Are you afraid of the hairdresser?

‘fess up, are you excited or nervous at the thought of going to the hairdresser?

Do you have a regular stylist that you are faithful to, or do you shop around?

Do you change your look or have you had the same style forever?

For the longest time I have had posts in draft about navigating the salon, and how to explain what you want to your stylist. Help me finish them by telling me your fears about the salon experience and what you want to know.

I’ve always been around salons, as my sister was a hairdresser, her best friend still is and my best friend is also a hairdresser. I love the sights, sounds and smells of salons and I love having my hair done.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t also had terrible haircuts, and awful hair moments. I’ll tell you about one of my worst tomorrow.

But what I really want to know today is what you want to know from hairdressers. Do you want to know how to explain “just a trim”? I’ll help you navigate the salon and get over your hairdresser fears.

Tell me in the comments what questions you want answered.

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  1. Melody says

    It took me forever to find a new hair stylist when I moved to another state. For years I just drove back to my parent's and got an appointment with the lady who'd been cutting my hair since I was 15. Even after she quite styling to raise her kids, she'd come in special for me.

    I think the most frustrating thing is that I would be able to get a good cut once, but the stylists never seemed to be able to re-create their own cut later :(

  2. claireM says

    I know that this is going to sound really strange, but I'm always weirdly nervous about feeling like I'm wasting the stylist's time. This is crazy right? I mean, I'm paying (moderately) big bucks for it. For instance, I have never asked a stylist to change anything once they've finished, even if I'm unhappy, as I know they've got more appointments waiting. Is there some sort of etiquette for saying that you're not happy? Is it better to just leave and find another salon (which I have done before)?

  3. Hair Romance says

    @Melody – I hate having to find a new hairdresser when you move. I ask everyone woman I see with good hair where they go and find a new salon that way. Interesting question about getting the same cut. I will survey some stylists about it.

    @claireM – you shouldn't feel nervous in the chair, though I know I have before. How you tell your hairdresser you don't like the style depends on what you requested at the beginning. I'll definitely give this an entire post as it's a great question.

  4. Annika says

    @ClaireM a good hairdresser should know if your unhappy and try and fix it.. as a hairdresser you learn to read between the lines and pick up human behaviour. Also your paying for their time and a service. You should leave happy.. if it happens more then once i would move hairdressers/salons or be brave enough to say something to the stylist you have been seeing.

  5. Emily says

    I find it hard to entrust someone with my precious hair. It's basically my most prized posession, I stick to natural hair colour and normal cuts to avoid mistakes!

  6. msmadamemakeup says

    Omg I could answer all of these questions!! Just remember guys the consultation is the most important part. Make sure you understand each other! And remember, you are the paying customer, if your not happy speak up. I know I would be devastated if I found out one of my clients left un happy! Please talk to your stylist ! Xxx

  7. Tanja Schepmans says

    My previous hairdresser ruined my long hair, now i have splitends and i'm realy scared going to the hairdresser… Is it best I go to a hairdresser who has long hair herself? So she understands better how long hair works? Greets from Belgium! I love your blog xxx

  8. Anonymous says

    I get quite excited to have my hair cut…until it's happening.
    I am veery shortsighted and can't see what the hairdresser is doing which is terrifying! She generally keeps forgettng and asks me if it looks ok and after it starts to get sily to keep stopping to put my glasses on I just kinda nod and goo 'mhm'
    No disasters yet with that thankgoodness! Should really try an remember to put my contact lenses in next time though

  9. Anonymous says

    Hi, i have very curly hair and i heard that i should ask for a cutter who specialises with curly hair. I asked the question once and was told that all the cutters were great (she wasn't). Is this something that is true and if yes, what is the best way to make sure i get the right hair dresser?

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