Short Cut Saturday – Who do you style your hair for?

I was reading an excerpt of an interview with the gorgeous Michelle Williams in UK Elle and she said that her daughter would like her to grow her hair but she said

“I’ve really grown into it – I feel like myself with short hair. And it’s been a really long time since I had long hair, five years.”

Michelle also says

“Of course, the only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends. Straight men across the board are not into this hair.”

The quote that got me thinking is

“I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it.”

It made me question, who do I style my hair for?

Growing up my dad loved long hair so I think I was influenced by him, but as I got older I “rebelled” and went crazy with my hair. I loved playing with my hair and did whatever I wanted. I’ve had so many styles and I love short hair.

It’s my experience that most straight men love long hair too. I met my husband when I had short pink & white hair and I think he prefers me with shorter hair, but I’m happy keeping my hair long (for now!). Mr Romance does have a strong dislike for heavy fringes but I love them.

Did you grow up thinking long hair was the only way? Do you style your hair for yourself or do you worry about what other people think?

Who do you style your hair for?

Elle cover image by Alexei Hay from fashiongonerougue

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  1. Mari says

    I've sported a pixie on several occasions and my husband will be the first to say that short hair on women (namely me) is his very favorite. I'm a year into growing mine out right now, but he likes it long too cause he likes to play with it. I think since meeting him I wear my hair more for him, but I feel fortunate that he likes my hair in many different styles , so I can experiment.

  2. laChele B. says

    I try again the pixie cut because my husband love short hair and I looove low maintenance hair, sometimes I miss my wavy long hair, I think is more feminine and with short hair I have to make an effort to not look like a boy so I really like your "short cut saturdays" I'd love to read more advices from you

  3. nicole says

    Very interesting topic. My husband loves long hair, so I've kept it long for last few years. Years ago, I rocked a short, angled bob, and I loved it. It just takes FOREVER to grow my hair, so now that it's this long, I'll keep it this way. I have a hair appointment tonight – excited for a (little) trim and fresh color. xo.

  4. Aimee says

    When I had a pixie cut, I would get so many compliments from women when I was out and about. I really makes your face the focus of your look, and I think it takes a lot of confidence to not have a security blanket of pretty longer hair. But yes, I'd guess that men like long hair better!

  5. The Mom @ Babes in Hairland says

    I can totally agree with Michelle about the short hair. I had so many guys ask me when I had "boy short" hair why I didn't have long hair. It made me really annoyed. I wasn't going to grow my hair out for a guy & made me almost more determined to keep it short until I found someone who liked me for my short hair. Eventually my sister- who was also my stylist, convinced me to start growing it a bit but I still only had it long enough for an A-line I and had that for years. I'm just now growing my hair out a bit just so I can try stuff on my hair as well as my girls for our blog. I grow my hair for me & no one else – despite my husband wishing I had long long hair!

  6. laughternthedark says

    My boyfriend of six years also loves short hair, so I wear it for him! I have to admit I love short boyish hair, that's unique and completely crazy. I recently cut my own hair for the first time and I think I'm hooked for life. It gives me complete control and I know I'll get better with practice. Which is fine with me since I'll probably have to cut it every two months or so.

  7. Anonymous says

    Since I was very young I wanted long hair, but as I had "problem hair", it never got past my shoulders and I couldn't bring myself to put any real effort into keeping it healthy. Since about three years ago I decided for myself that I want to at least try to get longer healthy hair and even though there have been some setbacks, I managed to go a couple of inches past my shoulder blades. My boyfriend of six years is strictly against back long hair, but it's my hair after all, so I try to let it grow a bit more (but yes, I accepted his veto to not let it grow longer than mid-back, which is quite likely to be impossible for me anyway). To sum it up, the general length of my hair is only decided by me and what I think suits me best. However when it comes to styling or just spicing up the everyday-look, I try to look my best for him and put more effort into making my hair look nice than I would otherwise do.
    – Christine

  8. Anonymous says

    For the longest time growing up I had long hair. Most of the girls in my area had long hair too, a few sported the dreaded 'bowl cut'. I hated the bowl cut so I never considered having short hair until I got older and saw different short cuts that were bold, beautiful, fierce everything I was not. I've had many short hair style I liked them but I'm not that bold. I'm growing my hair out now and I think it looks more beautiful (at least for now. I cut my hair to how I want to present myself.

  9. Jessica says

    Great question. I style my hair for me. It belongs to me so I style it for me. I had very long strawberry blond hair but cut it short this summer. All the male patients that I work with complain (of course) and can't imagine what my husband must think. I tell them not to worry about him, he loves it, but more importantly I love it. A lot of women I work with admire it, wish for it, but decide against it because their husbands insist that they keep long hair. I say, do what makes you happy. In my case it meant cutting off all that hair and shaving off the hour it would take to make it look pretty.

  10. msmadamemakeup says

    I style my hair for ME!! I think I've ad every olour and every style invented loo,usually when I get bored my air cops it! I love having a dramatic change, it's so much fun xx

  11. sherilee says

    That's a really great quote, about having a certain style in memory of someone… I have had super short hair and lots and lots of bobs–angled and longer–and then the last six/seven years, I've had it long. Oddly, my son is the one with the strongest opinions. I had really short hair when he was little, but he doesn't seem to remember that, he just likes my hair now and wants me to keep it long. Very funny, how strong his opinions are. My husband has known me through all the hair variations, and though he likes it best long, he'd be fine with whatever I did.

    For me, I feel more feminine with long hair. I used to cut it short and feel all pixie-ish and cute for about a week, and then I'd just feel like a boy. And, long hair is just as easy as short, it's all those inbetween lengths that are crazy work.

    I do love seeing your posts about short hair, though. I am sure I'll do it again in my life, just not sure when…

  12. corrom says

    I have tried various short styles which my husband LOVED, he much prefers short hair. But I never felt like me when I had short hair. When I was 29 my mother told me I was a ' bit old' for long hair but I turned 40 on thursday last and I am currently sporting a style that reaches about two inches below my shoulders. I also have a blast with trying out my 30 days of twist and pin. I choose to style my hair/dress for me.

  13. Hair Romance says

    Wow, thank you for all your amazing comments!

    Your thoughts on this post are so interesting and I've discovered some amazing new blogs today too! It's quite late so I have to go to sleep but I will be sure to visit all your blogs tomorrow xxx

  14. Blair Badge says

    This was a great topic! I had never really thought of "who" I styled my hair for. I've always thought it was me. I mean, subconsciously, I prefer to look at myself with longer locks. I feel more confident, sexy, and unstoppable. Lol. And now… My husband adores my wild mane. And I don't care how unhealthy it may be… I WON'T cut it. It's for us to enjoy 😉

    xoxo, Blair

  15. Hair Romance says

    @Blair Badge – Just checked out your blog and I love your hair and love your style too x

    @Fashionista622 – She looks gorgeous on the cover doesn't she? I believe hair should reflect your personality.

  16. Mallory Fielding says

    This is a great post. I have WAY too many clients who won't wear their hair the way they want for fear that their husbands won't like it. It just kills me. I really think we need to just feel good in the skin we are in. I do what I want to my hair and my husband appreciates my creativity.

  17. Hind Luby says

    I have worn a pixie and had my hair long. It is currently very long with a heavy fringe (which my husband doesn’t like either. He says I look like Dutch boy with fringe) In my experience, men who are academics tend to like women with short hair.

  18. Ron says

    Don’t wear long hair if you HATE it on yourself, but if it’s an issue that men MUST like and respect you with short hair, that’s silly. What’s wrong with wearing long hair that drives your guy insane? We love you for your personality, but the physical appearance catches the eye, even of someone you’ve known for years. That’s who we are, and no one can change that.

  19. Lauren says

    I’d love to try short hair, but I think it would turn out more “afro” than “Aphrodite” due to the curliness.

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