Romance at the hairdresser’s

Image – Vogue Russia

I heard a fabulous story last week from a friend of mine about how she met her partner.

She was at the hairdresser, talking about life and love (as we all do) and her stylist had an idea. He told her about this guy he knew and promptly set her up on a blind date. My friend said she wasn’t sure about going but went anyway.

Well, that was a very good idea as she’s now deliriously happy and they’re getting married.

A haircut really can change your life.

Do you have any stories about love at the hairdresser’s? I’d love to hear them, tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Céline M. says

    After I broke up with my boyfriend in high-school, I desperately wanted to change my look and of course I started where all girls start and went on a one-hour trip to a hairdresser in Paris. Instantly I connected to this super-gorgeous but obviously gay guy who asked me to do something daring (I went dark-dark-red and LOVED it, by the way). When I met my cousin the day after, he asked me who had done my hair and I told him about that hairdresser. Long story short: My cousin went there not two weeks later while on a business trip and by now the two of them have been a happy couple for seven years :-)

  2. Suz says

    My grandfather was in the Navy during WWII. He came home on leave to his little Southern hometown, and his girlfriend asked him to pick her up from the beauty parlor one evening after she got her hair done. He stopped by to get her, and found that one of the hairdressers needed a ride home that night too. As it turned out, the young hairdresser actually lived at his mother’s boarding house. Long story short, the girlfriend was soon gone, and that young hairdresser became my grandmother. :)

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