Short Cut Saturday – Emma Watson

So often we think long hair is more feminine and attractive, but can short hair be sexier?

Bristish actress Emma Watson, from the Harry Potter series, was locked into a contract for almost a decade where she was not in control of the way she looked. She wasn’t allowed to cut or colour her hair or change her appearance in any way. Unlike most teenagers, she couldn’t experiment with her look. As soon as she finished the final film of the Harry Potter franchise she went  for the big chop. Perhaps influenced by another British icon, Twiggy, Emma took control of her look and chopped of her trademark unruly Hermione hair and became a person in her own right. And boy did she shine with her short hair



Apparently Emma’s hair is naturally quite coarse and wavy, so before she went for the big chop she had a keratin straightening treatment to help control her hair.

Personally, I love her short hair. I think she looks so much sexier than when she had long hair. Perhaps because she’s more in control and comfortable with the way she looks? There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

Do you think short hair is sexier than long hair? What hairstyle makes your feel your best?

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  1. La CheleB. says

    One day I told my husband that a I miss my long hair and his response was that he loves how short hair look on me, because my long hair use to hide my face and it make my look shy and now I look more confident. I agree with that. Short hair let people really see YOU

  2. Marypatrish says

    i LOVE short hair but am too scared to try it! I read recently Michelle Williams said the only people that like her short hair are her girlfriends and gay men. I envy Halle Berrys hair, she wouldn’t even need a comb!

    • Hair Romance says

      Nothing to be scared about, and the good thing about hair is that is grows back! I posted about Michelle a couple of weeks ago, there are more guys that like short hair than you think.

  3. says

    I think both can be beautiful, but Emma definitely looks fabulous with short hair ! I keep mine long, because I feel better with it this way (I’ve tried it short but I wasn’t feeling like it was…me) and because they’re not in control at all when they’re shorter so… long is the best for me ! But I sometimes dream of en short like Emma’s ! Confidence is being well in our skin, and hair whatever we prefer it (hope my English is understandable !)

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Jenn, I agree. Your hairstyle should reflect your personality and it’s about being comfortable on the inside and that shine’s through to the outside.

  4. says

    I love love love Emma Watson’s short hair, definitely looks more sexier and makes her look more confident.
    I have experimented with my hair for years and have had so many different hairstyles. I must say I love short hair better than long as I think it gives me a sophisticated look that I love. But I also like that with long hair you can style it more.
    At the moment I have really short hair and like it.

  5. says

    The short cut definitely looks amazing on her. I chopped a few months ago from obscenely long hair to shoulder-length lob, and I cried at the time, but now I can’t imagine anything else!

    • Hair Romance says

      There’s such an emotional connection to hair, isn’t there? But how much easier is shorter hair to manage, total timesaver.

  6. Stacy says

    I love short hair. I think short hair is sexy as well as clean. Emma Watson brings beauty to short hair styles. If my hair wasn’t as fine and frizzy as it is I would stay committed to the short look.

    • Hair Romance says

      It can be hard to go super short with really fine hair, but your stylist can help choose a cut with more weight to suit your hair.

  7. says

    Great article its funny how people like different styles of hair i like Emma with her long hair i dont like the short hair look she has here. I must say though she does look well with the short hair a very adult look for her since harry potter.

  8. Kathrin says

    I have short hair, and I love it! She’s so gorgeous with short hair, it makes her look smart, and sexy. I’m going in to the hairdressers today to get my hair cut again, and I’m modelling it on hers.

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