New Hair Romance Hairstyle Challenge – 30 Braids in 30 Days

Exciting announcement – Hair Romance is starting a new hairstyle challenge!

I completed 30 hairstyles in 30 days and next month I’m setting a new challenge – 30 braids in 30 days!

The hairstyles above are braids that were featured in my first 30 days hairstyle challenge, and I’m hoping to create 30 new looks to inspire you to step up out of your ponytail rut.

Starting 1 September I’ll have a new hairstyle up every day with a new braided look. You can find the Day 1 braid here.

Do you love braids? What’s your favourite braided hairstyle?


30 Braids in 30 Days is now available as an ebook! It features step by step picture tutorials as well as full written instructions for every day of the 30 day hairstyle challenge. Plus you’ll find lessons in all the braid basics you need to know to create these hairstyles. As well as tricks for braiding your own hair, there are tips for curly and fine hair too. Find out more and get your copy of the 30 Braids in 30 Days here.

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  1. says

    I love braids! I wish I could do French braids better though. LOL My favorite is the braid to the side because that is the easiest one to do. And mine are messy but I like to think that I’m ‘trying’ to make it that way. 😉

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s just practice Kimberly. I love messy braids too. If they’re really neat I think it can look too childish, especially on me

  2. Abby says

    The crown braid along my hairline :) my bangs are sometimes (often actually..) non-coooperative, so braids end up working out best! even more than pins. sometimes i do an inside-out braid or a french braid, and mix it up in where i start and such

    • Hair Romance says

      I love a crown braid too Abby. Great idea for changing up where you start & finish for different looks

  3. Nana Yoshioka says

    Dutch crown / lace braidson the back of my head (i.e. with a small circle). For special occasions I like accent braids.

    Looking forward to it!

    • Hair Romance says

      Start simple and just keep practicing Jadranka. Side braids are a good place to start as you can see how you are going.

  4. says

    Oh, I can´t wait. I loved your first 30 braids challenge. You are really inspiring!

    It inspired my to do a 31 different hairstyle in 31 days. And I made it in october 2011 and march 2012. I loved it. I´ve never know that i could do that much with my hair.

    Here are the links to my projects.

    Lovely greeting from Berlin, Germany!

  5. Cindy says

    I can’t wait to see these. I loved your first challenge. You inspired me to get out of my pony tail rut and do some fun hair styles with twist and braids. As for a favorite braid, I don’t have one – I just love them all.

    • Hair Romance says

      It just takes a lot of practice, but start with simple braids and you’ll be able to do lots of new styles x

  6. says

    I have waist length hair and live in the desert southwest. The more ways I can find to braid my hair off my neck the better. And I’m finally taking the time to branch out to new styles. I’m definitely excited to learn more ways to do a braid. Yea!
    Giggles recently posted..Perfectly Hung QuiltsMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      I’d love to have waist length hair to braid! I’ll work with what I have (and may use some clip in extensions) and I’ll try and give suggestions and variations for lovely long hair like yours xx

  7. says

    I love braids but I can only get as far as plaiting a pigtail on myself, maybe, and as I approach 30 the pigtail look is kinda looking weird on me. So if you can get a braid out of me that looks elegant and pretty I’ll be over the moon. Also, will there be tips on creating extra hair in places there might not be? I have quite thin hair, especially on my temples, which looks a bit silly plaited up as it either falls out or isn’t long enough. Will be watching with great interest!
    Lianne recently posted..PaintingsMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Lianne, I’ll do my best! Braiding your own hair takes practice, but if you can plait a pigtail I’m sure I’ll have some easy styles you can do. As for fine hair around your temples, I find that having a fringe/banges or face framing layers is quite flattering. Leave these loose and braid the hair behind that. If you want to add this hair into a braid and you find it keeps falling out, use a dry shampoo or a styling powder to add some texture and ‘grip’ to your hair. This helps it stay in place. I’ll have more braiding tips all through the month too x

  8. says

    I have my hair in box braids (small ones) right now. I’ve had them this way for 4 days and they are holding up beautifully.I plan to take them out tomorrow though to wash.

    I like your e-book. I have recreated many of your styles on my naturally curly hair. I should probably chronicle it on my blog since my looks coming out differently! I can’t wait to see your new styles :-) Stop by my blog when you get a moment. I have a hair tab that also shares a number of styles as well as tips on caring for the hair.
    Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty recently posted..Summer Is Leaving But Keep Wearing SunscreenMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks so much Michelle! It would be awesome to see the styles in your hair! Let me know if you post, I’d love to see your hairstyles x

  9. anniesdreaming says

    I don’t know how far out you’ve planned your 30 days of Braids, but when I was growing up I was one of those girls with hair forever and my mom used to braid it just about every day and one of my favorites of hers was the 5 strand braid. I don’t know if you will be able to add that one or not, it can be a bit tricky (you will either need an extra pair of hands or hair long enough to put strands in your mouth to assist as you go) but the end result was always pretty =)

    • Hair Romance says

      Oh I love a 5 strand braid too! I find it hard to do in my own hair though. I don’t think my hair is quite long enough, and I have too many layers. I’ll have to do a tutorial on a model for this braid.

  10. Linda says

    Will there be a ebook of these braids too? Like the twist & pin ebook? I hope so, I love braids and now since im growing out my hair i hope i can get some tips on how to braid your own hair and some examples! Waiting forward to see it! (hope you will answer me!)

  11. Marcia says

    Dear Hair Romance
    I’m writing from Chile just to say how much I love your page and all you braids… .I would like have this beautiful talent that you have! … I would love if you could share some tips!

    Greetings from the end of the world!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Marcia! Thank you so much. I will have instructions and picture tutorials in my new braids ebook, but look for new tutorials on the blog soon too. Christina x

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