Which hair pins do I use?

Let me tell you, the right hair pins make all the difference.

My hair falls out of my Twist & Pin hairstyles if I use cheaper hair pins. Sometimes the cheaper brands from the supermarket or pharmacy work the first time but they bend too easily so the second or third time you use them so they fall out almost straight away. Or worse, halfway through the day.

I buy professional quality pins from a hairdressing supply store. The brand I prefer is Goriki 555 pins, not because they pay me, but because I pay for them and I really like them.

I’ve mentioned this brand to many of you who’ve asked and I know it is difficult to track them down. Try searching for retailers of 555 pins near your or ask your hairdresser if they can order some in for you.

My all round favourite pin is the #3000 gold bobby pin (comes in a 250g pack). This is your basic bobby pin that will work in all the Twist & Pin styles. It’s available in other colours so buy one that is the closest match to your hair colour. I also use Goriki 555 ripple pins and fringe pins.

Top tip for using bobby pins

Don’t open up the pin before you push it into your hair. If you open the end of the pin up, you catch more hair than the pin can hold. This means it can’t get a tight grip and will often work its way out of your hair and fall out.

Sometimes I open the pin a little to make sure I’m pinning the right section of hair, but I make sure not to overload the bobby pin with too much hair so it can close tightly. That’s why there is a little tilt at the opening of the pin. That’s to show how much hair it can hold and it will guide just the right amount of hair into the bobby pin. Don’t force it to hold more than it can or it will fall out.

Now have fun with your hair and try some new Twist & Pin hairstyles!

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  1. says

    Thanks a lot for sharing this info! I bought these pins at Walmart, which were relatively cheap, but have their ends too open, so when I do maiden braids, you can see them :/. I’ll try to get there :).

    Have a wonderful week!

    Miki recently posted..Any given SundayMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Miki, strong pins make a big difference. You can also try ripple pins which are good for securing braids.

  2. Larita says

    Excellent timing on this post! I just tried a twist and pin hairstyle this morning and was about to swear off all hairstyling because my bobby pins kept coming out. I was just doing it wrong.

  3. says

    When I got married I remember my stylist used to twist and overlap the ends of the BPs as she fixed them in to almost lock them in. It seemed to bend to pins but my hair didn’t budge so when she was fixing in the tiara this was very important. Sadly the same wasnt done with my veil so that fell out (!) as I reached the bottom of the aisle. I would have happily sacrificed some bent bobbys for a veil.
    Lianne recently posted..Nursery IllustrationMy Profile

  4. Nadia says

    I want these pins but non hairdressers can’t buy stuff from the hairdressing supplies shop here in Canberra :(

  5. says

    I wonder if those pins would actually work for me? I have yet to try a bobby pin that would stay in my hair. I use 3″ pins…the open kind. I close them up a bit before putting into my hair, but those seem to work best on my long hair. I bought a whole box of them from Amazon, which is good because I seem to leave them everywhere LOL!
    Stacy recently posted..My new favorite shirtMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Your hair is amazing Stacy! I think the larger pins are best for your hair. The same things happens to me, no matter how many pins I buy I always lose them, then find 100 hidden an old handbag!

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing. Good to know that good pins make the difference. I’ve been obsessed with spin pins for buns and they have filled most of my bobby pin void, but these would be perfect for simple little pin-backs.

  7. Katie says

    I *think* these are available in the US from Sally’s Beauty Supply under the name of MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins, $6.99 for 300 available in black, bronze, and gold. The package only says Made in Japan and doesn’t mention Goriki by name, hence the *think*. My mother-in-law picked up a smaller packet today at my urging, and she said that after hours her hairstyle didn’t slip, as it does with drugstore pins.

  8. Nadine says

    Hey Christina, that ‘don’t-open’ tip has changed my life! I’ve had trouble with bobby pins for years because I’ve been doing it wrong! I’ve been rocking some awesome updos (with $2 Shop pins!) since I read this entry. Thank you, gorgeous! :)

  9. Stephanie says

    Has anyone tried Amish hairpins? I have extremely long, thick hair. I wondered if they might work better for me. Currently, I mostly use small claw clips as they do a better job of holding my hair…but you can see them in the hair. Any suggestions?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Stephanie, I didn’t realise there were Amish hairpins, so I’d also love to hear if anyone has tried them. I will say professional hair pins are so much better than regular pins. They make an incredible difference.

      • Debbie Smith says

        Amish hairpins are the only hair pins I use!! They are U shaped with no squiggle, straight and quite a bit thicker than the ordinary U hair pin. My hair is below my shoulders and very thick. My hair laughs at the skimpy pins, they never stay in. They have almost a rubberized coating on them that helps them stay secure. They are 3″ in length. The last set of 8 I bought at Kmart. However, they no longer sell them so I was hoping someone here would know where to find them. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

  10. STRESAU says

    Love the pin idea…
    where in the States can I purchase the bob pins
    two and a half inches in length?

    Thanks so much for your tips!

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