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How would you style your hair if you didn’t have an ear?

This was the question posed to me by a lovely reader, Rachel, who has microtia. Microtia is a condition characterised by an incomplete or underdeveloped ear. It literally comes from the words “micro” (small) and “otia” (ear). Rachel wanted to try some new styles that didn’t show off her left ear.

The first style that came to mind are side ponytails. These are great as you can sweep your hair to one side, covering your ear. This style is perfect if you have layers, as you can leave them loose over your ear too.

What a difference an accessory makes – try adding a big flower or bow to your side ponytail. It’s a great way to dress up a simple hairstyle.

Another variation is to do a low loose braid around the side. Pull out sections to really loosen it up and create this shape. Finish is a side ponytail or bun.

I asked Rachel how she felt about her right ear, and she said it was normal and she didn’t mind showing it. I had an idea that creating detail on the right side would distract from her left ear. These three pretty plaits are simply pinned at the back of your head and the ends are covered with a flower. Leave your hair out on the left, leaving all the focus on the right side.

I hope these ear hiding hairstyles help you Rachel, and anyone else who has microtia, or is concerned about showing your ears.

What features do you try and cover up?

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  1. says

    wow….i actually have microtia as well, and I am constantly trying to figure out ways to cover it up. Mostly I just end up straightening my hair and wearing it open cause it just falls over it and covers the ear, but sometimes I need a change, or I have a formal event to attend, and I can’t look the same as always. These are nice ideas, thank you!

  2. Paige says

    even i have microtia.But i have really long hair(below my waist) which i cannot bear to be this short(like in the pictures) and I have a strict school uniform code so all that i am able to do is a braid and loosen my hair from the left side.could You suggest me some hairstyle that i could have when in college?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Paige, any of these styles will work with long hair too. A side braid or side fishtail braid would also be an easy style for every day :)

  3. alejandro says

    Im an 18 years old (im a guy btw) studend and i have microtia aswell. I started college recently and i’ve been letting my hair grow to hide my ears, usually combined with a beanie just to make sure nobody will see it. Its been 4 months now and no one has seen it yet but im still worried about it. Any ideas for guys?

    also, my hair is really messy right now because i havent got a haircut in 6 months and its curly-ish (currently i use a straightener just to keep it in order), now it does cover my ears but i want to give it a nice look but im afraid theyll cut too much and leave my ears at sight. My face is round, do you have any suggestions?

    PS: sorry for the bad english, im from méxico and its not my first language
    PS2: thank you so much for writing this article. Aside from plastic surgeons and parents of kids with the condition nobody really thinks or care about us

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for commenting Alejandro! Good luck with college and hope all is going well. I think growing your hair will help if you want to cover your ear. There are lots of different hats too if you feel more comfortable with a cover up. When you go to the hairdresser, don’t be embarrassed. Be really clear about how long you like your hair to be. There are lots of style options for a round face. Keeping longer layers or hair around your face is flattering for a round face. Make sure your stylist is clear on how you like to wear your hair and they can suggest styles to suit you. Good luck x

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