Where do I stop applying foundation?

As a wise beauty editor once said, “Your face stops at your boobs.”

Don’t stop applying foundation at your jawline, continue down your neck and blend blend blend. Your chest should be the same colour as your face, check this when choosing your foundation.

This is especially true for all your beauty and skincare products too. My mum always taught me to look after my neck as she said it was a sure way to tell a woman’s real age.

Don’t forget to apply your skin creams and sunscreen to your neck and chest everyday. Then blend your foundation all the way down. I don’t want to see any of you with your face a different colour to your neck!

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  1. Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist says

    Agree w/ anonymous above. As long as your foundation is the right shade it shouldn't be necessary to apply it all the way down to your chest. Although I do agree w/ applying moisturizers and creams on the neck and chest area as well as the face.

  2. Haute_Style says

    I want a flawless chest so I'm applying all the way down!
    Hopefully my chest will look like the lady's in the pic! hehehe!

  3. rosepetalsandlace says

    I agree with anonymous, you can apply foundation just on your face and not have a "mask". Applying it all the way to your chest not only is a waste of foundation but its also going to rub off all over your clothes.

  4. Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx says

    Yes – apply down the neck to prevent a harsh line around the jaw…I have seen some bad unblended finishes!
    Tammerly @ Pink Diva Beauty

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