Street style hair: Milan

I was amazed by the number of women in Italy wearing their hair naturally curly.

I rejoiced seeing so many curls left wild and it made me love my curls even more.

I was standing waiting to cross the road in Milan when these gorgeous curls rode by. She paused for just a moment and I could only grab a semi obscured shot before she was off again. Her curls blowing in the breeze as she rode across the piazza.

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  1. Jazmin Rodriguez says


    I have been trying to get my hair to look like this but instead I get frizz that I hate! I have tried using gels and anti friz and countless other products but it either looks like ramen noodles (crunchy) and dries out my hair or weighs it down till it looks dull and limp and greasy (not cute!) HELP!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jazmin, I know your pain. The secret is to embrace some of the frizz. Perfectly smooth curls are always crispy. Real curls have some frizz and movement. Use a curl cream in wet hair and allow your hair to dry naturally (or diffuse with a hairdryer). Then run a drop of serum through the ends to smooth it a little. Try not to keep touching your hair or brush it when it’s dry. No-one else notices the frizz, in fact it makes your curls look softer.

  2. Ally says

    Like Jazmin, I too gravitate towards gels and heavy sprays. I probably do need to embrace my frizz. But as the day goes on, I feel like I get frizzier and poofier! Before I know it my hair is a mess. I have unruly curls, they will dread lock on the bottom, but the top of my head stays flat, while the sides above my temples have horrible kinky curls that don’t naturally blend with the crown of my head. What do I do?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ally, it’s so normal to have curls that vary across your head. Mine changes from waves to tight spirals too. I would experiment with a few styling techniques. You may need to twist the front sections to encourage them to curl better, and try a deep side part so your hair isn’t as flat on the top. Good luck xx

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