Long hair fast? It’s magic!

Have you ever wondered how celebrities grow their hair so quickly? Or how models have such beautiful long hair?

Well, they don’t. It used to be a secret but now it’s so widespread. Everyone uses hair extensions. I saw them everywhere at Fashion Week and at Hair Expo.

There are many types of hair extensions – synthetic, human hair, clip in, permanent – and depending on why you want them, they each have advantages.

I’m not a fan of hair extensions and so far had never tried them. Kelly from KLG Hair Advice recently wrote about the risks associated with permanent hair extensions and the increasing incidence of female hair loss. There is evidence that prolonged use of permanent extensions can cause stress on the hair and result in breakage and hair loss. Hence why I was not keen to try them.

I have a friend who wears clip in extensions every day. You heard me, EVERY DAY. It’s a commitment but she has fine hair and loves the fullness of extensions. Her clip ins are human hair and she colours and treats them to match her hair. They look so real I didn’t even know she was wearing them for a long time.

I am lucky that I have thick hair and apart from my desire for long mermaid hair, I have no need for extensions. But when Schwarzkopf invited me to the launch of their new Magic Hair extensions I was curious.

Fine hair is one of the biggest concerns for most of my reader questions and these hair extensions are designed to add volume rather than length. They are available in six colours and each pack has three wefts of hair, enough for a full head of extensions.

I was sceptical about the look of synthetic extensions but I was pleasantly surprised with the Schwarzkopf Magic Hair. As you can see in the photos you’d have to look pretty closely to see it’s not my hair. I would feel a bit conscious wearing them in the day but I wore them out to dinner with my friends and they didn’t even realise I was wearing them! One said they thought my hair was longer but they couldn’t tell it wasn’t real.

I have mixed two packs in my hair – Light Blonde and Natural Blonde – but one packet would be enough. If you want Victoria’s secret hair go for two packs. It’s easy to attach them with the wig clips on each weft of hair. The Magic Hair extensions have a gentle curl at the end so they give a more natural finish. They can’t be heat styled so blowdry your hair with a soft flick at the ends before clipping in the extensions.

One thing I loved about having extensions was how great a ponytail looked and how easy it was to create a big round bun. I can’t wait to try some new updos with these extensions! Even a simple topknot would look fab with these extensions.

Magic Hair retails for $44.95 and is available from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and selected pharmacies. At that price it’s a fab accessory for a night out and they can even be washed and reused again. Bargain.

If you’re serious about wearing extensions talk to your hairdresser about human hair extensions that can be coloured and styled to match your hair exactly. You can buy different length extensions online and have them matched to your hair.

Do you wear extensions? Have you tried clip in extensions before? Would you ever wear them?

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  1. messymama says

    That ponytail looks so great that I really am tempted to change my opinion of extensions and try some! I think I'd go for the clip in kind, as my poor hair is fried enough and doesn't need even a tiny bit more damage. At the moment my hair is a little too short, I don't think I'd be able to hide the works very well – it's chin length in the front and even shorter in the back. As soon as I can pull it all up though, I will be trying these!

  2. Chelsea says

    I've been wearing extensions for about six years, on and off. About a year ago, I decided I wanted to try clip on extensions . . . and they are the best things ever. I've never had a problem with them falling out, and I love that I can give my hair a break whenever I want. They look totally natural–I've never had anyone comment on my hair in a negative way.

    Anyway, I want to give these ones a shot. They are way cheaper than the ones a buy. But, on the bright side, my brand has lasted me almost a year.

    Thanks for the review! I'm loving your blog, girl!


  3. Alexandria says

    I'd love love love for these to come out in the US. I totally want to experiment with extensions until my hair gets back to my desired length!

  4. Lianne says

    I have a set which I wear occassionally yet with my hair, which is fine, I find it hard to get a particularly full look or indeed wear the clipins comfortably for more then a few hours. They make my scalp ache and the body comes about an inch from the root- when I want the roots to be full but that's where the flat clip is! So I need to style, back comb and seriously process my hair to get the desired look. I see how permanent may be more appealing but even so that is more damaging in the long run and if I can't stand wearing my clipins all day how would I cope 24hrs a day, sleeping in them, showering in them, 1 year old pulling at them?

    Length is MUCH easier to achieve and I've had lots of fun creating rich plaits and goddess looks with clipins. I'd like to try the fringes they do too and maybe the hairband plaits just because the hair on my forehead is quite short and wispy in places and I don't like pulling it around in tight styles until it grows back properly (post-pregnancy really effected my hair) so these would be better approaches for me. I think they just really need to find a way to make wigs sexy or make clipins more gentle and effective. That whole market seems to be booming now so hopefully we'll get some really innovative thinking!

  5. Lianne says

    Oh, and one thing I found, in places, even though I put my clip ins perfectly, if the wind caught my hair or I ruffled it too much you can definitely see the edges of the clips or just a hint of something lurking in my hair. Nobody's ever commented and they've never fallen out but I can see it for sure. And I'm in no way balding or have very very thin hair but I just think my hair is a little too thin and too light (in weight) to even disguise clip ins at points so I have to wear them in particular places only and like I said, with lots of styling, to avoid gaps. I think they're worth the money but they're not guaranteed perfection and take trial and error to get right.

  6. Adeline says

    I was never big on extenstions until I tried Schwarzkopf Magic Hair Extentions!!! They are so easy to clip on and my friends and colleagues couldn't tell that I have extensions! It blends in my real hair pretty well but for better effect, I do curl my hair sometimes. :)

    Love the topknot hair do! I might try it myself. Both blondes blended in really well with your hair :)

  7. PRENA says

    Great post! I've been wearing hair extensions for ages now, since I have such thin hair, and I love foxylocks!
    I definitely would like to try this one out too!

  8. Marella says

    Simply amazing! A cupple of years ago I was wearing extensions and just loved them also if at the end my hair was distroyed…

  9. Haute_Style says

    Awesome blog post. Literally awe inspiring! Never thought these extensions would look SO AMAZING! And so cheap and easily available!
    Your hair looks fantastic!

    BTW- If I could even begin to express how much I love your blog, I would. Keep up the good work- it's really paying off!

  10. Hair Romance says

    Wow, I never knew extensions would get so many comments! I will be looking into this more and will be posting more about this soon!

    @effortless cool How long do your sewn in extensions last? How often do you get them redone?

    @messymama I was really surprised how well they worked, especially with such limited colour range. I'll be posting some more styles soon.

    @Cam thank you xxx

    @Alexandria – hopefully they will some out soon otherwise I have heard good things abotu the Jessica Simpson Hairdo extensions.

    @Lianne – I've never tried a clip on fringe, I want one! Interesting what you say about hiding the clips. Will look into this more

    @CupcakesOMG! I know! Terrible colour range for rangas!!!

    @Kari Love to know what you think of foxylocks – let me know

    @Danimezza Thanks lovely xxx

    @Adeline I love them in your hair! They are so easy aren't they?

    @PRENA another foxyloxks lover – I have to look into this brand!

    @Marella That's awful, has your hair recovered? It looks good now

    @Haute Style – you are too sweet gorgeous, thank you! xxxxx

  11. Anonymous says

    I was so inspired I went and bought some hair extensions. Previously I always thought them a little "try Hard" but now I love myself to death in them!

  12. hairextensions says

    Hi, I really appreciate your blog.Great!!!!!!!!!!
    I love your hair extention.It is so beautiful.
    Magic Hair extensions have a gentle and simple colour.

  13. Amira says

    You were probably talking about the newest hair remedy in town. That was really daunting yet I am just confuse about it’s price. However, I was really planning to have it to enhance my hair and make it look more thick and simply beautiful.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Jessica, the Schwarzkopf extensions are available from pharmacies like Priceline in Australia and Boots in the UK. Not sure for the US but check the Schwarzkopf website x

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