Short Cut Saturday – Does your hair influence your clothes?

Anne Hathaway is finally showing off her new short hairstyle and has has been promoting her new film in a range of little black dresses.

Kate Finnigan noted in her telegraph fashion column that Anne has adapted her fashion to her new hairstyle. Kate says:

Short, cropped hair is wonderful if you can pull it off but wardrobe back-up is essential. You have to pare down your clothes too. Keep colour and shape simple. Monochrome, graphic stripes, sharp tailoring and classic dresses will all enhance. Flowers and flounces not so much.

Do you agree? Have you changed your wardrobe to go with a new hairstyle?


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  1. jess says

    i think short hair definitely made me more aware of how everything complimented each other. but when my hair is long (like now) don’t think about it as much.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Jess, maybe having such a strongly styled haircut makes you more aware of your personal style?

  2. Catherine says

    I agree with Jess – when i got my pixie do i started wearing more plain colours and shapes. i think cause this hair cut had a Mod feel to it so i didnt want to wear flouncy dresses with such a minimalist hair cut

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Catherine, interesting how a graphic hairstyle makes you want to avoid clashing. I found I changed a lot of my accessories too.

  3. says

    I definitely change my clothes and makeup depending on my new hair. I don’t do the same makeup when I have red hair as when I have black. And when I had a mohawk I wore less piercings, black, metal and switched to a more understated and girly look. I also made the mohawk blonde because I wanted it all to be a little unexpected combined. Anyways, I change my clothes to work with the hair in a not so matchy but complimenting way. It’s a lot of fun!!

  4. says

    I’m the other way. I think when you have short hair you can go with a more frivolous style without it looking over the top, whereas long hair lends itself to simpler look. I agree though that deep dramatic colours suit shorter hair styles.

  5. says

    Both the post and the comments make an interesting point. There really are thinks that don’t match the style/vibe of the pixie cut. It’s very true and definitely something to keep in mind when getting a cut.

    But what about other cuts? every haircut has a style that comes with it. What do you girls think about other styles – a straight bob? a wavy bob? long layers? bangs?
    Juliette Gold recently posted..Armani’s Nightfall SketchMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Great point Juliette, there’s definitely a mod feel about a graphic pixie cut, and long waves are so often seen as beachy or bohemian. I like hair to reflect your personality, as your clothes can too. You might suit one style or like to mix it up. It’s all about having fun with your look.

  6. saraid says

    I think I have done the opposite…I went from long curly hair to very short pixie [think Emma watson when she first cut her hair] and I wear more girly clothes now…pretty florals, bright prints etc. Subconscious fear of looking like a boy perhaps?

  7. Debbie says

    When I first had my very short pixie cut eight years ago, I totally changed my image. I now have a more feminine range of clothes than I had previously, more skirts, dresses and higher heels rather than trousers and flat shoes. I now spend more time trying to look my best. I tend to wear plain patterns and colours instead of flowery fabrics and other complicated patterns and it has certainly been an incentive to keep my figure in trim as well – Anne Hathaway looks fabulous with her pixie cut, clothes and figure. If you have long hair and are seriously thinking of cutting your hair in a pixie cut but like to wear trousers and jeans most of the time, only wear flat shoes and can’t be bothered with make up and jewellery, I would tend to advise keeping your hair long. I think having very short hair means that you have to adopt a fashionable image in order not to be thought of as rather masculine looking. Also, if you have a partner, make sure that he is on board with your choice of new hair style. Hope this helps !

  8. Mira G says

    Growing up I went from chest length to various pixie cuts and always had bobs and lobs planned during the awkward grow out stage. I like to think now (at 24) I finally got it right by sticking with my pixie cut.

    Having a pixie cut is very liberating. I accessorize a lot more, wear bolder patterns, and select more feminine outfits. I believe this is Bc having short hair simplifies my outfits and even if I accessorize with a set of jewelry (ex earrings, necklace, bracelet) I don’t feel awkward or overdone. Same with patterns, colors, textures, and my makeup.

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