Vintage short hair idols

Short hair is a huge trend for 2012, but we all know fashion moves in circles. When looking at current actresses for hairspiration I found myself stumbling across vintage photos that were even more inspiring.

I have been obsessed with Pinterest again lately, and have started a new board for Short Cut Saturday.


Pinterest is an image bookmarking and sharing site. If, like me, you had folders on your desktop filed with inspirational images you found on the web, you will love Pinterest. The problem with folders is that I could never remember where the images were from, or find a specific image when I was looking for it. Pinterest allows you to create virtual pinboards of images with links back to where you found the image. It will also make you lose vast windows of time browsing, so don’t blame me if you get addicted too.  Anyway, I digress.

Looking for some short hairstyle ideas? Look to the past.

1920s Hair Idols: Louise Brooks & Clara Bow


1950s Hair Idols: Grace Kelly & Elizabeth Taylor


1960s Hair Idols: Twiggy & Natalie Wood & Jean Seberg


I think Jean Seberg deserves an entire post about her hair as she had some fabulous styles. Has anyone seen the movie Daphne Guinness made about Jean’s life? I’m going to watch it today.

Who is you favourite hair idol from the past?

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  1. Catie Simpson says

    Wow thank you so much for posting this!! It popped into my Facebook feed right before my hair appointment today and I KNEW I wanted to go short but seeing Carey Mulligan’s hair gave me inspiration! I have the photo on my phone and am showing it to my hair dresser…wish me luck, and THANK YOU <3

  2. Susan says

    ‘Breathless’ is one of my favorite movies, so naturally I had the Jean Seberg cut. I had it for two years and loved it so much. The only drawback is the up keep. I would go back to it in an instant if I had the cash flow to support haircuts every six weeks. But this post has me thinking about going back.

    • Hair Romance says

      So true Susan, you notice every centimetre your hair grows when it’s that short and it does need regular cuts. But think of all the time you save styling it…

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