Quick tip for blowdrying your hair

Need to blowdry your hair in a hurry?

Blowdry the front of your hair first!

Normally I would start by sectioning your hair and blowdrying your hair from underneath to top. HOWEVER – if you’re short on time this trick is a saviour.

That way, if your cab arrives and you have to leave at least the front of your hair looks good. You can just keep your back to the wall knowing you’re putting your best face forward.

I think this tip is also fabulous if you’re just developing your blowdry arms. If you are building up the strength to do a full salon blowdry on your own hair, don’t waste your best work on the underneath sections. By the time you get to the top you’ll be too tired to finish! Blowdry the front first and if you get tired it won’t matter if don’t finish the back.

What’s your tip for blowdrying your hair?

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  1. Lauren Phelan says

    If I don't have time to pop my Velcro rollers in on a rushed morning I blow dry my hair upside down then twist (and pin!) it into two buns, one in the top half of my head and one at the base of my neck followed by a quick spritz of hairspray. By the time I've reached the office/restaurant/wherever else I'm going to be I let it loose and I'm left with lovely waves. If all else fails I've got a pretty little up-do!!

  2. Kimberly says

    I will finger comb my hair to get a lot of the dampness gone. Then I'll finish drying with a round brush if I'm going for the smooth look. If I'm going curly, I just keep on finger combing.

  3. Brooke Ventre says

    If I'm in a hurry and just get out of the shower…
    I brush my hair really quickly & run my leave in conditioner threw my hair squeeze my hair with a towel While doing my makeup & getting dressed my hair is air drying… then I start to blow dry the front of my hair and If I don't have time to do the rest, It's side hair braid day but at least the layered pieces of my hair in the front look good! 😉


  4. Lianne says

    I had a weedy travel hair dryer for years. So light, cheap, did the job. When hubby upgraded me to a proper hair dryer I was shocked at how heavy they were! So if you want something lighter to practice with get a travel hair dryer. I'm also considering getting hubby trained in how to do blowdrys so he can do my hair for me. Or is that too cheeky? 😉

  5. Hair Romance says

    Love your tips everyone!

    @Lauren Phelan – love the two bun trick!

    @Brooke Ventre – side braid is a perfect cover for an unfinished blowdry, love it!

    @Lianne – that is not cheeky at all, in fact I should start giving Mr Hair Romance a lesson…lol

  6. C9therine says

    I have learned to point the blow dryer toward the floor when I’m blow drying my hair up-side-up. This way, the heat and air flow will smooth the hair cuticle and make your hair look a lot more sleek. Also, don’t skimp on the ends, evenly and slowly work the blow dryer (and brush if necessary) from the root to the ends. Cool blast also works well to seal the cuticle and make the style you’re working on stick better.

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