Valentine’s Day Hairstyles – Sweetheart Braid

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mr Hair Romance and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is 15th September and we like to celebrate mini-versaries every month on the 15th. We’ll be avoiding all the bad set menus and awkward tables for two and going out on the next night.

Last year I wrote about some Valentine’s hairstyles and after watching Reagan aka Hairdresser on Fire and her super cute video tutorial I had to try her Sweetheart braid. This is such a sweet hairstyle and the full tutorial is over on the Hairdresser on Fire blog. Her video tutorial will make you smile even if you hate Valentine’s Day.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? How will you be wearing your hair?

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  1. says

    Christina! It looks beautiful on you! Thank you so much for kindly linking to me and mentioning my little video.

    What a good idea to do monthaversaries. Jake and I do a halfaversary when we remember to, but I think we’ve forgotten the last couple!

    Ciao beautiful!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kelli! They’re mini lanterns that I attached to a canvas in a heart shape. I love when they’re on at night.

  2. says

    That’s adorable! I’m celebrating the next day with some friends, so I’ll be spending this evening baking up some treats for us to all enjoy.

  3. Kim-Marie says

    Love it – that is adorable!

    Our dating anniversary is actually 12 Feb (although our first “official date” is 14 Feb) so we too avoid the fake bonhomie and hideous set menus (I have food allergies and a set menu never works for me!) of V Day.

    We now pay an extra $100 just to leave the house as we have to pay for babysitters, so what we do is every two or three months, we get dressed up and go to a really nice restaurant. This works well for us. The other Saturday nights, we have early dinners with Boyo at the pub, or BBQ with friends, or have romantic dinners at home. All good! X

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kim-Marie! I hate set menus too, and being surrounded by all those awkward tables for two! Love that you make time to go out together.

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