Ways to wear flowers in your hair

Here are two simple ways to wear flowers in your hair.

My top knot obsession continues and these two floral looks completely transform the simple top knot. You can find my tutorial for creating a giant top knot here (and it works even if you don’t have a lot of hair!).

Look 1: The floral crown

Look 2: The corsage

Styling tips

You can use fresh or fake flowers to create your hair accessories. Look around and see what you can make or re-use. My blue floral crown is actually a necklace! I’ve draped it across the front of my top knot and pinned it underneath to keep it in place.

Brooches can also be turned into hair accessories with a few cleverly placed bobby pins.

Tie some fresh flowers together with ribbon then tie them to your ponytail. It’s an instant hit of spring in your hair.

Do you wear flowers in your hair?


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    • Hair Romance says

      I love using my jewellery as hair accessories too, and I’m impressed you make your own flowers

  1. Natalie says

    I have that necklace but in the black&cream combo, i’ve never actually used it as a necklace though, I always use it in my hair! Great minds!


  2. Caet says

    Hi lovely!! I love your blog! I’ve used a bunch of the tips countless times when styling my own hair, which in the past I thought was too curly/unmanageable to do anything fancy with. Thank you so much; this blog really has changed my life :)

    On another note, I think you’re a gorgeous woman, and you always look amazing in your photos, but sometimes it looks like you’re wearing too much makeup.. I don’t mean to criticize, I just imagine with your features you’d look better without it.

  3. Aly says

    I think Im known as hair band girl at 6th form now! Always wearing em and thanks to this Ive got new ideas how to wear them! Too awesome

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