’m guest posting over at Miss Chew talking all about hot holiday hair.

Shame I’m sitting here in rainy Sydney feeling extremely cold. Luckily I have two exciting holidays planned for the second half of the year – UK / Greece and Thailand – so I’m not overcome with jealousy.

Is it summer where you are? Are you planning a warm tropical holiday? Head over to Miss Chew’s for some summer hair advice and say hi from me.

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  1. Cherry Blossoms says

    I'm jealous that its fall/ winter for you. Living in AZ our heat has hit. 108 today. ugh

    Your vacations sound amazing. Would love to visit Thailand someday!

  2. Hair Romance says

    @Cherry Blossoms – I live for the heat so I'd happily swap!
    We're going to Thailand for a wedding but that's not til December. I'll be there for my birthday too – can't wait!

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