Twists are the new braids – Backstage at Oroton

Oroton is an Australian accessories house that debuted its first fashion line at MBFWA this year.

To ensure they launched with a bang they pulled in some amazing international talent. Taylor Tomasi Hill as stylist, her first runway show too, and Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil was shooting backstage exclusively for Oroton. I can’t wait to see the footage but in the mean time here’s my peek behind the scenes.

Ana Maria Escobar, Creative Director for Oroton and Taylor Tomasi-Hill watching the runway rehearsal.

Behind the scenes

Cloud Nine gave me full backstage access and I took advantage of it to stalk Taylor learn about the look for the show.

Directing the hair was Australian superstar hairdresser Renya Xydis. Renya has done countless magazine covers, international fashion shows and touched many celebrity heads and I was curious to see what look she would design for Oroton.

Renya said, “I imagined the girl who would wear the clothes, and an easy style she would wear.” I m not sure this is an easy look for anyone to wear, but it looked beautiful and was one of my favourite hair looks of fashion week.

“Like tap-dancing with your fingers” is how Renya described the style to Lauren McCowan, artistic director for Cloud Nine who was assisting backstage. Lauren also styled Taylor’s hair.

How to get the look

Surprisingly very little product was used to achieve this style. Renya created the style with her fingers, but it’s important to start with perfectly prepped hair.

The Cloud Nine irons and wand are the secret to this look. By ironing the hair it leaves it shiny and pliable, allowing these twists to hold. Hair pins were also added inside for girls with thicker hair to keep the twists as neat as possible.

A tail comb is also necessary to achieve those perfect part lines that are key to this look.

The graphic lines and the softness of the twists contrasts to create an unforgettable look. Renya used the Cloud Nine Wand to shape large waves in the ponytail which she brushed out just before the girls went down the runway to add movement to the twisted style.

Will you be twisting this summer?

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  1. LRH says

    Love the twists, but I think I will still be braiding this summer! It holds the short hairs back so much easier!

    • Hair Romance says

      I still adore braids too. They’ll be sticking around in my hair but I think this is a new twist I might try

  2. Lucy says

    I used to do this to my hair when it was about chin length; if you twist damp hair and secure with kirby grips, when dry you get really fab, beachy waves, just comb through with your fingers and a smoothing cream. Dead easy and v. surfy!

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