How to wake up with great hair

I hope I haven’t misled you with the title of this post, because for this tip to work, you need to have great hair before you go to sleep. I’m sorry if you thought I had an overnight hair miracle, or a group of fairies that magically come and do your hair while you sleep (though I wish I did!).

However I do have the easiest trick to keep your hair looking fabulous, and to make your blowdry last even longer.

Previously I shared my mum’s secret to waking up with good hair. She used to tie a silk scarf around her pillow, or you can buy a silk pillowslip to cover your pillow. Try it tonight and see if you wake up with smoother hair.
But if you toss and turn at night like I do, silk helps but won’t do all the work for you.
Last week I told you how much I love getting my hair blowdried at a salon and this way of tying your hair up at night will help you keep the volume and shape in your hair for longer.
Gently twist your hair up and tie into a topknot or clip on the top of your head.


I bet you’re thinking, that’s too easy, it won’t work! Or, that’s uncomfortable, I won’t be able to sleep with my hair up!

It does work! Make sure you twist your hair loosely, you don’t want to put any kinks in your hair. Also tie or clip you hair right on the top of your head. That way even if you sleep on your side, or move around in your sleep like I do, your hair is out of the way.

You may even find it more comfortable to sleep with your hair up. I’m only noticing as my hair gets longer that it gets caught under my shoulders as I move on my pillow. Sleeping with it loosely clipped up on top of my head is really comfortable.

The best bit is your hair is full of body in the morning and has heaps of volume. It only takes a couple of minutes to brush into place and you’re ready to go!

Try it tonight and let me know if it works for you. Do you have any tips for waking up with good hair?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Anyone have tips for super long hair? There is no way I could keep all my hair on top of my head, I can't even get it into one of those clips. I currently braid it so I don't wake up with more tangles than I can possible brush out but then I have braid kinks.

    • Metha says

      I had the same problem, but now I just use flex rollers in my hair (i have curly/wavy hair, and it’s very big). It doesn’t really changes the curls shapes, but it just defines them a bit more.

    • Reka♥ says

      I don’t know if it is too late, i’ve only read this tonight… in case you still need help, then I have really big, curly hair. What I usually use is only a hairband or a rubber ring to keep my hair right on the top of my head. I comb my hair only 2-3 times a week, cause as you know it isn’t help for curly hair. :) So, I tie my hair in a ponytail, then I twist it and form a big bun of it. In the end I fix it with a hairband :) I hope I could help, and once more: sorry for being late… Have a nice day ♥

    • friend says

      If you have super long hair you can wrap it around your whole head like a headband and then pull it up to the top and clip just the ends. It’s easiest to do if you start with a deep side part. If you want a center part you’ll need to pull each side of your hair in opposite directions and wrap them both around your head before clipping them together on top.

  2. Hair Romance says

    @Anonymous – could you try twisting your hair and winding it into a large topknot? How long is your hair?

    Would love to hear advice from anyone with lovely long hair!

  3. Me, my best and I says

    OOh- Ill try anything once to wake up with great hair. I was actually doing exactly this after blowdrying while putting on make-up as it helps my hair set nicely and adds some volume. Will try have a sleep in it :)

  4. leta says

    I have hair that is long enough to touch my waistband. I have found that the "sock bun" on top of my head works very well for keeping it out of trouble at night. I know some people use that to get curls but my hair is too heavy it doesn't curl, but stays much smoother.

  5. Hair Romance says

    @Me my best and I – great idea! It would definitely keep your hair bouncier during the day if you clip it up while you do your makeup. Sleeping this way makes it stay great all day.

    @CupcakesOMG – the exact same thing happens to me! Then it gets all weird and frizzy underneath. Clip you hair up tonight and you'll thank me in the morning 😉

    @leta – great tip! A sock bun would be perfect.

  6. Megan says

    For second day curls with volume I just put my hair in a high ponytail on top of my head in a soft hairband (scrunchie). If your hair is longer you can pull it just halfway through. I don't know if that would make kinks on a blowout or not. It keeps hair out of the way while sleeping and curls intact for morning!

    It seems that the key to volume is to get your hair on top of your head so you don't smush it :)

  7. Hair Romance says

    @Megan – I think scrunchies are awful but this is the one time they work! They are not too tight and don't leave a mark like hairbands can. I've never tried this with curls, but will give it a go next time I wash my hair.

  8. Tine @ Beautyholics Anonymous says

    I'm going to give this a try tonight. Fingers crossed I shall wake up with great hair 😛

  9. Hair Romance says

    @Megan – gadzooks indeed! lol!

    @Tine – thanks for trying it and let me know what you think in the morning x

  10. Elli says

    Yay, it really works!
    I can wear my hair much longer opened without having to wash it because it sticks to my head! 😀

  11. Beefults says

    I love this idea but my hair is in a short cropped bob that hangs just below my chin. My hair is sometimes wavy but I have a terribly oily scalp. How can someone with short hair (who loves to shower in the evening as oppose to the morning) wake up with minimal work to do? Thanks!

  12. Laura says

    As I sit here working knots out of my medium length curly hair and looking up ways to remove knots, I know that I will be trying this tonight.

  13. says

    I have really curly hair will this work for me so its easyer for me to wake up and not have to deal with the knots and tangles in my hair in the monrings

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Karen, yes you can! Twist your hair into a loose top knot and you’ll wake up with great hair x

  14. Justaperson says

    Hi! As an Indian girl, I have hair that’s closer to smooth, but kinda frizzy and it’s always a mess when I wake up. I’m tried this last night… And it worked! I’m so excited that I finally have a solution. Thank you soooooooo much!

  15. Connie says

    My hairdresser told me to cut old pantyhose in rings. I use the legs and cut some wide and some a little skinner. The wider the tighter they hold my hair. I turn my head upside down and brush well. Then I put the pantyhose ring like a hair elastic in to make a pinapple top…..I can’t sleep with any kind of clip….in the morning I let it down and my hair is perfect! No mark from the pantyhose elastic! I wash my hair once a week. Dry shampoo is fantastic to freshen it up.

  16. Connie says

    When my hair get long and it’s kind of heavy, I put it up the way I described earlier and wrap the hair loosely around like a bun and pin it. It’s not so heavy and I get a nice wave.

    I think the trick is to use the old pantyhose, they protect your hair from breaking an don’t lesve c mark like hair elastics.

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