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Well I finally made my first YouTube video!

I was prompted by my guest post for Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar last week as part of Hair Week and I filmed this on a glorious sunny day last week, just me and my tripod.

It’s shot on my DSLR and it’s the first video I have shot. I had to look up my manual to find out how to shoot video!

This is the Twist & Pin, which was Day 29 of my 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days Challenge, which is now available as a fabulous ebook here.

Anyway, making the video wasn’t as hard as I thought so there will be more to come. I’d love to know your thoughts on the video, and what I can do to improve it. What other things would you like to see on Hair Romance TV?

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  1. Taylor says

    Love the bit at the end :)

    I think the video is great – it helps me to see someone do the style or technique in a live-action way.

    Sydney looks beautiful in winter – way better than the freezing weather here in the States.

  2. Cannwin says

    Love it! It helps me to see you do the hairstyle…. less intimidating for us hair-do challenged folk. :)

    AND if my kids hadn't run off with all my bobby pins I might just do that to my hair today. ::sigh::

  3. Gaengy says

    This video was really helpful, I wish all the styles had a video with them. I watched this one over and over to finally get it. Thanks for making it and I hope you make more! Having the visual is so helpful along with the written instructions.

  4. Anonymous says

    I loved this video! I love the way you demonstrated on your own hair, from start to finish! I am not intimidated to try it own hair! TY!!

  5. Giga says

    Ok. That's it. I definitely going to do it this weekend! It seems so easy. And I really love the hat as well!!

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