Big Hair Friday

Brigitte Bardot

Today I’m feeling all French-y as I’ll be in Paris next week! Sadly only for a couple of days but it’s been such a long time since I’ve been there I’ll take any time I can get. I almost feel like I’m going home. I did an exchange in France and almost every day I would go into school for roll-call then sneak out and catch the train to Paris. It’s one of the most beautiful cities and I can’t wait to go back with my camera in hand.

I’m taking some packing tips from here and remembering to take at least 10 things out of my suitcase so I have space to bring more home.

I’ll be away for the next three weeks or so but don’t worry, Hair Romance is all ready to go with more hair advice and hairspiration. Regular posting will continue while I’m away and I will be back with some international posts on some fab London salons and more.

Do you have any Paris or London travel tips for me? Or know any hair salons I should visit?

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  1. Sandra3619 says

    OMG thats so amazing, you are coming to Europe!!! *waves* (I live in Holland).

    Have fun in London (Westminster Abbey and Harrods are must sees) and Paris!!!

    Have a safe flight!!!

  2. Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx says

    Have a great trip overseas! What will you be doing over there – relaxing or blogging / seeking hair inspiration?

  3. Hair Romance says

    @Sandra3619 & @Kimberley Thank you!! I can't wait!

    @Pink Diva Thanks! I'm back to see family and shooting a friend's wedding but I'll also be checking out the hair!

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