Big Hair Friday

Why don’t you…

..double up your hair donuts and make a giant double bun?

Have a beautiful weekend x

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  1. Katie says

    Love this.thank you!..
    Christina, where do you get your hairstyles inspiration from that you do for tutorials? Do you find them online and recreate or are these your own styles?
    How do you know if your hairstyle is going to work and it is what people are after? (like when you were first starting out)

      • Hair Romance says

        Hi Katie!

        I find inspiration from vintage styles and from current runway hair. I’ll often see an element of a hairstyle I like and I’ll adapt it to my hair. I’m really interested in geometry and the shapes you can create with hair. I take my basic building blocks (the Twist & Pin, French braid etc) and create a new style with them.

        Sometimes I get requests for tutorials from readers but I mainly just work on the styles myself. If you ever have a style you’d like a tutorial for please let me know.

        Christina x

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