Turban Romance

I’ve dedicated a new Pinterest board to my favourite headwear – the turban. Check out my Turban Romance board for a whole lot of hairspiration.

Summer or winter, the turban is my favourite hat trend that is always in style.

It works with short or long hair, and is the most comfortable headwear around. It makes a statement with any outfit, and unlike larger hats, you’re not expected to remove it inside so no fear of hat hair.

Pop over to Pinterest to see why I love turbans so much. Have you fallen in love with turbans too?

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  1. Deb says

    It’s my go-to headwear during my months-long chemo baldness, too! It’s quick, effortless, inexpensive and stylish – not one of which adjective could be used to describe my hair. I love it so much, and get complimented virtually every time I leave the house (I’ve never been complimented on my hair in my life except by a close friends or family members when they notice a new cut).

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Deb, sorry to hear about your treatment but I’m so glad you’ve embraced the turban. It’s my favourite headwear and it always looks stylish. Good luck and keep rocking your turbans xx

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