Reader Question: How to grow out your bangs / fringe

Emily asks:

A few months ago I got very thick, blunt fringe which just doesn’t work with my hair, so now I’m growing it out and I was wondering if you could help with styling a fringe when growing it out? I used to love doing a centre parting, but now I just don’t know how to make it work.

First things first, fringe = bangs. I will use both terms, mainly so I don’t keep repeating myself, but please know they mean the same thing. It just depends where in the world you are.

Hair Romance’s tips for growing out bangs

1. Have a plan – Do you want to have a side swept fringe or longer bangs? Having a few styles in mind for the growing out phase will keep you motivated and stops you cutting your hair in frustration. Get a trim to soften the edges of your blunt bangs so they can blend in better to the rest of your hair.

2. Go accessory shopping – Make your awkward length bangs a feature with some new hair accessories. Pick up some pretty hair pins and headbands to help keep your fringe off your face. You’ll have so much fun trying styles with your new accessories you’ll be glad you have some hair that needs to be pinned back.

3. Keep hair products in your bag – buy a wax or a pomade to help keep stubborn hair in place. For example, when you wear a headband you always get those hairs that stick straight up, apply a little pomade to the ends and hide them in with the rest of your hair. Heavier products like wax or pomade will stick your hair down and make sure they stay hidden while they grow out.

4. Play with your part – a centre part is the hardest when your bangs are growing out. Try a side part instead. It helps disguise your fringe and you can also pin it back underneath. Another trick is a diagonal part. Start off with a deep side part but angle back to the centre which really disguises your bangs.

5. Twist and pin – make a feature of your longer bangs by twisting them back. If you can braid, try a small braid along your hairline to keep your hair off your face. Curl the ends of your bangs under slightly before braiding so they stay in place.

Thanks for your great question Emily and hope this gives you some hairstyle inspiration for styling your bangs.

Do you have any advice for growing out bangs? How do you style your hair to disguise your fringe?

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  1. Sophie says

    I always thought you were Australian. I read your posts always knowing they apply to our Aussie climate. To see this post and your referral to bangs was disappointing (to me), as now I realise you are in the USA.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sophie, I am Australian but the question came from an American reader so I tried to use both terms. Plus it stopped it sounding so repetitive as I use fringe in almost every sentence haha.

  2. Sophie says

    Hi again, I see you added a fringe/bangs bit at the beginning of the post. Great idea. I do hate that our colloquial Australian ‘English’ is getting eaten up by American expressions as as such, we are losing our wonderful uniqueness in words. The original question writer, Emily, uses the term ‘fringe’ as well…. just the use of ‘bangs’ in your reply.

    Thanks for responding to my first comment. Appreciated.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Sophie, no probs. Emily used both terms in her original (longer) message so we’re both confused on the terms! Braid/plaits/french braids is another geographically confusing hair term. I should do a bigger glossary on the site to clear things up x

  3. says

    This is exactly what I needed to make me NOT get my fringe cut again! We are overseas and the thought of a European summer spent trying to tame my blunt fringe (I straighten it – I have curly hair) was too much, so I am growing it out just long enough to pin it back or to the side. It’s so annoying though!! Not to mention being away from my beloved hairdresser and colourist. Jeez, first world problems, huh?!
    Nice blog, I like it. Your hairstyle makes me want to get mine chopped, thinned out and re-coloured… Sigh… I clearly have too much time on my hands!

    • Hair Romance says

      haha thanks Steph! Curly hair and fringes in summer so not mix well, stay strong and pin it back til you get home.

  4. sierra says

    …My bangs are at that awkward longer than my chin but way shorter than the rest of my hair stage and ive no clue what to do with them anymore><

    • Hair Romance says

      All the same tricks and styles above will work Sierra, try twisting them back or including them in braids. Hair accessories will also keep them back until they are the length you want x

  5. robbi says

    I have naturally curly hair but i got my bangs cut and kept straightening them and now I want them back to curly. Is there a way to do that fast?

    • Hair Romance says

      Depends on your hair Robbi, but they should grow back quickly and go back to curls. You can use a curling iron to curl them in the mean time x

  6. jeannie says

    I have nice natural curl in my hair, about medium curly. I want it to look like the #6 style and have no idea how to achieve it or what products to use. Very frustrating.

    Can you give me some pointers. It is about that length and I am trying to grow out my bangs.


    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jeannie, I’m not sure which style you mean as there’s only 5 points, or do you mean the 6th picture down?

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