Big Hair Friday

Looks like her head is in the clouds!

Stunning gravity-defying hair by Truc le Hair Design and shot by Peter Steele from Salon Image at Hair Expo.

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve got a busy one planned – catching up with friends who are in town for the weekend, a birthday party and a special high tea with Sydney beauty bloggers. I love meeting other bloggers. It’s such a lovely group and so nice to meet someone face-to-face that you feel like you know so well online! Can’t wait to learn more make-up tips from them all.

Having major issues with my hair as my hairdresser has been away and may be moving permanently!  So I am becoming very creative with hats at the moment to hide my neglected locks.

What do you have planned this weekend? How will you wear your hair? Has your hairdresser ever left you? What did you do?

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  1. Lianne says

    My haidresser went on maternity leave and never came back so I work with her assistant now. She's a trainee, young, trendy but SO talented and because I'm quite open minded about my hair we have a lot of fun experimenting. So it worked out in the end for me. I normally go for the best stylist in the best salon I can afford but I trust mine completely because she's proven herself and goes the extra mile every time. So she IS the best really even if on paper she's not as qualified as some.

    I'm actually getting my hair done this weekend. Not sure what to have. I'm pregnant ATM so im preferring low maintenance dye job/cut one which I can neglect a few extra weeks without stressing my hair too much. In love with L'Oreles INOA range. Been using that for a while now to go red but now due to a certain uk celebrity (Cheryl cole) everyone's gone red too. So I went light brown for summer and now she's gone light brown too so I think I'm going to go dark… I want to go very light blonde but the peroxide will wreck my hormonal hair so I'm not going to risk it.

  2. cclarebear says

    I'm not loyal to hairdressers – ARGH this probably makes me a bad person. Although I have seen my current person for 4 cuts in a row. I think that's a record………………..

  3. Hair Romance says

    @Lianne – I agree, I think a good salon will have talented stylists no matter how long they've been working. That's the benefit of going to a good salon that trains and nurtures their staff.

    @cclarebear – Four cuts in a row is loyal! I think it's fine to change hairdressers but it can be a little messy if you keep changing colour as your colourist needs to know your hair history.

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