Hair Expo GenNext Gala Show 2011

The GenNext Gala show was one of the highlights of Hair Expo for me.

It was everything I was expecting from Hair Expo and more – full of energy and passion, with each talented team of hairdressers pushing the bounds of their creativity to create hair that has to be seen to be believed.

Hair Expo runways can be described as the ‘haute couture’ of hair. They are expertly constructed works of art, not something you’d request at your next salon appointment. These show-stopping styles are crafted just for the runway.

The production of these shows is an immense task as these are not simply fashion parades, but fully choreographed performances with conceptual stories woven through. The GenNext shows culminated in The Travelling TIGI Show which was a circus spectacular.Pictures don’t really reveal the energy and movement of these shows but you can see the highlights on this short video of the GenNext Gala.

If you’re interested in seeing these in more detail you can watch videos of the following shows on styleicons, and hopefully they will put up the rest of the shows soon.

Head Studio “I Am Ophelia”
Click here for the video of their show

New Zealand Team “The Ice Maiden Collection”
Click here for the video of their show

Lores Giglio “Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus”
Click here for the video of their show

Pivot Point Academy “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner”
Click here for the video of their show

Stevie English Artistic Team “England Calling”
Click here for the video of their show

Come back tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Head Studio about their stunning ‘I Am Ophelia’ show and on Friday I interview the fabulous Stevie of Stevie English Hair about their ‘England Calling’ show.

Photos via Hair Expo

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