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This was my hair on Friday. it was a good hair day and I loved it. My hair is due for a colour retouch and so I decided to wear it curly (TIP: a great way to hide regrowth). When the colour is first done I find I normally wear it straight as it’s so predictable and easy to style. It’s also easier to work with when shooting hairstyles for Hair Romance. I’ve been straightening for a while and I forgot how much fun my curls are and how much I love them. Now, I don’t roll out of bed with my curls looking like this. My curls are quite fragile and unpredictable so I have to help them into shape. How I achieved these curls

  • Wash hair well with a sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. I really believe sulphate free is the way to go for curly or dry hair, I use Original & Mineral Hydrate and Conquer.
  • Gently squeeze out water with your hands and gently towel dry. I never rub my hair with a towel as it breaks up my curls.
  • Apply Moroccanoil to my hair, concentrating on the midlengths to ends.
  • Apply a curl cream, this time I used Evo Liquid Rollers curl cream.
  • I also used a bit of Moroccanoil volumising curl mousse.
  • Blowdry to about 85% dry with a diffuser with my head upside down. It’s really important to keep your head upside down for this, or at least to the side so the curls can dry freely.
  • Flip you hair back and let it fall into your natural partline. I then twist any curls that aren’t that well formed and use the diffuser to dry my hairline to give a bit more lift at the front.
  • Let your hair settle and fall into shape as it dries completely. (This is when I do my makeup and finish getting ready)
  • Apply a serum and this time I used Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic. This tames all the frizz and shapes and defines my curls.
  • I also added a quick spritz of Evo Helmet hairspray underneath to keep the volume. I like this hairspray as it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave my hair crispy as it’s quite flexible.

That seems like a lot of steps but it only takes less than 30 minutes to do. I can do it in under 20 minutes if I’m in a hurry. My curls reminded me why I started Hair Romance. I hated my hair. I never knew how to style my hair and the curl always worked against me. Then one day The Follicle Oracle convinced me to cut my hair for the curl and it changed my life. It was a dream to style and looked amazing. He also took me to buy my first hairdryer (my beloved Parlux 2800) and more importantly, a diffuser. My hair isn’t always great, but now I understand my curls I love my hair. I’ve been thinking about what I can do with Hair Romance, and I have a new design that is almost done! Here’s a sneak peek at my new logo (which you may have already seen if you follow me on Twitter & What do you think? I have so many ideas and things I want to achieve with Hair Romance. My main goal is to help you to love your hair. I think when you love your hair it is so much easier and quicker to style, so you can sleep in for 10 more minutes and still feel fabulous! Do you love your hair? What do love about it? What don’t you love about your hair?

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    • Kellie says

      I was thinking the same thing! My hair has potential to look just like those photos but, most of the time, I can’t be bothered with the “unruliness” of my curly hair. I need to get my hair cut to look like this! The length looks perfect too .. short enough to wear down in nice curls without them getting annoying and in the way but, long enough to wear up when you just can’t be bothered. :) I’m taking these photos to my hair dresser! :)

  1. Hair Romance says

    @Eli – it's so easy to take things for granted, you should definitely embrace the curl!

    @BrunetteBeauty – Thank you! It's taken me a long time to love them but I can finally appreciate them now.

  2. Nadine says

    I do love my hair! It is naturally blonde. I have never ever coloured it. So I consider myself very lucky! The other thing is my hair is absolutely dead straight. This can have downsides, ie styles won't hold, pins/clips/hairties won't hold, it flops straight down no matter what. BUT over the years I have learnt what works and it's easy to stick with that. So I can wash and towel dry it, and it will air dry naturally into a beautiful sleek style without any heat treatment or even any brushing! But I love your site because I am very much into my narrow little comfort zone and I love being inspired by your updos! :)

  3. Kirsten says

    Thanks for the step by step styling tips! My hair is very curly and I've always worn it that way…until a few months ago and now I straighten it every single day. But after reading this post, I think I might go back to my natural curls…

  4. Hair Romance says

    @Nadine – I love that you love your hair, your hair inspires a lot fo hair envy I'm sure! Thank you for such lovely comment, I have a few more updos planned for this week

    @drew – thank you, but all my life I have wanted straight hair. The grass always seems greener 😉

    @Kirsten – Your tweet inspired me for this post! Once your curls get used to coming back you won't need much product. I like my curls to be really big to I use the mousse as well.

  5. Hannah says

    Oh gosh, if my curls looked like that I'd wear them every day with pride! Sadly I've got rather pathetic half-waves that are inconsistently shaped and end up looking hobo than high-fashion.

    But I was just drying my hair this morning and thought I'd love to start encouraging my curls rather than using 'straight hair' products (which currently totals shampoo, conditioner, hair balm and of course my beloved straightener). So much easier to style, more temperature-friendly for summer and hopefully kinder to my hair if I'm using less heating products.

    Did you find that your hair developed more curl over time once you started to encourage it, or was it always as curly as above?

    Gosh, this comment is becoming War & Peace… I'll be quiet now :)

  6. Kimberly says

    I love my hair when it curls nicely too. The natural curl I have is perfect. However, I find that the hair that frames my face are not as curly as the rest of my hair. In fact, the sides end up frizzy if I use any heat. And letting it dry naturally isn't something I have time for.

    The secret, surely, is in the products. I have curly hair serum and when done right, it does free the curls.

    For the past year, I have loved my hair. :)

  7. NaszL :) says

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  8. Tracy says

    Can you post a video on how to use a diffuser? I've looked up some videos on youtube, but everyone has different techniques, i.e. do you twist it, do you scrunch it, etc.?

  9. Megs says

    I love your curls, and they are very similar to my curls, so with that being said I am going to source all of those products that I don't already have and use your step by step guide. It is always great to get recommended new products, because I find I hair gets used to the same products and doesn't want to behave.

  10. Nadine says

    I forgot to say that while I love my hair, it is of course a law of nature that I wish I had fantastic curls like yours! :)

  11. Me, my best and I says

    I love your hair curly!! I think I need a follicle oracxle in my life!! So agree with this whole post -about going shorter to help work the natural movement in your , the sulphate free s&c (I dont think I can go back!) and the beloved parlux!!

  12. Ella says

    I love your hair! I wish my hair could decide to be that constantly curly! It's kind of half way, and now the front frizzy part of my hair has gone straight from straightening too much. I use thermal heat spray now, but it may be too late!

    I went and bought some samples of Moroccanoil products, which one are you using that you listed above?

  13. Hair Romance says

    @Hannah – A different haircut might bring out more of your curl. Also, once I ease off the starightening my curls start to remember what to do

    @Kimberley – yay for loving your hair! I think products make such a difference, especially if your hair has forgotten what it naturally likes to do.

    @NaszL – thank you!

    @Tracy – that is a brilliant idea for video. I will definitely do it! May take me a couple of weeks but I love that idea!

    @Megs – thanks! I know hat you mean, but if you find a product your hair loves, stick to it!

    @The Procrastinator – Don't have to much hair envy, you haven't seen that bird's nest that is my hair on the next day 😉

    @Blair Badge – I love the sock bun! Great idea for a tutorial with the Hair Romance twist…

    @Megan – Thank you!

    @Nadine – naturally 😉 I am the same and have to remind myself that the grass is not always greener 😉

    @Me, my best and I – Thanks lovely! Amazing how a few tools that work with your hair save you so much time!

    @Ella – Don't owrry, mine is the same, some bits are really curly and others are almost dead straight! I use Moroccanoil (the oil) and I also like their curl cream. I posted about it here –
    Thank you! Can't wait to show you the new site too!

  14. Anonymous says

    I love it. This is about what my hair looks like when I wake up in the morning after a cool night on my silk pillowcase (the only kind that allows my curls to be managable enough in the morning to not have to comb them excepting with my fingers). My problem is that I do not know of any hairdresser who cuts to the curl and my current hairstyle ends up looking like a wet poodle if I leave it down without blowdrying (blowdrying just blows my hair out instead of allowing the curls to look good). Any tips on styling curly hair, especially when you are trying to cover up a bad haircut you are growing out? Do you "plop" or "pineapple"?

  15. Marusya V says

    In reality this style looks even more amazing! LOVE. Will try to re-create over weekend!
    Thanks for sharing your tips 😉


  16. says

    So I have very fragile curls as well and so I tried your method and couldn’t believe how curly and pretty my hair was!!! wow!!! good job and thanks! it is super dry where we live and I have a super hard time keeping my curls pretty! thanks again!!!

  17. says

    So I have very fragile curls as well and so I tried your method and couldn’t believe how curly and pretty my hair was!!! wow!!! good job and thanks!

  18. Kelly says

    I came across your post at the exact time I need it! I have natural curly hair and hating it right now! I will for sure try these steps! Is there any certain way I should tell my hair stylist to cut my hair? Thank you!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kelly! I’m not sure how long your hair is, or what hair type you have, but the best advice is to take a picture in with you when you go to the salon. Or better still take a couple of pictures so that your stylist gets an idea of the look you like. Unfortunately not every stylist cuts curls well, so you may need to ask around if you’re not happy with your hairdresser. I always stop someone with great hair that’s similar to mine and ask where they get their hair done. They are always flattered and love to share a good beauty secret or two!

  19. Samantha says

    Your hair looks almost exactly like mine and I have been in quite the frenzy trying to find updos with natural curls for weddings … would you be able to help me out? A ton of the straight updos end up pulling the curls straight or worse you get that short curl poking out looking like a horn.

    PS I’ve found that the more you wear your hair curly the less steps you eventually have to do with it. When I first started I pretty much spent 25 to 30 minutes but now I’m surprised if it takes more than 5 but I’m so in love with my curls that it has been years since I’ve straightened my hair more than a day a week and that really is only because I love brushing my hair.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Samantha! Is your hair about the same length as mine? I like a free-form side bun for curls. Wash & style your curls as normal. Then all you do is pin sections in place to form a loose bun. Looks great with a flower too. You really need to follow the pattern of your curls as to where to pin your hair. Braids can also work well too for a wedding upstyle.

  20. Mary says

    I have a question on how to find a hair dresser that will cut with the curl. I have very curly hair and no one has ever been able to cut it very well. I get OK hair cuts but never anything great. Do you have any tips on how to find a hair dresser and how to tell them to cut your curls correctly???

  21. says

    Your curls are amazing! I have naturally curly hair too. I always straighten it. You have inspired me to try it curly again. I will have to try some of your tips. Thanks for sharing :-)

  22. Bea says

    I cant seem to find cute hair cuts that I can wear curly or straight. My hair is medium length right now and thin. Do you have any ideas??

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Bea, it’s tricky as it’s usually a different type of haircut for straight or curly hair. I find when my hair is cut for my curls, it looks too thin when I straighten it. And I get a really good blunt cut that suits straight hair, it’s too heavy for my curls. Talk to your hairdresser to find a happy medium for your hair depending on which way you wear it the most.

  23. Janet says

    My stylist convinced me to go curly with my last cut. I am still getting used to dealing with the curls vs. forcing my hair to dry straighter. It seems to be taking quite a bit of experimentation to get used to the curl.

    • Hair Romance says

      It definitely takes a little while to get used to it Janet. Maybe ask your hairdresser for some product advice and tips on how they recommend styling your hair.

  24. Alison says

    Oh please, please, please tell me where you go to get your hair cut? I’m a Sydney gal too, & I have been wondering how to find a hairdresser who knows curls!
    For years I was straightening it just because I just couldn’t handle the relaxed waves through to spiral ringlets & everything in between. So the cut never really worried me.
    I have a wonderful fiance who adores my curls, so much so that he’ll run his wet hands through my freshly ironed hair just to see it curl. He’s so naughty. So I’ve been leaving it natural & it seems to be getting curlier every day. I’ve had a couple of cuts that just didn’t seem to be right…..well I’m sure you know how that is.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Alison,

      I know exactly what you mean! I get my hair cut at Stevie English Hair too. Go see Elly, Zoe or James. Or book in for a cut with Rohan at Blow Dry Bar Bondi Beach. He’s my follicle oracle and is fantastic. He has curly hair too so he really gets it.

      My other advice is to wear your hair curly when you go in for your appointment. Resist the urge to straighten your hair or wear it up. Your stylist has never seen your hair before so you need to show them exactly what shape your curls are. Wear your hair out so they can really see the natural shape of your hair and can cut for your curl.

      Hope this helps!
      Christina x

          • Alison says

            I went & saw James this morning. He was great, although he & Elly be moving to the other salon soon. That’s ok though, I’ll see Zoe next time…& there will definitely be a next time! Such great value too, I’ve spent far more then that on the most disastrous cuts.
            James did such a nice job. It looks wonderful, no more triangle mess of frizz. But I think I’ll need to invest in a hair dryer & diffuser now in order to get anywhere near as good a job on my curls like he did, not that I’ll ever get it looking as nice as a professional does 😉
            Thank you so much.
            P.S. the lovely lady at the front desk said she would email you :)

          • Hair Romance says

            That’s great Alison! I keep meaning to write about how I use my diffuser so will have to do a video soon

  25. Sheree says

    Just found your site, i love your tips on here, i too have curly hair v similar to yours…mine is quite fine but there is a lot of it. I find it hard to get good curly products as they often weigh my hair down too much, it is silky & fine and not coarse so a lot of those products specifically designed for this hair type are not quite right. I need a v light product, is the moroccanoil for curly hair a heavy or light cream?
    Also do you have any suggestions for everyday quick hairstyles with curls (having a toddler who hates the hairdryer!), I never seem to have time to straighten anymore unless i visit the hairdresser. I find i pull it back in a pony tail but that can make it look a bit flat around the head then a bunch of curls.
    I have a had a quick look around your site…looks great 😉

    Any tips would be very welcome!
    BTW your hair looks v lovely, im going to try the squeeze out & not towel dry too much & also I need a hairdryer upgrade with a diffuser.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks so much Sheree! Moroccanoil does make a lighter oil but if your hair is fine maybe you just need a light leave in conditioner spray. Alternatively a mousse to add volume at the roots can help, and you don’t always need to blowdry your hair. Will definitely do some more curly styles soon x

  26. DJ says

    I have curly hair and decided to stay curly (no more straightening). Thank you for the tips. I would LOVE a video of you doing your hair curly. I’ve read books on curly hair, but I still feel like I am missing some steps. Mine doesn’t always look great and its frustrating.


  27. says

    I love my curly hair. My hair has always was slightly curly, Really thick and wavy,but when I was 14 my mom took me to the salon for a hair cut and I got like 4 inches cut off (it was about the length of yours afterwards.) and much to my surprise my hair was very curly!!
    For the first year or two I liked it,but I didn’t… until I knew how to take care of it properly,but when I knew how I fell in love with it. Grant it their are days I wish it were straight,but I still love it and its so me. I highly recommend the book ‘curly girl’…

    My hair is as curly as yours. I was surprised that you said you used shampoo. I only use it every 3 weeks to clean my scalp,cause it frizzs up my hair and is no fun.

    p.s. Samantha who was asking about curly hair updos for weddings, I did a post on my blog on a ver fun and cute hairstyle for a wedding…..

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Blythe, will have to check out that book and link. I use a lot of styling products (for the blog and for fun) and so I still use shampoo. I have gone off shampoo for a few months and it works but as I colour my hair I keep breaking the cycle so I find I still need to use it. At least sulphate free is better on my hair.

  28. says

    I love the fact that you embrace your natural hair :) many of us aren’t brave enough and it is truly beautiful. I myself to try stick to a no sulfate, no silicone routine. However, I notice you suggested sulfate free shampoo but then the use silicone laden products, do you not find you get build up? Everyone’s hair is different and you have to find what works best for you. I was just curious.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Amelia! Good point re silicon products. I should try and find alternatives but the ones I use are really great in my hair. I find my shampoo is still a good cleanser and I don’t get a lot of build up on my hair.

      • amelia says

        I might just have to try some of the products you use for your curls..*sigh* product junkie monster. Thanks for clearing up the silcone ‘issue’. Congratulations for being featured on :) I LOVE that site and it has really paved my way to understanding, loving and caring for my hair (I’ve been a memeber for 4- 5 yrs now!)

  29. Sierra says

    I love your curls! This is what I hope my hair will look like after a few months of following Curly Girl Method and my first curly haircut I’m hopefully getting in a few weeks. I have 2b/3a hair that is beige/ash blonde. How do you part your hair? Looks like a deep side part? My hair has been forming a weird center part that is going way too far down the back of my head for my liking. I need to put a quick end to this madness! Any tips?

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Sierra! I diffuse my curls with a hairdryer with my head upside down, then when I flip it back I look where it naturally falls then play with the part to get a bit more volume on top. If you change your part when your hair is wet it stays in place. Or you could give it a quick blast at the roots with your hairdryer.

  30. says

    I have been working with hair care for a while now, and I’ve learnt a lot about hair products and stuff and I’ve been using L’Oreal. What are your opinions on it because it’s not that expensive and gives a great result. Why not use this over the natural oils?

    Also, great article, keep up the hard work! :)

  31. Katelyn says

    I absolutely love this! I have naturally curly hair as well and am wondering how this would work with my hair since I usually shower at night. Any suggestions?

  32. says

    It took me years to understand and embrace my curls as well! Now that I know what products to use and how to style my hair I LOVE my curls!! I wish I had known this back when I was a teenager :)

  33. Erika says

    Thanks for the tips on how to do curly hair properly! I was wondering if there were any other tips you’d add for those with thin and fine hair? It’s really difficult to do curly when you have darker hair and it’s thin/fine.


    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Erika. With fine hair you don’t need as heavy a curl cream as it will weigh your hair down. Also, try styling powders. I wrote about them here – – they are great for adding root lift to fine hair (whether curly or straight). Unlike dry shampoos, they won’t leave any white residue and add more grit & texture to your hair. Try changing where your part sits to add more volume at the top too. Hope this helps x

  34. says

    Hi girlie, I love your hair! Question – What did you mean when you said ” Then one day The Follicle Oracle convinced me to cut my hair for the curl and it changed my life.” Was it a specific hair cut for curly hair? If so please explain I’d love to know. Thanks so much. :)
    APeelingThing recently posted..Shabby Chi Door Fram Pinned from PinterestMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi there! For my hair, it was a layered cut that was also thinned to take out some weight so my hair could spring up into curls. Layers work well with curls, especially if your hair is thick. Chat to your hairdresser about a cut that suits your natural curl. Christina x

  35. deb says

    thats what i do but i wash my hair every 2-3 days tho so my hair can keep moist. than instead of using a difuser, or any blow dryer at all i let it air dry you can get heat damage from those if you do plan on using one of those i suggest using a heat protectant i use organix shampoos and conditioners and for my curl creams i use herbal essences curl hold cream and tresseme lotion curl cream. i wash my hair at night and do a sock bun on my hair and the curls come out very nice just thought it might help.


  36. Tammy says

    I use to have long spiral curly hair. Over the years of coloring, straightening I have lost the “good curl” that use to be in my hair how do I get it back? Have been reading what you do and have figured out some great ideas. When I try to wear it curly its just not a “good curl” anymore. It will curl just not pretty, kinda frizzy. Your curls are beautiful and what I am striving for instead of all the work in straightening. Don’t have the time for all that work! Thank you for any insite you can give!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Tammy! Yes, I hope I can help! First I recommend getting a fresh hair cut. All that straightening can damage your hair and a fresh cut with some layers will revive your curls. Here are my tips for a great curly haircut. While you’re at the salon get them to give you a deep conditioning treatment too as your curls will need some moisture. It can take some time for your curls to remember the days before straightening, but the good news is they get better each time you wear your hair curly. You’ll need to experiment as to what products are best for your curls, and how to style them and this posts can help – How to style curly hair. Good luck! Christina x

  37. Jenna says

    Hi. I love your curls! My hair used to look like i just professionally curled it. My hair is very long, thick and curly. I like to grow it out and i got it cut about 4 inches about 4 months ago. Before i cut my hair it looked very pretty but now it is straighter and i hate it. They just look like waves. I have only straightened my hair twice before. Do you know why it has been doing this? I don’t use any products after i wash my hair and i don’t think i really need to start yet. Any tips, answers or advice would be very helpful! Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jenna, your hair is so long! It sounds beautiful. I’m not sure why your hair has changed. You could try some easy no-heat methods to curl your hair. Such as rolling your hair into a sock bun, or braiding it when your hair is slightly damp and letting it dry x

  38. Jenna says

    Also i don’t like to layer my hair because i braid it a lot and pieces just stick out everywhere. My hair reaches to about my butt.

  39. Jocelyn says

    Hi! Cute website! I have super curly, thick and long hair. I would love to wear it curly but it’s just out of control lol! Whenever I try to use a hair dryer my hair turns in a massive puff ball. Do you have any suggestions on how to use one to make my curls look better instead of worse? Thank you:)

  40. Kimi says

    I would love to know what exactly a haircut FOR curls would be. My hair is pretty close in texture but about 8 inches longer. I dont feel like my current cut is doing anything to assist my curls. Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kimi, here’s some tips for a great curly haircut which shows my cut in straight and curly hair so you can see the layers. This works for my curls, but chat to your hairdresser about customising a cut to suit the weight of your curls. Hope this helps, Christina x

  41. jackie says

    You have very similar hair to mine. I’m a recent convert to sulphate-free shampoo, and think it’s amazing and it’s transformed my hair. I also put oil in it and I also put leave-in conditioner all over after I’ve conditioned and rinsed. I use Keracare serum, whilst it’s wet and try to let it dry naturally, as I find blow-drying dries it out, and can make it frizzy if I’m not careful, even with a diffuser. Even if I do use a drier, I don’t dry it completely. I also started using a cream on my hair whilst it’s still damp (not soaking), “Bed Head” Foxy Curls Contour Cream. My hair is looking the best it ever has. I just wish I’d been using this regime years ago!

    Love to all us curly-haired people!

  42. Amanda says

    Hi! My hair is so thick and so curly, and is now down to my butt. Everyone always tells me never to cut it… but aren’t the curls more bouncy and weightless when it’s shorter? Is that what you mean when you say cutting your hair changed your life?

    Also, I haven’t blow dryed my hair since I was a teenager. Do diffusers really work better for curls than air drying?

    Lately I walk around with my hair up and hidden because it’s so hard to deal with… ahhhhhhh!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Amanda, I rarely have time for air drying so I use a diffuser but air drying is better for your hair. I like to diffuse a bit more at the roots for extra volume. My haircut really enhanced my curls by cutting out the weight from my hair. It sounds like your hair is amazing, you should wear it out more!

  43. Sandi Labine says

    Hi, I’ve just found your site & am inspired to now grow my hair again. I’m 59, so have been dealing with my curls for a very long time. My hair has been short for some time, but with all the helpful curly hair products, I may try to grow it out again. I love how you put your hair up….it reminds me of when I was young & wore my hair long & up a lot.

    I live in Toronto & still don’t know a good salon that can deal properly with curly hair. Any suggestions….maybe? Hair dressers all seem to want to use razors & thinning shears, which are my worst enemies. Just makes my hair more frizzy. My hair is fine & not just curly, but frizzy.

    Keep up your great work. Would it be possible to have a section for us older girls?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sandi, thanks so much for commenting! Thinning shears are the worst for curls! I don’t know any specific Toronto salons but I’ll do a shout out on Facebook and see if anyone can suggest a good cutter for you. What sort of posts would you like to see? I’d love to help if you have any hair questions :) Christina x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Liz, no I don’t have a video but that’s a good idea. I dry my hair upside down and then blast the roots to give them a bit more volume and direction.

  44. Maryn says

    I love your site! It’s a love/hate relationship for me and my curly hair and I have always been afraid to cut it too short because I am afraid of it looking like a mop. I am so sick of my long hair though and I am getting it cut this week, I will definitely be referring back to this site for hair tips! :)

  45. Lisa says

    I’m sure it is on your blog somewhere but can you link me to the “claw clips” you were talking about to lift your top roots? Love your hair! I now have curly hair but didn’t get it until later in life, my hairdresser thinks due to hormone changes, eh, I guess it happens. So, I’m still learning how to deal with my curls. Still trying different products, because, like you, I do not like crunchy hair. Btw, I love all the Moroccan oil curly hair products! Thank for the info.

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