Should I cut my hair in a pixie cut?

How do you know if you’ll like your hair a pixie cut? Larita wrote to Hair Romance with a question I think a few of you might be asking:

I’m so bored of ponytails! I’ve been drawn to pixie cuts for a couple years now, but never had the courage to seriously consider it. However, I recently watched the movie “One Day” and completely fell in love with Anne Hathaway’s short cut.

My hairdresser and a few close friends say “go for it!” but I’m still scared. I’ve looked up styling tips, pros and cons, anything somebody has to say about having this hair cut, but still can’t make up my mind.

How do you finally decide to go for the big chop?

Here’s the hairstyle that has Larita considering short hair:

There’s such an emotional connection to our hair and it can be a huge decision to decide to cut it all off. You have to make the final call on what you feel comfortable with but I thought I’d add my pros and cons list to see if it changes your mind.

Should you get a pixie cut?


  • Easy to style – You hardly need to comb your hair
  • Quick – less time on your hair means more time for everything else
  • Stylish – there’s something so polished and effortlessly chic about a short style
  • Fun – you can play around with colour without worrying about damaging all your hair
  • Hair grows back – if you don’t like it, don’t worry as it will grow back


  • Always looks the same (though depending on the cut this isn’t necessarily true)
  • It won’t suit my face (there are short styles to suit every face)
  • It will take ages to grow back (true, it won’t happen overnight but it will happen)

Can you tell I’m a little biased towards going for the big chop?

Here are some of my favourite short hair cuts that might inspire your next hairstyle and check out my Short Cut Saturday Pinterest board for more hairspiration.

One of my haircut mistakes was worrying about going pixie short. I resisted going for the super short cut for a long time and instead I kept it in this weird not quite a bob / not quite short / no-mans land hairstyle. My hairstyle (if you could call it that) didn’t do anything for me and still took a bit of time to style with my curly hair. Once I went short short I couldn’t believe how great it was. It was so easy to style, I always felt chic and I started changing up my style too. I wore brighter lipsticks, bigger earrings and had more fun with my look.

There’s nowhere to hide with short hair but then you realise there’s no reason to hide.

In the end you have to make the call but the good news is hair grows back! It’s important to get some opinions and if your friends and hairdresser say go for it (and you trust their style) I’d say go for it too.

Please let us know what you decide to do Larita!

How did you decide to cut your hair and what advice would you give to those considering their first short haircut?

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    • Hair Romance says

      I’d love to! But I’m planning another hair challenge at the moment where I need a little more hair so it’s still long…for now…

  1. says

    I’ve had the pixie cut and I LOVED IT!! The only thing to consider is if you have a strong hair pattern near your fringe .. in my case a very strong cow lick which meant that the front could not be styled any way but up!! But I rocked that look, I’ve now grown it completely out but ohhhh I miss those days.
    Cathie of Cathie Heart Photography recently posted..Berkshire Wedding: Naomi & Robert – I got to shoot with a fantastic photographer I met earlier in the year and LOVED this weddingMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Cathie. That’s a great point about looking for cowlicks, and you should discuss your hair type with your hairdresser too

  2. Anne says

    I chopped my hair off awhile ago in the wake of a disastrous couple of years. I thought, I’m sick of this Me. I want a new Me. ASAP. From who I was, to what my hair was doing…

    Just do it. Hair grows.

    If you’ve been thinking about it for this long, I think the chances are really high that you’re going to love it. It’s a shock at first, but then suddenly, you can finally see your own face, the jaw line, the eyes… Everything pops! Your features stand on their own, and that is lovely. It projects confidence.

    I’ve now been growing my hair out for a year. You get to go through so many different styles as it grows back, if you choose to let it. That part is fun!

    I hope you give it a try. Did I convince you?

  3. Avalon says

    Go for it!

    I always had long hair growing up and when I was in high school the pixie cut was making the rounds. I took the risk and was so happy with the results. It really suited my face and I received compliments all the time. In the following years my short hair ranged from VERY short (a few inches), to the style in One Day, to wacky asymmetrical experimental stuff from the Vidal Sassoon Academy. I even had friends cutting it for a while, and was always experimenting with color (it grows out so fast…who cares?!). Two years ago I was rocking a short bob, and decided to grow it out proper. There were horrible phases involving lots of headbands and pins, and lots of conversations with myself about just cutting it, but it’s just a phase, and with perseverance and lots of hair tips, my hair is a few inches past my shoulders. This is a pretty wordy way of saying pixie cuts are so fun, you can do so much, and growing it back if you absolutely hate it isn’t the end of the world.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for your comment Cindy. I completely disagree with the opinions on that link but I’m going to leave it up there anyway. Beauty is what’s on the inside. Hair Romance is about having fun with your best accessory – your hair – and creating easy hairstyles that leave more time in your day for the things you want to do. Hair grows back so I believe you should have fun with it and do what you like.

      • Roo says

        Ha ha, is that link and that comment for real? Any husband who can’t see past your hair is no husband at all. If you want to cut it – cut it

          • says

            Oh. My. Gosh. The link on that is just repulsive, totally biased, and untrue. I cut my hair from long to short a while back, and it is VERY short now. Not only is short hair amazing, but I have personally been told by multiple guys that I look much better with short hair. The world needs to ditch the idea that beauty is long blonde hair and mini skirts! I love my new cut so much that I created a blog about it.
            I can’t explain how disgusting that link is. Please leave it up for our amusement

          • Hair Romance says

            Hi Hailey, I completely agree with you. At first I was thinking of deleting that link but I loved the conversation it started and the number of examples to disprove it. There’s never one way for beauty and I love that you’ve embraced your short hair. Christina x

      • Lauren says

        Wow, that is weird! For what it’s worth, my husband prefers me with short hair. In fact, last time I got it cut (a short bob) he told me it wasn’t short enough and often pesters me to get a pixie cut. This is in stark contrast to what he usually prefers…when I met him, he liked long hair. But I changed his mind 😉
        Actually, looking back, my hair has varied between super short and super long, and I have always attracted more attention with short hair. Maybe it’s just because it encourages me to be more confident, or because I prefer it short it makes me happier or something, but whatever the reason, that’s the result.
        Some women just do suit shorter hair better, and some suit longer hair better. The world would be pretty boring if we all looked the same!

        • Hair Romance says

          Thanks Lauren, my husband loved my hair short too. Sometimes a style just suits your personality better x

    • says

      That blog post stinks of misogyny.
      Why should we style our hair to what (allegedly) “most men” prefer? It’s my hair, I will cut it if I want to. I’ll grow it out if I want to. Why would anyone care if some random secretly likes them..
      Kat recently posted..Sightseeing in Barcelona – Day 2My Profile

    • says

      I can appreciate my husband’s opinion, but in the end, it is my hair. He doesn’t ask me before he shaves his beard or grows it out. We have a marriage where we respect each other’s choices. If I cut my hair off, big deal. If he decided to grow his hair out, I’d get used to it. It’s not like it changes *who* we are. It’s not a hill to die on. My husband thinks that blog link is ridiculous. If men really love long hair, they can grow their own hair long. :)
      Taylor recently posted..Homemade Cloth Diaper Laundry DetergentMy Profile

      • says

        Wow, what a sad and awful link that was! I agree with Taylor–I took my husband’s thoughts on short hair into consideration, but in the end, it was my hair and my choice. I don’t pick his hairstyles and he doesn’t pick mine. I cut my hair into a pixie cut about 2 years ago and LOVED it! (And, surprise, my husband loved it, too–he thought it was sexy and gorgeous, but he was also just happy that I was happy! THAT’S a marriage . . . a man who supports you in trying something that makes you happy rather than demanding you stay exactly the same over time!) I think it’s such a fun, easy style and it was such an exciting thing to try. I had always had longish hair (at least past my chin, usually much longer), and I had always wanted to try a pixie. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, partly because I loved how it looked on me, but partly because it was a big, brave move for me to make and it gave me so much more confidence to try other new things! The person who asked this question should definitely go for it!

  4. SmittenHair says

    Crops are great fun, cute and hot at the same time. Keep in mind you are looking at a 4 week cut now which some people find hard to commit to…but look at it this way, if it saves you 20 minutes a day in styling the 1 hour time investment to get it cut each month is well worth it. Make sure you go to the right stylist though. My best advice is to look around for people with crops that you like. Be brave and ask them where they get it cut (believe me, it will be a compliment for them). Several of them will more than likely say the same place if it’s a style you like and hey presto there is the salon you need to see. Good luck.

    • Hair Romance says

      Great advice! Very true to keep in mind maintenance cuts, but I agree the time saved each day makes up for it.

  5. says

    I chopped all of my hair off a few years back and loved it. I kept it “pixie-short” for about 3 years. Last year I finally started getting a little bored and decided to grow it out; it only took a year to get to my shoulders (not that bad!). Yes it is a pain in the “in between” stage, but it wasn’t horrible. Now that my hair is growing, I am already contemplating going back! hahah I guess I will never be satisified :) PS, I met my husband when I had short hair (10 years ago) so he actually prefers me with shorter cuts…I guess I am lucky (?!).
    Maribeth recently posted..Color Club "Wild And Willing" over OPI "Black Onyx" Nail Polish PicturesMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      I met my husband with short hair too! He loved it as I took less than half the time to get ready than I do with long hair now haha

  6. Nadine says

    I think everyone should cut their hair really short at least once, just to see what it’s like. It totally grows back! That said, I struggled with mine because I have numerous crazy cowlicks at the nape of my neck, and I could never get that area to work. Plus, all the top of my hair is determined to grow forward over my face, and I could never figure out an easy way to prevent that ‘heavy’ look. I wore a lot of headbands! With long hair, I always have a huge fringe because that’s the way it grows.

  7. says

    I had my hair in a very short cut with longer pieces on the side and bangs. I LOVED it!! It was so easy to style, and I always felt chic and cool even on the days I didn’t have a lot of time to put together a great outfit or put makeup on. There are definitely days I miss it!! I say go for it. It only took about a year to grow it back out to almost shoulder-level, so you can still be versatile.
    Becky recently posted..NOTD – Unicorn DustMy Profile

  8. robin says

    Crazy! I am reading this post hours after I got my pixie cut. I ususally go from long to short but stick with the short bob. I have to say I couldn’t be happier that I went super short and not because I am crazy in love with it yet but it’s different and I tried it. And at 43 that makes me glad I tried something new. Yay! me and short hair.

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s fantastic Robin! Like Nadine said, you’ve got to go short at least once! Glad you love it x

  9. Jen says

    Hi, I’ve always been scared to just go get my hair chopped off, i mean i know it grows back, but mine grows really slow (unless it’s cut short, weird) anyways, i was playing around with this website the other day, you can upload your own picture (a face shot with your hair pulled back) and “try on” different types of hairstyles to see how they’d look. LOL, i had quite a bit of fun with Katy Perry’s pink hair, and Snooki’s big Poof :-) they also have very short pixie cuts, like Emma Watson and several of Michelle Williams’ styles. I just wish I had big eyes or more feminine facial features to be able to pull off the short pixie cut, my face is just too androgynous and i worry i’d look too much like a guy with the curves of a girl :-)
    anyways, try out this site, have a little fun

    • Hair Romance says

      Great idea Jen! “Trying on” other styles like that is a fab way to help you decide on a new hairstyle.

    • Hair Romance says

      It totally depends on your type of curl, thickness of your hair and your curl growth patterns. My hair is curly and I had a short pixie, but if you have really fine or really thick hair it may not work. If you’re interested in short hair, find an experienced hairdresser and have a chat about what would suit you and your hair. If your hair is long now, I recommend going for a few shorter cuts to build up to a pixie – that way you get used to short hair and you get an idea if it will suit your hair.

    • Hair Romance says

      Sure, but I have to dig some out. I don’t have many photos of my short hair and I look so different. I’ll do a little “hair history” of my short hair for next Saturday.

  10. says

    I’ve been drawn to pixies for a long time, but I’m scared that I’ll look manly and/or fat. I have a round face, I’m not a very girly girl with clothes. I have a friend that went pixie short, but she’s really stylish with her clothes, wears a lot of makeup, and is into jewelry. That’s not really me. (I wear makeup, but not a TON!) So those are my concerns.

    I’ll have to try that website above and try on some other hairstyles. I’ve done something like that in the past, but it never worked that well.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kari, I always say hair should suit your lifestyle and reflect your personality. If you don’t think it’s you then I wouldn’t go for it x

  11. Yvonne says

    I love pixie cuts and have gone the very short chop 3 times in my life, and received many compliments for it. However, I have come to the realisation that these are the of cons of short hair (for me):
    – I have coarse hair and the cuts never looked as good on me as on those with softer hair;
    – Pony-tail length hair is actually less maintenance as I used to have to wash short hair everyday due to using styling product;
    – Having gained a bit of weight, I feel that a having bit of hair balances out the body better.

    Still, I would always urge anyone to try a pixie cut at least once. I would love to go short again in the future. It’s very liberating and much more interesting than long hair.

    • Hair Romance says

      I always say the bigger the hair the smaller the hips 😉 I love that you’ve gone the chop 3 times Yvonne, sounds like you love changing up your hair

  12. Catie says

    I think the deciding factor for me in going pixie-short was the time I left the hairdresser thinking I was going in for The Big Chop and leaving with just a slight trim. I was so pissed at myself that I realized I really, really WANTED the pixie, I was just scared and really, there are so many very real, very scary things in life to be afraid of, why allow one of them to be a haircut? So I did it two weeks later and I LOVE it.

    Oh, and for the record, my husband also loves it. He says he loves being able to see my neck all the time.

  13. Michelle says

    I’ve had short hair for about 7 years: it’s cute as well as a little edgy. It’s fun because you can dye it, style it, wear super-cute headbands and bows and it really takes no time at all to style it. The one down side is that you seriously do have to get it cut every 4-6 weeks, which can be a big money investment (depending on where you get your hair cut.) As a college student, it was just too big of a commitment for me, so I’ve started growing my hair out (been doing it about a year) but there’s a secret part of me that reaaaally wants to go back to my short hair.

  14. says

    There is definitely no denying that those hair styles pictures are gorgeous!! I have toyed with the idea on several occassions but my mind always goes back to don’t do it!! Thats, probably because I’ve always had relatively long hair :) If you are brave enough and really want the change then go for it is what I say! Like people have said – it will always grow back. x

  15. says

    I don’t love super short hair, but for what it’s worth, when I was in college I cut my hair super short and got a ton of compliments from my male classmates and coworkers. Guys I barely knew came over and told me I looked wonderful.

    In retrospect I hate that haircut. I don’t look lovely at all in the photos I have from that time. But it worked for me then and I felt super confident, especially after all the male attention.

  16. Mary says

    I just got my hair cut in a pixie for the first time (I had had it in a short bob before but had grown it out) and I am loving it! I’ve always wanted to try a style like Audrey Hepburn’s or Carey Mulligan’s but would just tell myself I would wait until I was ‘brave’ or ‘confident’ enough to chop my hair off, but then I realized I was never going to actually think I was daring enough, so I just went for it and had my friend cut my hair, partially spurred on by this post. It’s been so wonderful! I’ve gotten so many compliments and truly feel more confident without my hair to hide behind. It’s really freeing. =)
    Here’s my hair before:
    And after:

  17. Tara says

    I am thinking about cutting my hair short. My hair is curly and when it is long the curls are really loose (they only go curly half way down). When my hair is short the curls are tight. I love the tight curls but I also love the long hair. My sister says to cut it but others say to keep it long. I have to have my hair tied up for school only if it is longer that my shoulders. If I get it cut I would get a bob and put moose in it and let it do what it wants. It really is a big decision for me as when it is short it is really hard to tie up. I can get sick of hair being out after a few hours so this is a hard decision. If anyone with curly hair can give me an opinion I would value that opinion. Also I don’t have a regular hair dresser to go to so I can’t get an opinion from them. Thank you!!!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Tara, it’s a tricky one with curly hair as some short hairstyles can be difficult to style with curls. I’m not sure how short you’ve had your hair before so I’d suggest going for a length somewhere in between to see if you like shorter hair before going for a really short cut. If you are sure I think the curly cut from this post – – is a great short curly bob and you could style it with clips and headbands for school to keep it out of the way. Not sure where you are in Sydney, but James at Stevie English in Bondi Junction is fab at curly hair cuts and is worth the trip. Hope this helps! Christina x

  18. Haley says

    I am SERIOUSLY thinking about getting my hair done like Anne Hathaway’s as seen above, I’m just SO scared. I mean, I have a pretty long face, and a bit of a square jaw, so I reaaally don’t know if it will suit me…But I want it so badly LOL I hate my long hair, all it does is sit in a pony tail, so it’s kinda like having short hair anyways you know? It also doesnt help that I have thick and pretty frizzy hair too, but I feel like it will be that much more manageable is it’s quite short (wont take as long to dry, more easily styled) I guess I’ll find out Tuesday…

    • Hair Romance says

      I’d go to a trusted hairdresser and take their advice. They’ll be able to customise the cut you like to suit you. Have fun!

      • Haley says

        I did it! I looove my hair short like this, and it really isn’t that hard to deal with too! I’m so glad that I went through wit it, and your blog was such a help in the decision 😀 It’s not exactly like the picture above, but he cut it in a way that totally flatters my face shape.

        Anyone who’s considering getting your hair done short, dooooo it. It’s so worth it.

  19. says

    I am also considering the pixie style but have thick curly hair and a lot of people have said it is not a good idea. Now I am so confused!!! My hairdresser said I would have to cut my hair really really short (spiky) but scared my hair will then be unmanageable. Yes it will grow back. HELP!!

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s up to you Petricia. If you want to do it, book another consultation with your hairdresser a week before your appointment. Bring in pictures of what you like ( and don’t like ) and talk about it with your hairdresser. Do this a week before your appointment so you have time to decide.

  20. willajean pratley says

    hi my name is willa and my friend had breast cancer and i was sad for her .she shave her head but then her hair grew back now it is a pixie cut and would like to honer her by cutting my hair like a pixie but iam scared to do it so please coment

    • Hair Romance says

      Cutting your hair to match your friend would be a great gesture of support but if you’re not comfortable cutting your hair you don’t have to. Short hair can be a lot of fun and it grows back so there’s nothing to be scared about. Focus on being there for your friend, I’m sure she doesn’t care what your hair looks like.

  21. Amy says

    I’ve always had long hair. Always. About a year ago I thought about a pixie. The thought didn’t leave my mind for more than a day. Finally, one day I did it. The hair dresser I went to refused to do it, so I went to another who would. At that point it was a bad haircut so I went to another hair dresser who already had a short head on me and did it shorter with a style. Today, I love it. I am torn with keeping it like this or growing it out. Guys hit on me a lot less and many think I’m a lesbian. Not that I care how others view me, but it doesn’t stop pre-conceived judgements in my everyday life. I like it, the world doesn’t. My dilemma.

  22. Becky says

    Good Lord I’m so offended by some of the comments posted on the various links attached to this page! I’m happy to see all the ladies who are perfectly in love with the pixie!

    I’m 22 and I had long hair (and at the shortest, bobbed hair) my entire life. At my husband’s prompting, I recently cut it off to my ears, then feeling so freed by the low-maintenance nature of short hair, I went with a pixie. My husband LOVES it. I think it itches some kind of part of him that wants to break the bonds of his engineering desk to be a little counter-culture :)

    I’ve found myself wearing earrings and skirts more often to offset the supposed masculinity of the cut, and I feel more feminine than ever.
    Truthfully, though, I don’t give a flying flip which negative stereotype society chooses to impose on me. My hair feels and looks so much healthier now that I’m not spending time every day trying to strangle it into submission.

  23. Jessica Lynn says

    I have LONG hair, down to my butt (almost). It’s SOOO thick and light blonde. Not to be cocky, but my hair is effing beautiful.. but .. I’m a sophomore in High School it’s a new school. We have school uniforms here and I’ve wanted to get a pixie cut for a year now and I finally have the courage… but I think I’ll look kind of funny with my pixie cut, wearing khakis and polos everyday……… Should I do it?

    • Hair Romance says

      From the sound of your hair I’d say don’t cut it, but it’s up to you. Hair grows back after all! A pixie cut will change the way you look, feel and dress so talk to your hairdresser and think about it before making your an appointment for the big chop. If you want to cut your hair you could donate it to Beautiful lengths or Locks of Love.

  24. Prsvere says

    I had a pixie cut a year ago and kinda like it. It was a “short all over” pixie cut. I’ve grown my hair out, since then, to a little past my shoulders. All I do is put it in a ponytail, which I’m so tired of, because I feel like it looks terrible any other way; curly or straight. Since my hair is fine, thin and wavy/curly, I’m debating on going pixie again, but this time leave it longer on top like the Ann Hathaway cut, with shorter sides. I’m very apprehensive about this, but really tired of doing a ponytail. My hairstylist thinks I can pull it off and some friends love it, some hate it. Any advice?

    • Hair Romance says

      It sounds like you’ve decided to go for the cut but a couple of friends have put you off. Do you trust their advice over others friends? The great things with hair is that is grows back (and there’s tips on how to grow out a pixie cut here) If you’re bored with your hair you need a change, either with some new styles or a cut. Good luck x

  25. Mary says

    I have been considering a pixie for a long time. I’m absolutely in love with the cut, but I’m scared it won’t look that way on me. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, and my mother says that it will turn into an afro if cut too short.(Her parents made her chop off her naturally curly hair when she was a kid. It looked terrible) Some hairstylists say I can pull it off, while others look at me like I’m crazy when I mention the cut. I have a really busy lifestyle, and my hair just seems to get it the way. I really want a pixie cut, but I’m afraid it will look weird on me.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mary, I have curly hair so I understand your concerns. I can’t decide for you, but I’d ask your most trusted friends and hairdresser and then decide. Or consider going shorter in stages, that way you can see how your hair looks and if you decide against it you won’t have to wait as long for your hair to grow back. Good luck x

  26. Caitlin says

    I have been considering getting a pixie cut. I’m only 15, and throughout my life I have both long long hair and short bobs. I have very fine, thin, and light brown hair. Every time I’ve cut my hair into a bob I’ve regretted it. Bear in mind that the short hair nevere had any layers, or an a-line haircut. So it was pretty boring. I have a roundish, squarish face, and I’m quite petite. Im starting to seriously consider getting the pixie cut. I love the style, much more than bobs. I just don’t thi I’m going to be able to commit. What should I do?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Caitlin, it’s a big commitment and if you hate it you’ll have to go through a long phase to grow it back through that bob haircut to long again. But if you love the style, I’d look for a good hairdresser and get their opinion too. If you don’t have a good hairdresser, look for someone with awesome short hair and ask who cuts their hair. Go to that salon for a free consultation and get their advice. Good luck!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Falu, both are great haircuts and can suit a round face, but with some customisation. A few layers framing your face, or a side swept fringe will balance out your features x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ro, pixies can suit all ages, and it depends more on your jawline and face shape than your body shape. Otherwise a short cut with face framing layers is always flattering.

  27. Debbie says

    I have just come across this website and have been really fascinated by all the posts on this page. I wonder if Larita did decide to have a pixie cut after all and, if so, whether she likes it ? I took the plunge and had a very short pixie cut eight years ago and it completely changed my life. I would love to share my story with you. When I married ten years ago, my hair was long, down my back, but I became increasingly bored with it and seriously considered having it very short to see what it looked like and to see if I liked it. I asked my husband for his advice and he encouraged me to go for it and he likes me to try something new. I still had my doubts but I continued to be tired of my long hair and wanted to try it very short. Then eight years ago, my husband got a new job with promotion which meant we had to move to a new city. We discussed my hair and agreed that this would be the excuse I needed, a new place to live and a new circle of friends and acquaintances, to be bold and have the very short haircut I had wanted for a couple of years. We had a long consultation at the up market salon we had chosen in our new city and then the stylist weaved my long hair into a plait and allowed my husband to cut it off with the scissors. This enabled him to be part of the transformation and meant there was no going back ! I then received a very short pixie cut – cut round my ears so both were completely visible and very short neat lengths on the top. Immediately, my husband said he liked it and I had to agree it seemed to suit me. I had worn my long hair in ponytails and buns for a few weeks before having ‘the chop’ so I had some idea what I would look like with very short hair. Since this time, I have kept my hair the same very short length having it cut about every four weeks and have never been tempted to want it longer.
    My parents had my ears pierced as a baby (a continuing tradition for all little girls born into our family) which was great because I grew up getting used to wearing a little gold earring in each ear. However, it meant I did not have the experience of having my ears pierced in childhood like most of my friends did. One of my friends with whom I worked had double pierced ears and immediately after having my hair cut short, I decided, with my husbands support, to have a second earring put in each ear, a little gold stud a little higher up on each lobe from the hoops or dangly earrings I usually wear.
    As you have noted above, having very short altered my personality completely. Because there was no hair to hide behind, I realised there was no reason to hide. I became more confident, outgoing, extrovert and self assured – exactly how Anne, Melody and Becky have written above. I agree totally with Kari and Becky that I really wanted to become more feminie and girly right from the start than I was before – more stylish and fashionable dresses and skirts rather than trousers, brighter make up including nail varnish, higher heels etc. and my husband loved this new image I adopted.He noticed that a girl at work had had her cartilage pierced and asked me to do the same which I did ! In return he agreed to have his hair in a buzzcut which he did and has kept the buzzcut in different lengths including going as short as a number one guard all over on occasion.
    I still managed to maintain a more trendy fashionable image when expecting our two daughters and since our younger daughter was born three years ago have tended to have my bare feet in sandals with very narrow straps for a longer period of the year including when it is quite cold. I must confess to enjoying dressing up our two little girls more than I really should (and not just through their earrings) but they are both really girly girls and like being dessed up smart.
    In conclusion, I think a very short pixie cut suits some women and not others. I think if you do go for it, you need to be prepared to make your appearance more fashionable as I did or you may be thought of as very masculine. Having very short hair can be very feminine but you have to work at the rest of your appearance. If you are not prepared to do this, I think you are better keeping your hair long. Whatever you decide, I also think you need to keep your partner on board. I am so glad I took the plunge and went super short when I did but this does not mean it is right for everybody.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Debbie, I’m not sure if she decided to try a pixie but I would love to find out. I love your story and how your husband was involved in the big chop. It’s also a great idea to wear buns in the lead up to the cut to get used to having all your hair off your face. I think I’m going to blog that tip as it’s a great test for women who aren’t sure about whether they will like short hair. Thanks so much for sharing your story x

  28. Rebeca says

    Hey! When I was a kid, I used to have pretty, loose curly hair, and when I was 5 my mother got me a pixie cut that looked really cute. The problem was when I started growing and my mother used gel and spray everyday to make me a ponytail for school, causing a lot of damage to my hair. Now I’m 18 and I have frizzy curly hair, very long because I thought that would make my hair to get loose but the problem are not the curls, is the frizz. I really want a pixie cut since a year or 2; my face is oval and I think I have the right face features to do it, but it scares me that it could get really frizzy and afro. I’m going to start searching for a hairstyler this week, any advice? Should I try it?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Rebecca, you hair often changes from when you were little so make sure you book in for a full consultation with your hairdresser before you decide to go for the chop. Here are some tips for finding a good hairdresser. I love short hair, but make sure you love it too before going for a pixie x

  29. Rebecca also! says

    I have been wanting to cut my hair short for some time. I have always had long hair and right now, my hair is the shortest it has ever been-just past my shoulders. I used to braid it and put it up and loved that this method kept it out of my face. I really want to be brave enough to have it cut – but my face is round and I am afraid this will make my face look even chubbier than it already is! I would love to see some future tips on what short cuts look good on a round face!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Rebecca, round faces can definitely go short, but leave a few pieces of hair in front of your ear. If you love wearing your hair up it’s a good sign that you will like short hair. That’s a great idea for a post and will do a series on styles for face shapes x

  30. Nicole says

    I’ve been seriously thinking about a pixie cut for quite a while now. I have a nice profile: long lashes, slender nose, large lips, long neck, and love fashion. The problem is that I’m in the process of recovering from an eating disorder, and have gained weight as a result. My face is rounder than it has been in quite a few years (chubby cheeks and a soft jaw line) and I’m scared that I will look even worse with a pixie. There are lots of sites that say there are very flattering pixie cuts for a round face, and to be honest, I would love to confidently rock a pixie as a part of embracing my new healthier self. Any suggestions?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Nicole, pixie cuts do look great on a round face, and your hairdresser can customise the cut to suit your features. Short hair is as much about confidence as the cut. If you want to try short hair, you should and wear it with style! Go make an appointment with your stylist and take a photo of a style you like. Talk about how it could work in your hair and then go for it! Have fun with your hair. Christina x

  31. Debbie says

    Those of us who live in the UK may have seen the front page of the weekend Guardian which came out yesterday which shows Pixie Geldof with a pixie cut surprisingly enough. It looks lovely and really suits her – it is just a little bit longer than mine is when I have just had it cut. I have read a lot of articles and posts on the web which confirm that the pixie cut really is very popular at the moment and with stars like Pixie Geldof and Anne Hathaway having their hair in this style, more and more of us are likely to take our hair down this road – and having plucked up the courage to go super short, few of us want to go back to long hair.

  32. Acacia says

    I am a teen and I have had nothing shoter than hovering above my shoulders in my life. I am thinking about a pixie and my parents are okay with it, but I dont know if I should go ahead and chop it off. I have looked at many webpages above, and thought about the pros and cons, but I still dont know if I should. Any advice or help?

    • Hair Romance says

      Do you like wearing your hair up, and off your face? One way to get use to the idea of a pixie cut is to wear your hair pulled back every day for a few weeks. It’s a decision only you can make Acacia but if your family like the idea and you want to try it, go for it! It’s only hair :)

  33. Acacia says

    Thank you for your advice, and I have been almost constantly wearing my hair in a bun for about two weeks.I plan on getting it cut in a couple of days. Again, thanks for the advice. One last question, does your head get quite cold in the winter?

    • Hair Romance says

      I’ve never thought about it, but if you have thick hair I’d say you would notice a little difference in winter. On the plus side, you won’t get knots or tangled hair at the nape of your neck from wearing scarves and jackets :)

  34. Jackie says

    I’m In my early 40s and I’ve been thinking about a pixie cut for three years now (too long I know). I’ve been noticing it and thinking about it more lately. I have had long hair (always past my shoulders since my teens) and I’m just getting tired of long hair. I wear it up mostly and think short hair would look better and not drag my face down as much. I’m all about something low maintenance. My hair is fairly straight, thick and fine textured. I have an oval face and petite features (like my mom who has had a pixie cut for years). My parents and family have mentioned going short over the years (I think they’ve given up-HA!) and my husband is all for it. Still I hesitate. I don’t go to the salon very often and don’t have a regular stylist. The past couple times I went I’ve been disappointed in my usual haircut. How do you get the right cut? How do you get the right stylist? What questions should I ask? I guess I just get concerned about not liking it or looking like a guy.

  35. Janan says

    I have fine curly hair, on the top its wavy/straight, but at the bottom its curly (spiral I’m guessing) i’ve been wanting to cut my hair short for a long time. This past month all i’ve been thinking of doing is cutting it pixie style. The shortest i’ve ever cut my hair was above my shoulders by a few inches, it didn’t look bad and wasn’t frizzy, it was more tamable and my curls were loose. My friends and family (except my mother) have been advising me to go ahead with my plan. Even my boyfriend agreed with my decision. It’s just the problem of not knowing how it would look like in the end. Help please.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Janan, a pixie is a big cut but remember it’s ok and hair grows back! Try wearing your hair up all day for two weeks. If you enjoy having all your hair back off your face and neck you’ll most likely love a pixie cut. Good luck! X

  36. Keila says

    Hello, for the past year i’ve been considering getting a pixie cut. So far i think i have the right features, petite frame, oval face, and full lips. Im seventeen, and really tired of my hair, i seem to be having it up in a bun more often than down. My hair is more wavy than curly i would say, and gets frizzy somewhat easily. I’ve asked friends and family if i should go for a short cut, and they all seem to say yes for the most part. Please help, i really want something fresh and new for this hot summer!

    here is a recent photo of me:

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Keila, wearing your hair up is a great test to decide if you would like a pixie cut. Wear it up in a bun every day for two weeks and if you don’t miss your hair you should go for it! Good luck xx

  37. Katie says

    So my hair is between curly and wavy, and is very frizzy if I don’t put product in it. I’ve wanted a pixie cut for SO LONG (I’m only 15 though) but I’m always so scared that if I cut it short it will turn into a fro. Which I DONT want. I always have my hair up, either a bun, ponytail, or on rare occasions a side braid. So I hate having hair on my neck and shoulders. My hair is a little longer than my bra line. It looks gorgeous, but only when I wear it down, which is never because it gets in my way. My mom said I could get a pixie if I wanted to this Wednesday, and I’m ready to, but I’m really scared I’ll regret it if it turns out awful and a fro. I really love Halle Berry’s pixie, since it isn’t completely straight and that would be more like mine would turn out I hope. Do you think that I could get a pixie cut and it could actually look good?? I’m just so sick of my long hair, my sloppy, awful looking buns falling throughout the day, and my ugly ponytails. I wear my hair up so much, my friends BEG me to wear it down just for a day. Can I look good with a pixie cut? I desperately want one!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Katie! I can’t say for sure if it will suit you (as I haven’t met you!) but it’s only hair and it will grow back. I worried about having my curly hair in a pixie and I loved it I had it super short for about a year or so. Growing it back was painful for about 6 months, but I got over it. If you love wearing your hair up, and your family and hairdresser like the idea, why not go for it? You could even donate your hair to charity to really make a difference with your cut x

  38. Danielle says

    I’m 15 and I’ve been thinking about a pixie cut. However, I have a bigger head/nose and broad shoulders and I’m worried it won’t look good. My hair stylist said that as long as I keep long bangs it would be okay, but I’m curious what other people think.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Danielle, there are so many factors that affect the balance and proportion of hairstyles and even going by face shapes isn’t enough in my opinion. You could have a round face but whether you have small or large features is just as important as to whether a haircut will suit you. Anyone can wear a pixie cut of they want to, and it’s about finding a great hairstylist to customise it to your style. I also think it’s about how you wear it, if you feel good you look good x

  39. Debbie says

    With the lovely hot weather that we are having in the UK at the moment, it seems lots of women are now choosing to go short. One of my best friends who has just gone through a long and messy divorce decided last week she wanted to have her hair cut as short as mine. We booked in with my hairdresser and I went with her for support as she had her hair cut to exactly the same super short length as me. Perhaps surprising, she had never had ears pierced so this was about the first thing she did after having her hair cropped. Once again I went with her to offer her support. Now, as a single woman again, she loves the freedom and confidence that having very short hair can give – having got over the shock of losing almost all her hair. Another of my friends was also wondering about having her long hair cut short but she discussed this with her husband and he has insisted she keeps it long.

    • Hair Romance says

      You’re a god friend going with her for support! And I agree, earrings are way more fun with short hair x

  40. kahli says

    I go for consultation tomorrow for my what I call a “long pixie/layered new hairstyle”, makes me feel better calling it that. I have had the side sexy bang and simple blown straight medium length HOME MADE bob, forever! I have other issues, a receding hair line, not common in women, but it happened to me. Anyway, it started by wanting to frame my face to cover up the hairline and I saw these pixie that I love. I was going to go for the traditional bob and straight bang, I think or I will let you know what I am going with, after my consultation. I am an African American lady over 40, and I don’t think that I have gotten my hair professionally cut, (not just the keratin, deep condition and trim from my local shop) I mean a precision scissor, razor cut. At my age, it is time. I love the story where the husband was involved. My husband is clueless, he knows something is coming, but my son knows and has chosen what he thinks will look best. As did a few of my girlfriends. Keep you posted about my hair romance…..

  41. samhita says

    i’n 18,in college and have been considering getting a pixie cut for a few months problem is how it’s going to suit my face and also if people,especially my teachers are gping to judge is a huge thing too,chopping off hair like that,please help.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Samhita, I’d make an appointment for a consultation with your hairdresser and discuss style options that would suit you. I also recommend wearing your hair up every day for a couple of weeks. If you’re comfortable with your hair up and off your face all the time, you’ll probably suit a pixie cut. Good luck, and don’t feel like you need to rush the decision. And don’t worry about teachers judging you, they are more interested in your grades than you hair :)

  42. Emily says

    I’ve wanted to get a pixie cut for about 2 years and I’ve finally almost convinced my parents to let me. However, my mom told me that since I have a large head, it won’t look good. Could anyone give me some advice on whether it could work?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Emily, it’s really hard to say without seeing you in person. I would ask your hairdresser’s advice to see what they suggest. Pixie cuts can suit almost anyone, you just have to customise the cut to suit your hair. Or try those makeover apps that let you try on different hairstyles to see what styles you like :)

  43. Sam says

    I’ve been thinking of getting a pixie off and on since I first saw Emma Watson cut off her hair. But I feel like my forehead is too awkward of a size to go that short and my hair has been at least to my shoulders for as long as I can remember. I love having my hair up as well as down although, whenever it is up I will end up playing with it. I was thinking the length of Anne Hathaway’s in the pics above or Jennifer Lawrence. I think I’m finally ready for the big chop but I’m worried about it not looking right. Could I look good with a pixie?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sam, get an opinion from a trusted hairdresser and wear your hair up every day for a month to see if you miss wearing your hair down. Good luck x

  44. Allyninwonderland says

    Hi. Like most of u, I too want to rock a pixie cut. I was never the fashionista kind of girl but i wanna change that and rock a miley/rihanna cut. But i asked a hairdresser and she told me it will look horrible on me cos i have wide forehead and a high hair line. When he told me i could never look good in that style, it broke my heart. I tried explaining that i could try a pixie w/ side swept bangs but he said i have wavy thin hair and it might look good when blowdried but after showering and shampooing it, it might look horrible and hard to manage. *sigh*

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s tough to hear Ally, your hairdresser might be right but have you got a second opinion from another stylist? The most important thing you need to rock a pixie cut is confidence, and if you really want one you can do it x

  45. whitney says

    I want to get a pixie cut. I think i have and oval face shape and i have a great smile and big eyes, or so people say. But, I don’t know what kind of pixie would look good with my very broad shoulders and thick wavy hair. I was thinking fuller on the top and shorter on the sides and back. Any advice?

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