Hair Photo a Day 11-20

Are you playing along with the #hairphotoaday project? Here’s the next instalment of my photos for Days 11-20. You can see the Day 1-10 photos here.

Day 11. Dream hair (hair you wish you had)

I was going to pick Arial but how could I go past the might of She-Ra. If I was going to pick real hair, I wish I had Denise Richards’ hair.

Day 12. Your mom’s hair (past or present)

I love this sweet photo of my mum when she was about 18 I think.

13. Weekend hair

I love the beach and this easy beach braid hairstyle is my pick for cool weekend hair.

14. A stranger’s hair

I have seen this image all over Pinterest but I couldn’t locate the source. Within minutes of posting this on Instagram I had the answer. The model is Bianca Gomez of Chic, the hair is by Michael Brennan and the photographer is Chris Colls. You should check out his work, it’s amazing.

15. A favourite short ‘do

Michelle Williams, hands down favourite. She looks angelic in this beautiful photograph by Yelena Yemchuk, how could you not love her?

16. Curly hair

I am still obsessed with these curls.

17. Hair swissshhh

I wish this was my hair. Again thanks for identifying this photo when it was and endless chase through the Tumblrverse – it’s by

18. Worst hair moment

I wrote about my worst hair moment and luckily no photos survive. Have you ever had such a bad hair that you wanted to shave your head?

19. Straight out of the shower hair

This was only a little awkward to photograph!

20. Your hair as a child

That’s me, around age three. I finally grew some hair after being practically bald until I was two!

Don’t forget April 27 is the inaugural National Donate Your Hair Day. You can find out more about donating here


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    • Hair Romance says

      Haha I was the same Maribeth! Just a little bit of fuzzy hair if I was backlit. Everyone said I looked like a boy too.

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