What is short hair for you?

How short does hair have to be to be called short?

I know a lot of women who would call my friend Jane’s hair short, and couldn’t bear to part with their super long locks. Though others insist if you can put your hair in a ponytail it’s long.

Jane let me play around with her hair to see how some of my braided hairstyles would work in shorter hair. She’s been growing her hair from a short bob and was only wearing it back in a tiny ponytail and I wanted to prove you don’t need a lot of hair to create fun upstyles.

For me, short hair is anything above your shoulders.

Do you agree? Where does short hair begin for you?

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  1. says

    Anything shoulder length or shorter is “short” by my definition; waist-length hair is long. But I’ve had hair that touches my lower back for most of my life. Somehow I think Rapunzel must have been my role model as a young girl, and it never quite went away…. Once you get used to long hair, it’s hard to figure out what to do with it when it gets cut off. (I’ve donated my hair before and it was just too weird)

  2. says

    I think over the shoulder…like closer to the chin. Some people have long necks lol so I’ve seen hair to the shoulder that seems really long to me :) If its too close on the shoulder I’d classify that as medium length. I had super long hair for most of my life and chopped it all off on a whim. Having now have had super short hair (pixie cuts and shaved sides) and gone thru all the short grow out stages I think, ya, if you can do ponytails and stuff its not short its medium. Great topic though…I love how everyone seems to have different standards on this :)
    Hannah Alyse recently posted..Snippets Of My Week & The Coolest Wedges EVERMy Profile

  3. Karen says

    I would say anything above shoulders is short. I had long hair, which I cut when I moved to the states. It now sits on my shoulders. I’m struggling with hairstyles other than a ponytail as my hair is fine and doesn’t hold pins very well. More posts like this would be helpful.

  4. says

    Above the shoulders is a pretty good definition in my books. I’ve had long hair for years and have been seriously considering cutting it to this length over the past couple of months, but have held off for fear of having ‘short hair’. Funny how there is so much stigma attached to hair length. Hopefully I’ll get up the courage as I think change is vital for me to love my hair again.
    nicola lynde recently posted..cape seed loaf & roasted tomato soupMy Profile

  5. Veronik says

    In hairdressing, ‘short’ is defined as measuring 7 cm or less and ‘medium’ being over 7cm to shoulder length. Anything longer is considered ‘long’.

  6. kimberley says

    For sure, shoulder length is short and then there is pixie or boy short. I’ve had my hair shoulder length but I find it too hard to manage when it’s that short and the shorter my hair the wider it goes. I need the weight of the length to drag it down.

  7. says

    I always considered short to be chin length or shorter and medium length to be between chin and shoulders and long is past shoulders. But hair dressers usually try to tell me that my shoulder length hair is long.

    I love that you did some styles with her hair. I never see short hair braided or anything and even though mine’s not that short it’s so hard for me to figure out how to style it!
    Melody recently posted..8×10 Print – Sitting Pretty by EverybodyElseMy Profile

  8. says

    I think anything shoulder length is short, but still below that seems short to me, too. Funny story…right after I donated 12 inches to locks of love a lady told me she loved my long hair. I was laughing, told her thank you and said I just cut off 12 inches. Of course, that was when my hair was super long, so it was at my shoulder blades.
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