How to make my hair grow faster: Hair Romance reader question

Hair Romance reader Kayla asks if there’s a way to make her hair grow faster:

I just got the “scene” haircut. I have short, random choppy layers all over my head and thinned out layers towards the ends. I wouldn’t really say I’m losing hair, but my hairdresser thinned a lot of my hair. I used to have beautiful, thick hair. I have 3 questions:

  1. Will it grow back just as thick?
  2. Is there any product to help the hair growing process quicker? if so, please tell me. (Or home remedies!)
  3. How long should it take to grow back out?

Hi Kayla!

Don’t worry – the same thing happened to my hair, and your hair definitely grows back.

A new haircut can make your hair seem thicker

Your haircut is layered and uneven, so it’s hard to notice it’s growing because of the different lengths. As it grows you will need to have some haircuts to even up the length. This may mean cutting off more than you would like in order to make even layers. Remember your hair will keep growing and these haircuts will make it seem thick again.

Lots of layers can make hair sit with more volume, but can also make the ends seem thin. By cutting it back into a blunt cut your hair will seem thicker.

Tips for faster hair growth

Hair growth depends on several factors – genetics, your metabolism and environmental stresses.

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can change about your genetics, but if you already have thick hair, I’d say your hair grows fairly quickly.

You can have an effect on your metabolism. Eat a good balanced diet and exercise. Eat a diet rich in iron and protein for healthy hair growth, but don’t overdo it – balance is key. Some supplements such as biotin and silica can help but I recommend checking with your physician before making changes to your diet.

As for environmental stresses, you can do a lot to help keep your hair in top condition so it can grow long. Heat stylers should be avoided. Try not to blow dry or flat iron your hair all the time. This dries out your hair and can cause breakages, which means you’ll have to cut more hair off.

Regular conditioning treatments will also help keep your hair healthy and strong so that it will look good once it’s long. This is where you can find some good home remedies. Apple cider vinegar rinses and hot oil treatments are great treats your hair.

You can even use your regular conditioner as a deep treatment on your hair. After shampooing, lightly towel-dry your hair and apply conditioner to your hair focusing on your midlengths and ends and comb it through your hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse well.

How long does hair take to grow?

Normal hair growth is approximately 1″ a month or less. Depending on how long you want your hair you can work out how long it will take to get there.

Hope this helps! Remember with a little patience your hair will be long again.

Do you have any advice for growing your hair? If you have any hair questions you can email them to [email protected]

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  1. says

    12 months ago I stopped eating gluten and dairy and started following a paleo or primal diet which is mainly veges + meat. In one year my hair has grown the same length as it did in 3 years. It is so long and thick now (and I’m 34, didn’t expect my hair to do this!). I attribute it to eating 1 or 2 eggs per day because I have incredibly strong nails now too. I also stopped straightening my hair and instead have embraced my kinks and waves by adding a tiny dime-size amount of coconut oil ($7.99 a tub at your local chemist – or probably less if you don’t live in Sydney!) which makes it flowey and glossy. I don’t know, maybe the coconut oil has proteins and minerals that might help also.

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s amazing Alicia! I know a high protein diet is great for your hair but that’s a huge difference. Coconut oil is great for your hair. It’s a very stable oil and retains a lot of moisture so it’s a very good conditioner. Plus coconut oil contains triglycerides and vitamin e which your skin and hair loves. Keep doing what you’re doing!

      • Moon says

        I also went Paleo in November and my hair is really growing fast. I eat a lot of coconut oil but maybe I’ll start using it on my hair too.

        • Hair Romance says

          Amazing how quickly a good diet can affect your skin and hair! Coconut oil has so many uses, give it a try on your hair and see how it goes x

  2. SHERYL says

    My Hair Was About 30″ Long Before, I told my styplist to trim my hair cut off 5″ but he actually cut off 15″ of my hair .. which is not what i wanted… im very stress now that my hair is only about 16″ long which is alot of different for me , i have hair of 30″ long for about 2 years. Very used to my long hair, all of a sudden my hair is only 15-17″ long only.. he given me alot of layers which is hair look very thinned down, which i have very thick hair before.. thin untill the extend that my hair actually starts curling away by itself without any weight support. I would like to hear some advise please, im currently trying my best to take in some supplements for hair growth and milk products that contains omega-3 fatty. I want my hair to atleast grow 6-7″ longer in hopefully 6 months time.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sheryl, it’s awful to get such a drastic cut when you weren’t expecting it. Keep focusing on eating well and a supplement can help. Avoid too much heat styling and if you really hate your shorter hair, perhaps try extensions? You can wear clip in extensions to match your own hair and make it easier while your hair is growing. Good luck x

  3. Devendra Agarwal says

    Can any one please tell me how i control my hair fall. I m 17 year old and my hair is falling about last 3 months.

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s normal to lose about 100+ hairs every day. Other factors such as stress and hormones can affect your hair too. If it’s going on for 3 months+ I would discuss it with your doctor but don’t stress as it’s normally just temporary x

  4. Hannah says

    Hi, I’m 15 and I’m trying to really grow out my hair. My goal is to reach right above my butt. Anyways, I recently just got a trim to my hair where they took off about an inch, and my hair is drastically shorter than it was before(which was just past my shoulders) and I hate the way it looks in all hair styles. What are the best methods to grow my hair out to at least the length it was before, before school starts, which is in about a month?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Hannah, sorry there’s no magic formula, as supplements still stake 2-3 months to make a difference to your hair. I’d start practising some new hairstyles so you’re happy with how your hair looks. You may find there are different styles you can do even better in your hair now x

  5. says

    @Alicia dat is gaaf, ik heb zelf ook al wel lang haar, maar ik wil het nog klanger laten groeien (tot over mijn billen) om het af te laten knippen voor stichting HaarWensen!

  6. says

    – Get a lot of rest and plenty of sleep.
    – Eat healthy. Your hair needs vitamins to grow. Try to not eat much soda and junk food.
    – Drink lots of water!
    – Get a silk pillowcase. This prevents frizz and dry ends.

  7. Zara says

    The last time I grew my hair long I was 13. They were almost waist length by the time I was 15. Then I got them short again. Now I really want waist-lenght hair again, but I’m almost 21 now and not sure if my hair will grow back to the same lenght?

    • Hair Romance says

      only way to find out is to try and grow it! Remember you may be taller so it perhaps won’t reach your waist even though it’s the same length as when you were younger x

  8. Rei says

    Hello, I’m 14 years old, turning 15 in May, I have curly hair that looks like Hermione Granger’s hair in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (I have no other way to explain it… And the her hair type changes every time.) I straightened it before but it turned dry and horrible, and it grew out when I was 12 and my hair was waist length back then, and half of my hair was straight and dry and the upper half soft and curly. When I was 13 I cut the straight parts. Now my hair is about 2 inches above my elbow when curly, and just above my butt when straight. I want my curls to reach above my butt, but I’m not really patient so I’m looking for ways to get it to grow faster… Tips?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Rei, your hair sounds pretty long! For your curls to sit that long your hair would need to reach to your thighs! Just be patient and don’t straighten or heat style your hair. Good luck x

  9. Rebecca says

    Hi I’m 17 and prom is coming up. My hair right now is a stacked bob with bangs and I want long hair for prom. I know I can’t grow my hair that fast so I was thinking about some extensions but I’ve never had them before. I know I don’t want clip ins because I want something that lasts that I can wash and style with the rest of my hair. I was thinking I want a length at least down to the middle of my back. I heard fusion was the most natural looking. How will this effect my hair and how much is it gonna cost? Prom is in a little over a month and I need to decide if this is even an option. Please help.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Rebecca, every salon will have their own pricing for extensions. If you want permanent extensions you need to have them fitted by a professional. Go in to your hairdresser to ask their advice. Clip ins would be the easiest option and do no damage to your hair. I think tape extensions are the best permanent option but chat to a stylist to see what they recommend.

  10. Anna says

    I’m in my mid twenties, I have thin hair, though I have a lot of it (verified by every hair dresser I’ve been to)– Like, each individual strand is really thin. I wear it about shoulder length nowadays and am working on growing it out and strengthening it through diet, care etc; It is naturally curly, but I am not crazy about the way it looks curly because it looks stringy, and the same goes for straightened! I did purchase your 30 hairstyles e-book, and may try to follow your instructions for blow-outs– I recall my hair looking fly after a few salon blowouts. Anyway, the whole thin hair but a lot of hair issue causes me to have a lot of trouble with products, which all seem to weigh down my hair and make it look over processed and greasy. I like wearing my hair up, but even though my hair is shoulder length it only makes a tiny thin pony tail or bun that looks weird. Any suggestions for people with hair like mine? I can’t be the only one!

    • Hair Romance says

      You’re not the only one Anna! And you’re right about products weighing your hair down. It’s best to use as few products as possible on fine hair. Don’t worry about thin buns, they are very on trend and my fave was at the Ports 1961 show last season. I’m planning a series on fine hair so will get lots of tips together for you in one place x

  11. says

    Hi i’m Jomarie. My sister has a very short hair, and she cut it yesterday. She really regret. And she want her long hair back before the prom starts. What would be the alternative way so that her hair would grow faster for about 3 months? Thanks.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jomarie, the only alternative to what’s written above is to get hair extensions. 3 months isn’t a long time to grow your hair back and if your sister is desperate for long hair then extensions are the answer.

  12. Artemis says

    I got a haircut on Saturday at a salon I’ve been going to for a while and they completely botched my hair. They cut off far too much in the middle, and hardly any at the back. They didn’t even let me see the back, and I didn’t think about it until I got out of the salon, so I think she knew about it and didn’t want me to see. The majority of my hair is in a shoulder length bob now, but for some reason she cut the back of my hair about two inches longer than the rest, with almost no transition. I was growing out my hair, so this is very devastating, even though she didn’t actually take that much off, because it means that I’m probably going to have to get a lot of the back cut off at some point, since the back of my hair grows a lot faster than the front. My hair looked better before the cut, even with the split ends I know I had because at least then it was even. I know curls tend to bounce up when they’re dry, and she did cut my hair wet, but my hair is not that curly. At the length it was at before, it was actually more wavy. Now its curly in front and wavy in back. I’m devastated, but hopefully these tips will help me get back my beautiful hair.

  13. Neha bellavar says

    Hy I am 20 now and have dry and rough hair. After using heavy chemicals for straightening my hair has thin ends but my scalp is amazing and has lots of hair but below my shoulders are Reeli bad hair so will it be good if I cut the hair ?? Pls lemme know

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Neha, I can’t see your hair so it’s best to go to a hairdresser for a consultation. It does sound like you need a haircut but best to get an opinion in person.

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