Short Cut Saturday – Yasmin Sewell

Yasmin Sewell – Hair idol to curly girls.

Not only is Yasmin a style icon, she also has idol worthy hair. The secret to her hair is working with her natural curl. Rather than fighting her curls and trying to straighten them into submission, she’s embraced a style that works with her hair. It doesn’t require constant styling and so she looks effortless.

This is the miracle of a good haircut.

It can be difficult to find the magic hairstyle that works for your hair. Often the hard part is accepting what your hair naturally does and being happy with it. When you love your hair it loves you back.

If you’re looking for advice on how to navigate the salon, see Hair Romance Salon Advice Series, and if you have a good stylist – share the love in the comments!

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  1. maria says

    I have issues my hair is neither curly or straight and makes for very difficulty styling. I recently had my long hair (mid back) cut to short midway between the jaw and top of shoulder. Any suggestions as to styling?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Maria, I think you’re being hard on your hair! It sounds like it has a natural wave. The great thing about wavy hair is that is can be curled or straightened or left as it is! Try a sea salt spray like O&M Surf bomb to really bring our the wave. Or use a curl cream like evo liquid rollers to tame and shape your hair. Or at that length you can twist & pin it into easy updos. Have fun with your hair! Cx

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Tom! LOVE this shoot, thanks for the link as I hadn’t seen all the images. It’s one of my all time favourites.

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