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October 2011


The results of my latest salon visits How do you describe a haircut or hair colour to your hairdresser? If I say textured bob do you think of Marion Cotillard or Victoria Beckham? How dark is chestnut brown? When you say honey blonde is your hairdresser thinking the same colour? As part of Hair Romance’s [...]


Hair Romance French roll

Hair Romance loves a quick and easy hairstyle and this is as simple as Twist & Pin! This is my take on the classic French roll and is a hairstyle I often wear. It’s chic and I like to leave it a little messy, for that effortless feel. Hairstyle How-To: Gather your hair into a [...]



Last week I stated that short hair is more versatile than long hair. My first argument was that you can play around with colour more often and more easily in short hair, making it more fun. This week I build my case for short hair versatility with the example of the gorgeous Marion Cotillard. If you’ve ever wondered, what can I [...]


Big Hair Friday – Audrey Hepburn

by Hair Romance on October 27, 2011 · 4 comments

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I bet you never thought you’d see Audrey Hepburn on Big Hair Friday? She is more of a Short Cut Saturday kind of woman. How crazy is this hair? I think this image is from an ad for Givenchy L’Interdit. Don’t you think Audrey looks a little bewildered under all that hair! This weekend I’m [...]



Does this make my hair look longer? Does your hair stop growing at a certain length? Do you find you can’t seem to grow your hair past a certain point no matter how hard you try? Hair Romance reader Breanna felt this way and sent in her question: I’ve searched the internet, read forums and [...]



The Twist & Pin is my favourite hairstyle technique. So good in fact I wrote a whole book about it! Why not give it a try today? My first ever episode of Hair Romance TV shows you how to do the Twist & Pin. The reason I love the Twist & Pin is because it [...]


What should you wear to the hairdresser?

by Hair Romance on October 24, 2011 · 13 comments

in Salon Advice

Hair Romance hanging in salons – Follow me on to see what I get up to What do you wear to the hairdresser, especially on your first visit to a new salon? When you go to a new hairdresser, you expect them to create a new look for you. But how well can your [...]


How to tame fuzzy flyaways

by Hair Romance on October 23, 2011 · 17 comments

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My hair doesn’t stay this straight and smooth without help!   Do you suffer from the fuzzies? Do you get lots of fine flyaway hair creating that halo effect around your hair? I do. Mine is a mix of new hair poking through, damaged hair from straightening irons and general humidity affected fuzziness from my [...]


I’m still getting used to shooting street style photography. I love shooting people but I don’t stop people in the street to take their picture. Your response to my first street style hair post was so encouraging. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone but I’ve surprised myself as I really enjoy it. When [...]


Big Hair Friday

by Hair Romance on October 20, 2011 · 2 comments

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Lauren Hutton shot by Richard Avedon Twiggy shot by Richard Avedon Today’s big hair comes to you from the 1960s archives of Vogue and Richard Avedon. I am a huge fan of Richard Avedon’s photography. Did you know he started out shooting head shots for the marines ID cards? I think you can see this [...]