Short Cut Saturday – Marion Cotillard shows you how versatile a bob can be

Last week I stated that short hair is more versatile than long hair. My first argument was that you can play around with colour more often and more easily in short hair, making it more fun.

This week I build my case for short hair versatility with the example of the gorgeous Marion Cotillard.

If you’ve ever wondered, what can I do with a chin length bob? Here are some ideas:



I think this may put Marion Cotillard in the running for hair idol, offering fabulous short hair inspiration. I love the middle photo the most, but it could be because of the photograph itself and her relaxed expression. All the hair is fab.

Which is your favourite look?

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  1. On Stage Hair Design says

    Oh my gosh, I would kill for hair like Marion's. Unfortunately, I have about 3x the hair of hers and my bob/pixie cut dreams will never come true.

  2. loulou says

    Hi Miss Hair luscious

    Well Marion's certainly in the running for a hair award for me.
    I'd love to get my hair to that length (if I can persist)

    I need to print this one out and put it inside my bathroom cabinet :)

    have a great day

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


  3. Me, my best and I says

    shes so chic. i love all 3 of the last set of pictures! Go the textured bob! My fav style at the minute!

  4. Hair Romance says

    @On Stage Hair Design – go the big hair! Embrace the volume xx

    @loulou – Thanks Miss Loulou! Love your short cut and can definitely see you with this bob too

    @Me, my best and I – She works it well doesn't she? Such a great haircut

    @Jen W – I agree, the super straight are my least favourite, but still show how versatile this haircut is

    @SensibleSpice – Ooh yes, Sarah is definitely another hair idol for the textured bob!

  5. Hair Romance says

    @nicola lynde – bangs would be so cute with this style, so many options!

    @i-glamour – thanks! Add a few hair accessories and you'll have two weeks' worth of styles!

  6. The Blossom Shed says

    She has such wonderful french style that's very trend-less – one of the few short hairstyles that I really love!

  7. Hair Romance says

    @Melody – lot's of hairspiration for you! So often people think it's an "in-between" length but it's so versatile

    @The Blossom Shed – What is it with French women? I think they are born chic!

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