How can I make my hair grow faster? – Hair Romance Reader Question

Hair by Marie Uva – Photo by Andrew O’Toole

Q: I cut my hair short back in 2008, it was long enough to touch my lower back.

I regretted the decision and I’ve been growing it out ever since but it still has only gotten as long as the top of my breasts.

How can I get my hair to grow longer more quickly?


A: The best way to stimulate hair growth is to keep getting regular haircuts so your hair is in good condition and does not split. A trim is recommended every 8 weeks – this will maintain healthy hair which is more likely to grow.

Using professional shampoo, conditioner and regular treatments is also very important as quality products help to nurture and care for hair. I would recommend the Wella Professionals System Professional range.

Also, try to only use semi colours as they are not damaging on the hair and patience you will get there.

Marie Uva, Wella Professionals Colour Ambassador

I would also add that if you are serious about growing your hair, step away from the heat styling tools. Your hair needs to be in top form if it’s going to be halfway down your back and so limit your time on the straightening irons, or switch to lower temperature stylers that are kinder to your hair.

At the moment I’m growing my hair but it’s going slowly…I keep thinking of cutting my hair too. How long have you grown your hair?

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  1. Lauren Phelan says

    I'm not sure if it's only available in the UK but I have this product called "hair growth treatment" by celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford. It's absolutely incredible. Very rich in proteins which has sped my hair through that awkward in-between stage. I would guess it's grown a good two inches in two months. That being said, the extra proteins can be quite drying so I 've had to use plenty of conditioner. Hope this helps!

  2. Seraph says

    I cut my bra-strap-length hair into a pixie when I was fifteen, and hadn't managed to grow it out since then til now, about ten years later.

    From a very, VERY short cut (I think the longest parts were nowhere near two inches) I haven't had it cut in a year–no heat styling, airdrying, lots of conditioner, minimal brushing–, and the longest parts are just past my shoulders. A ridiculously grown-out pixie also makes for surprisingly nice layers!

    BUT, I have no idea what to do with it most of the time, because I've had it short so long. Even the easiest hairstyles are beyond me, when I don't know how to get a bobby pin to stay in.

  3. saja says

    Seraph, even if you're growing it out, you should get it trimmed. If it's been a year you are bound to have some split ends even if you take amazing care of it. The key is to find someone you trust that will only "trim" it and not chop off too much length. Then they can take up the layers and reshape it so it's easier to deal with. Let them know you are growing it out, are a "wash and go" kind of girl and want a cut that you don't have to mess with too much. What city are you in?

  4. Lola says

    Daily scalp massages do amazing thing for hair growth. They stimulate the follicles. In a little under 9 months my hair grew at least four inches using no growth products.

  5. ♀ [Jozefin] says

    I cut my mid-back length hair into barely-touching-shoulder length hair in September 2008. Today it's again mid-back length! Took 3 trimmings, 2 perms (curled and then straightened) and 1 salon treatment to get it back to this length!

    I agree with Lola. Scalp massages do improve hair growth because it improves blood circulation and decreases fall-out.

  6. Anonymous says

    I use Icelandic Kelp vitamins (þaratöflur), and they work very well!!! My hair and nails are growing much faster.

  7. DJ Rose says

    I'm always going short to long. Right now I'm growing it out. Its been about 12 months since it was pixie short. I'm debating cutting it again, but I'll hold out for a while. Its just past my shoulders now. :)

  8. Melody says

    I had hair to the middle of my back when I was in college, then I chopped it up to my ears. For the past year I've had my hair just past my chin, but I keep seeing these lovely hair tutorials I want to try so I'm growing it out, probably to my collar bone.

  9. On Stage Hair Design says

    I have also had a lot of luck with vitamins like Biotin or a prenatal vitamin. A lot of people are skeptical about them working, but I have seen a definite difference when I use them.

    The only problem is that not only does the hair on your head grow, but also your leg hair, underarm hair…pretty much all of the hair on your body.

  10. Machenzie Farrer says

    Actually, stimulating your hair follicles is one of the best ways to stimulate growth. Brushing it helps, playing with it helps, getting a scalp massage (which feels fantastic) helps a lot as well

  11. Seraph says

    Saja, I actually am about to get it trimmed. I trust my stylist, she really listens to what I want. She keeps very long hair herself but she cut it as short as I wanted (not an easy feat to get a stylist to cut a womans hair THAT short) and I know she knows the meaning of a trim 😛

    Mostly my problem is liking updos, and not know how to do them up.

  12. Julie says

    "A trim is recommended every 8 weeks – this will maintain healthy hair which is more likely to grow."

    Hmmm… if your hair grows from the roots, it's not going to, in essence, know what the ends are doing, right? I think that's an old wives' tale. ;p

  13. Amanda G. says

    I have been growing my hair out for maybe a year now from shoulder length and it's been slow going.
    A nice trim does improve the look and feel of my hair and does seem to give it a little growth spurt. Do you have any other recommendations for products available in Australia that aren't too expensive? I just moved her from America about 2 months ago.

  14. Connie says

    “A trim is recommended every 8 weeks – this will maintain healthy hair which is more likely to grow.”

    Julie commented: “Hmmm… If your hair grows from the roots, it’s not going to, in essence, know what the ends are doing, right? I think that’s an old wives’ tale. ;p”

    I have to agree, in part, with Julie that the hair grows from the root and would not know what the ends are doing. The truth is that your hair is going to continue to grow no matter how damaged the ends are; however, if you have damaged ends due to splits, dryness, etc., the hair will likely break off where the damage starts, usually towards the ends, giving the appearance that the hair is not growing. With regular trims, the hair will be less likely to break off and therefore a notable difference in the length of the hair over time.

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