How long does pink hair dye last?

When people see my new pink ombre hair they say either “Love it!” or “Is is permanent?”

I’ve tried many versions of pink hair dye in my hair history. The picture above is my bright pink and orange hair from July 2012 when I said “Go for it!” to Stevie English. I let this wash out but have dipped back into the dip-dye hair trend once more with my latest pink hair.

How long does pink hair dye last?

This semi-permanent pink hair dye lasts anywhere from 1-6 weeks and there are lots of ways to extend, or shorten, this time. Stevie uses Directions hair colour on my hair, and there are similar brands like Manic Panic and Fudge on the market. How long these hair dyes lasts depends on several factors including:

  • The condition of your hair
  • The colour of your hair
  • How long you leave the dye on for
  • How often you wash your hair
  • How often you heat style your hair

All of these will affect how the colour takes to your hair, and how quickly it will fade.

Here’s a picture guide of how long the bright pink hair dye lasted in my hair.

Pink hair dye fade over three washes

You can see a gradual colour fade over each wash, though the colour is still very vibrant.

Pink hair dye fade over three weeks

After three weeks the pink hair colour has significantly faded, however I really love this softer look.

How to make your hair dye last longer

These tips work for pink hair, or any colour you want to dip dye your hair.

  • Go a little brighter than you want it to be – the colour fades quickly, so go a little brighter at the start and it will last and be the colour you want for longer.
  • Lighten your ends first – these semi permanent colours won’t hold, or show as clearly in dark hair. You may need to lighten the ends of your hair before applying the colour.
  • Wash less frequently – as the colour fades on every wash, the longer you can wait between washes will help the colour last. Try dry shampoo and hair powders on those in-between wash days.
  • Reduce heat styling – too much blowdrying, curling and straightening will damage your hair and can make the colour look dull.

Have you ever tried coloured ombre hair? What’s your tip for making coloured hair last longer?

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  1. says

    I am thinking of going a little bolder with the colour of my hair. I finally tried balayage and went for a soft coppery brown (?) now I want to add actual colours…purple or pink to the ends. What colour do you think will go with my dark brown/black hair?
    Norlin recently posted..From Little Things Big Things GrowMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      ooh exciting Norlin! I do think pink is universally flattering, or a purple could work beautifully with your hair too…

  2. says

    There are options if you don’t want it to fade as well, to keep my ridiculously bright red going strong I use a permanent colour, Goldwell Elumen.. if you want to get bright colour that just keeps going forever, you can go in that direction too!

    I think the pink is just so pretty in your hair, it makes those amazing curls you have really stand out.
    Omega recently posted..Easy Victory Rolls Hair TutorialMy Profile

  3. says

    To make my bright colour last longer, I usually leave the dye in for 2-3 hours (I do it at home) instead of the 15-20min recommended. Also, hot water and chlorine will fade it quickly, as does the sun, so try to avoid swimming/the beach and use cold water to rinse your hair in the shower, if you want to prolong it :)
    Kitty recently posted..Moheda Clogs GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Amanda says

    What colors would you recommend for natural redheads? I don’t think the pink and orange would be as flattering as they are on you! :)

    • Hair Romance says

      I would love natural red hair and I wouldn’t colour it at all! But if you really want to change your naturally beautiful hair, I think purples work really well x

  5. Pili says

    Hi! i loooooove your hair!!
    I want to ask you if have you tried other products that last one day besides kevis murphy´s?
    For example i found “Hair Flairs Color Rub Teal” but i dont know if it works ok…

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi, I haven’t tried any other but I know that artist’s pastels (not oil based) work well as one day hair colour. There’s also a wider colour range available too.

  6. Taylor says

    I’ve been waiting so long to finally dye my hair (practically because I’m not an adult and parents and such and bleh.) Anyways. I have so many questions. I have really dark brown hair. Not black but not like all mighty brown…(if that makes sense.) I want to dye my top layers black.
    Do I need to bleach it first and what should I use?
    Keep in mind I have to shower every morning, due to my greasy hair/oily skin. (I’m 16)
    Then I’m going to do like a dip dye for my bottom layers. Like a Navy blue. (Which is more than half of my hair)
    I may dye my bangs purple, but I don’t want to over due it (since it’s the first time I’m going to do this.)
    What shampoo should I use after I dye it?
    What should I use to dye it?
    (I may go to a professional for the first time) But I REALLY want to learn how to do this all on my own. So, I’m looking at all kinds of things. And I really want to learn.
    After it’s dyed what products should I use to maintain the color and what products should I use to keep the color going?

    Sorry if it’s to much to answer and I understand if you can’t get back to me! I really hope you can! I really love hair and want to get into cosmetology so I look forward to your answers! Thank you!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Taylor, that’s a lot of questions and hope I can clear a few things up for you. The colour you want to go sounds incredible! I am always very wary of home colour, as I hear so many horror stories from stylists who have to correct in in salon (which can be $$$). What you’ve described is complicated and would involve a lot of steps so I would get in done in salon first. You won’t need to bleach your hair to go darker, but to add a bright colour on the ends you will need to lighten before applying the bright colour. You can touch up the bright colours at home between salon visits as they are semi-permanent (see brands such as Fudge and Manic Panic) but be careful of bleaching your own hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for coloured hair, as this will help maintain your colour. Good luck! Remember bleach can be very damaging to your hair so seek professional advice. Have fun with your hair! Christina Xx

  7. says

    I’ve had multiple colours in my hair over the years. It’s currently pink, much like yours. I’ve found the best way to keep it in are as follows:
    -for sure wash less often. Especially after the initial dye I waited 5 days to wash my hair. I waited 5 days between washes for 2 weeks then back to my usual of only wash once every three days. I use a hair cap/shower cap to protect it when washing daily.
    -A really good colour shampoo and conditioner. Here in Canada I’m partial to Mark Anthony’s colour line. I have used Gosh, Loreal, John Frieda (when I was a redhead and super blonde) and herbal essences (before the revamp – now it’s unreliable). I’ve found them all to be very good, but Mark Anthony’s has been the best so far. Also the conditioner is wonderfully light.
    -I’ve known friends with a fully coloured hair to place a bit of the dye in their conditioner and there by adding a bit of colour everytime the wash/condition. It seems to be a good process, but requires gloves while showering.
    Alsatia recently posted..Move!My Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks for the great tips Alsatia! I hadn’t heard of adding colour to your conditioner which is a clever idea x

  8. Elysia says

    I just had my tips dyed pink (absolutely love it!) but I realized after a few washes that the color is starting to fade but if I dont want my hair everyday I get really oily hair. What do you recommend for people with oily hair?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Christy, my hairdresser uses a brand called Directions and I think he used a mix of 3-4 pinks

  9. Himani Jain says

    This will be the first time I will dye my hair and I’m confused about it well I’m 18 and I have dark brown hair almost black and I’m Asian so you know my skin color would be like neither too fair nor dark . Basically I want to dye some streaks with candy pink color but as you said it will wash out after 3-4 washes so what color should I use in blonde shade that will suit me ? So that even pink color fade out that permanent color will suit me and can you tell me some styles to dye my streak . I have layer cutting in front hair and from back they are long

  10. Audrey says

    I wanna do my hair pink sooooo bad but I’m wondering if it washes out all the way or does a tinge stay in? I have almost platnium hair and I definitely don’t wanna ruin it

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Audrey, I love pink hair but I would warn you that in platinum hair the colour will stick. The majority will wash out quickly but you’ll have a pink tinge in your hair. You can tone it back to blonde but it will take time x

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