The Sartorialist talks hair

Fashion above the neck.

Photo by The Sartorialist

I really loved this post by The Sartorialist where he says:

The more I do this blog the more I believe that great hair and well chosen accessories can be the raison d’être for a whole look. 

Were I a young lady I would easily spend as much on a good haircut/styling as I would on a Celine dress – after all, it’s something you wear every day.

I completely agree and I know, as a haircut changed my life.

Do you consider your haircut as part of your style? How important is your hair in your look and style? Do you think of your hair as an accessory?

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  1. FashionableAwkward says

    I think my hair is a huge part of my style. Every time something in my style changes I know my hair has to change with it, which is one of the greatest parts about fashion. This makes my hair just as important as the shoes I wear or the dress, or anything else. Great post!

  2. Anonymous says

    after following your blog, i'm starting to think of hair as part of my style. i'm trying to train myself to focus more on my hair, as i really DO believe it is your best accessory. i haven't quite figured it out yet, but i am do for a cut. maybe my next cut will allow me to have andrea from blonde beadhead's beautiful curls. we shall see…

  3. DJ Rose says

    I just got a great style after 6 months of bad style. What a difference. Same outfit, with different hair and people notice. I get way more compliemnts on my clothes with the good haircut. I feel better with a good hairbut. So worth the moola.

  4. Emily says

    Definitely its important! If I'm having a bad hair day it tends to take my outfit with it….and I find usually more people comment on my hair than my clothes if I decide to do something with it :)

  5. Hair Romance says

    I love your comments!

    Hair really does form part of your overall style. When we talk about great style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy, they are remembered equally (if not more) for their hair and makeup than their fashion.

  6. Stacy says

    I usually try to style my hair to match what I am wearing. I have hair almost to my waist, and I am definitely known for my long hair and my updos. I was once stopped by a hairstylist in a grocery store where she asked me how I did my hair LOL! I think if you have a great hairstyle, it makes you look more put together than you would look otherwise.

    I found your blog last week, and really enjoy it! :)

  7. Libi Vrazo says

    I put my hair up most days, and my mood and outfit are majorly affected by the level of difficulty and when I give up trying if it's hard.
    If it takes me three times to get my hair up, you can tell by my face.
    I feel like I have to match my outfit with my hair. If I pulled it up really nicely, the level of niceness in my outfit goes way up. And vise versa.

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